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Moneybagg Yo Scorpio [Official Music Video]


Published on 2 weeks ago

Moneybagg Yo's new album out now: https://moneybaggyo.lnk.to/AGangstasPainReloaded

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#MoneybaggYo #AGangstasPainReloaded #Scorpio

Music video by Moneybagg Yo performing Scorpio. © 2021 N-Less Entertainment/Interscope Records


Comments :

Terri Walker

Terri Walker . 2 hours ago

Why I'm just hearing this?


papiizaddybrazy®️ . 4 hours ago


Goat Goat

Goat Goat . 6 hours ago

He grew up. Now is making music for grown folks

Latyia Losa

Latyia Losa . 7 hours ago

Bullshit all SCORPIO'S not the same.She Oct Scorpio smh.... I'm Nov Yas God!!! There a big difference between the months like any other zodiac signs

James Garrett

James Garrett . 7 hours ago

Rip DMX.......

Carla E.

Carla E. . 8 hours ago

This my songgg


GHOST_ GFK . 8 hours ago


Serderick Lewis

Serderick Lewis . 8 hours ago

I remember just a few years ago right before he signed with CMG. He performed in West Memphis Arkansas

Tanya Williams

Tanya Williams . 9 hours ago

Moneybagg did this!!!!! My jam and my birthday is OCTOBER 28th🥰!!! Was jamming this on my day💯 in Tulum Mexico 🇲🇽

Franklyn Dixon

Franklyn Dixon . 9 hours ago

classic x really is that bul

porsha reid

porsha reid . 9 hours ago

Us Scorpio’s the shit 🥰😘

Hopeless Romantic

Hopeless Romantic . 9 hours ago

Think I was supposed to be born in October

mmpj twod

mmpj twod . 11 hours ago

I’m not even a Scorpio and this my shit🔥🔥

Only Post The Best

Only Post The Best . 12 hours ago

I got this on repeat the same way I had "How its goin down" on repeat damn near 20 years ago...Damn RIP Dark Man X

Ms. Scorpio Phoenix Rising aka Korrinna Maddix

Ms. Scorpio Phoenix Rising aka Korrinna Maddix . 12 hours ago

Scorpio from Minnesota I love this shitt and my birthday in October October 24th yay

Tiffany Butterfield

Tiffany Butterfield . 14 hours ago

Team October Scorpio ♏️🦂🦂❤️

Lovely Gross

Lovely Gross . 14 hours ago

I definitely felt this song lol I’m a Scorpio ♏️ #11/11 and when we are single….Scorpio women can be some players….smh and when hurt, we are savage af

EnChanté Tabb

EnChanté Tabb . 15 hours ago

Mby knows us all at this point

Hailey Smith

Hailey Smith . 15 hours ago

Where the song for Cancers!!!! His GF a cancer too 😒

Icee Williams

Icee Williams . 16 hours ago

As a November Scorpio, whenever he says October, I say November


ericdarockstar . 16 hours ago


Lamarcus Bennett

Lamarcus Bennett . 17 hours ago

My favorite DMX song of all time moneybags did it right 💯💯💯💯


Iamtakingnobodyhome . 17 hours ago


Tiany Gee

Tiany Gee . 18 hours ago

I like his vibes 🔥


karma_kissiz . 19 hours ago

Thank you moneybagg!!❤️‍🔥 🦂 💞


Jmellothagreat . 19 hours ago


The View

The View . 19 hours ago

https://youtu.be/HHTGknprDyA G Herbo ft moneybagg yo - beef

nicola butisingh

nicola butisingh . 20 hours ago

Money Bagg knows our heart is cold like Minnesota #Talented

Champion P

Champion P . 23 hours ago

Why he telling on us Scorpios?

Melvina Bynum

Melvina Bynum . 23 hours ago

I love it!!! Plus you paid homage to DMX!!!! It’s your go!!!! This is complaint from a Sagittarius!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 The female artist sounds good too!!!!

Shyeesha Pollard

Shyeesha Pollard . 1 day ago

Scorpio 🌙 🌔

Shauna Robinson

Shauna Robinson . 1 day ago

He got to be talking about me. But I was born in November.

santana johnson

santana johnson . 1 day ago

Love this

Swisshi Swasshi TV

Swisshi Swasshi TV . 1 day ago


Tori Thomas

Tori Thomas . 1 day ago

♏️ 🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽

Wendley Sinous

Wendley Sinous . 1 day ago


Dequion Johnson

Dequion Johnson . 1 day ago


U-kno Breezy

U-kno Breezy . 1 day ago

He definitely popped his shit on this dmx sample 😌💜 Scorpio we da best (nov Scorpios)

Shayla Barfield

Shayla Barfield . 1 day ago

Fellow Scorpios…you know this makes us look bad, right? No? Lmao. Am I the only one that peeped that? A Gemini sent me this when he was in his feelings. Man was he playing games. Had to block him. Never even got to cook for him as the song says 😅😂😂😂


EL I AM . 1 day ago

thanks for the head up fam!!!

Amayah Perez

Amayah Perez . 1 day ago

This is my shit , hard to tell I can't figure out her motives 😘

Tiffany Butterfield

Tiffany Butterfield . 1 day ago

Thank youuu for this team Scorpio ♏️ and I share the same b-day as Drake 🦂🦂🦂♏️♏️

SHEP 410

SHEP 410 . 1 day ago

this the best song on the album

Charles Caldwell

Charles Caldwell . 1 day ago

This my shit I’ve listen to it everyday since he dropped it!!! I love him soooooo much!!!!!

Ashley Dinkins

Ashley Dinkins . 1 day ago

I love how he got dmx on it😍😍🥰

mystique watson

mystique watson . 1 day ago

Scorpiooooooo Shittttt🥰🥰🥰🤪🤪🤪

Kema vs Kema

Kema vs Kema . 1 day ago

This song is about his baby mama Chyna Santana her birthday is in October and she's a scorpio lls

Jeremy Black

Jeremy Black . 1 day ago

Shout to money bag and janiyah. Nailed it...#banger round 2

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