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Sarah’s Savings Plan PART 2 Pam A Cake Shorts
ms_pam_a_cake official

ms_pam_a_cake official

Published on 2 weeks ago

Comments :

Sanii Gentry

Sanii Gentry . 29 minutes ago

Omg you are rich on fidgets

Katie Delong

Katie Delong . 1 hour ago

I wish I had a lot of figits I get made fun of because I don't have much for them

Vide with A

Vide with A . 3 hours ago

U can do this

love Roblox2010

love Roblox2010 . 4 hours ago

I wish my school did that 😢


dinogirl-D- . 6 hours ago

i cant save any i bought 100 dollar fidgets lol

Georgette Barkho

Georgette Barkho . 6 hours ago


🌻Fidget Edits🌻

🌻Fidget Edits🌻 . 7 hours ago


Athan sandhar

Athan sandhar . 8 hours ago

Teachers can't sell things at school 😡


SimZiZ . 8 hours ago

I wish you were my teacher tbh


MJsworld2010 . 11 hours ago

What hold up. My name is Matthew..

Gamez Jacob

Gamez Jacob . 13 hours ago

That was me lel

Stan Twice

Stan Twice . 21 hours ago

I relate to Sarah a little too much bye 😭

Xedrick's Vlogs

Xedrick's Vlogs . 22 hours ago

That's just like me

Xedrick's Vlogs

Xedrick's Vlogs . 22 hours ago


Malaka Gomez

Malaka Gomez . 1 day ago

I have that butterfly pop it

Rat Bitch

Rat Bitch . 1 day ago

This is me buying fast food and iced coffees ;_;

Karilu Ruiz-duran

Karilu Ruiz-duran . 1 day ago

I followed to your tiktok


R_e_a_g_a_n_ . 1 day ago


Duke_ Dempsey15

Duke_ Dempsey15 . 1 day ago


Eduardo Carrillo

Eduardo Carrillo . 1 day ago


Samantha Staltare

Samantha Staltare . 1 day ago

It looks like fun

Samantha Staltare

Samantha Staltare . 1 day ago

I wish this Auction thing was in my class


DianneSH78 . 1 day ago

Do kids get mad when they don't have enough money? Or if somebody gets the item that they really wanted? My old third grade class would of started a war.

Ghostie Loves You

Ghostie Loves You . 1 day ago

Oh god my sister would go nuts

Lily Matthias

Lily Matthias . 1 day ago


Angel's Weekend Talks

Angel's Weekend Talks . 1 day ago

You’re my favorite TickTock I’m not TickTock you tuber

Addison Hicks

Addison Hicks . 1 day ago


Andrew Hutchinson

Andrew Hutchinson . 1 day ago

I would bid Miranda Lambert

Andrew Hutchinson

Andrew Hutchinson . 1 day ago

I like Sarah because she is very nice

Justin m 0104

Justin m 0104 . 1 day ago

I beat she using her kids toys while there at lunch

Sarah Lister

Sarah Lister . 1 day ago

.... I feel this was targeted towards me 😅


Plain . 2 days ago

Sarah getting a butterfly pop it Me:I get that for 5 dollars rip off

frog shroom

frog shroom . 2 days ago


Extraordinary Abbie

Extraordinary Abbie . 2 days ago

She spoke too soon 🤣

Kennetth Cortorreal

Kennetth Cortorreal . 2 days ago

Are you teacher?

Hailey Roerink

Hailey Roerink . 2 days ago

Can I please have a BIG pop it

Ben Hansen

Ben Hansen . 2 days ago



NotLeo . 2 days ago

"We have this big globby ball, and you can squish it really hard" *thats what she said*

Lexi Loteno

Lexi Loteno . 2 days ago

I would have just bid half my money then slowly increase the amount if someone else is bidding too

Lorena Herrera

Lorena Herrera . 2 days ago

Utilizar. Hut. Ningún

Demetrius Elam

Demetrius Elam . 2 days ago


Colby Mcmahon

Colby Mcmahon . 2 days ago


Noah Wilson

Noah Wilson . 3 days ago

So are they paying actual money or is it like class money like money you get for getting a good grade

fay phillips

fay phillips . 3 days ago

Im with Sarah i ♥ butterflies 😂

Justice Suber

Justice Suber . 3 days ago

Lol love

Nena Rivas

Nena Rivas . 3 days ago

Can you ship me some topics

Ava Phillips

Ava Phillips . 3 days ago

In my school we get tickets sometimes and we write our name and put them in a bucket and then some days at the end of the day they put prizes and pick out tickets randomly honestly it's really fun

jasmine murray

jasmine murray . 3 days ago

I don't think I'm going to get tired lol

Damiah Turner

Damiah Turner . 3 days ago

DAK lol lol dqheggefsy I don't know

Damien Adams

Damien Adams . 3 days ago

I don’t get why is popets so popular it’s stupid

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