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Trying SPICY AF Snacks Ft Becky G And Manny MUA | Louie's Life
Louie's Life

Louie's Life

Published on 2 weeks ago

Can't believe this is happening! For this video I have two of my favs and of course I am making them try SPICY FOOD OBVI!!! We went ahead and got some of the spiciest snacks we could find to test them out! We also answered some questions to give you guys some chisme!! Hope you guys enjoyed the video!!
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Comments :

Louie's Life

Louie's Life . 2 weeks ago

Who’s had those 🦗?!😭 don’t lie to me!!! Did you like them?😖


AdrianaEvette . 21 minutes ago

I wish I had a dollar for every time Becky touched her hair lol 😂

adlove Moon

adlove Moon . 37 minutes ago

Not me singing “singing in the shower” the whole video love her

Genesis Vargas

Genesis Vargas . 40 minutes ago

Manny acting like he knows the mexican questions lol

jo303 Lozoya

jo303 Lozoya . 6 hours ago

Becky G is so me! I said all three before all 3even answered

Estibaliz Lopez

Estibaliz Lopez . 7 hours ago

“If y’all had a hot sauce it would be called weak sauce” 🤣🤣💀💀


Wwhannah_banana . 14 hours ago

Whose gonna tell them about the chemicals in all those other foods 😄

The Life Of BadKasey

The Life Of BadKasey . 18 hours ago

It’s the bbl ad after y’all said the cricked had a bbl for me😭😂😂


2145yes . 1 day ago

The bomb sauce is bad too!! Haha have you guys not watched the hot ones show?? Everyone gets stuck on that sauce.

Amber Caamano

Amber Caamano . 1 day ago

Tell me why half way threw this veido I was like bitch I need my Doritos with lemon and tapatio so I ran my ass down stairs and now I am having the best time 🥰

Amy Maldonado

Amy Maldonado . 1 day ago


Ariana 😜

Ariana 😜 . 1 day ago

I love you😇

Ariana 😜

Ariana 😜 . 1 day ago


goddessgaby •

goddessgaby • . 2 days ago

Never expected this collab I love Becky G, she seems down to earth love her personality 💓

Maria Delacruz

Maria Delacruz . 2 days ago


Rosalia Menchaca

Rosalia Menchaca . 2 days ago

the bestt collab🥰


Liz . 3 days ago

Omg !!!! When I saw Becky g my jaw dropped I’ve been listening to her music since I was like 8 by far the best collab !!!

Gloria Solis

Gloria Solis . 3 days ago

Omg I have meet becky g one time she went to David busterr and I started to cry bc I love her so much and u too louie yalll are so humble and pretty and she let me to come up stage she was really nice❤

Gennesis Flores

Gennesis Flores . 3 days ago

The way she said estupidas lom

softie rose

softie rose . 3 days ago


Giuliana Grabowski

Giuliana Grabowski . 3 days ago

Manny spitting the water out 😂 because Louie fake cutting his tongue 👅

yasmine chavez

yasmine chavez . 4 days ago

Omg louie !!! I love your videos sooo much and the glow you have gotten !

Natalie Mendez

Natalie Mendez . 4 days ago

me eating hot cheetos preparados when watching this🙊

Jackie Ortiz

Jackie Ortiz . 4 days ago

Manny is meee 😅! My spice tolerance is close to to low, and I’m Mexican lol

Vero’s Vlogs

Vero’s Vlogs . 4 days ago

Loved the video u are amazing Louie 🤩🤩 keep being the baddest perra on earth 💜

Jade Flores

Jade Flores . 4 days ago

Im dead the way you guys ate the spicy chip! Not going to lie tho I did with my brothers and it was the worst thing ever! Pica it’s hella spicy like ohh god it’s stings for a good while not going to lie😭😭at least you guys are okay love you Louie❤️

Lindy Villalobos

Lindy Villalobos . 4 days ago

I’m dead! I can’t stop commenting while I watch. This is gold

Lindy Villalobos

Lindy Villalobos . 4 days ago

Lmfaoooo! Omg Manny! I would say Marijuana 🤣

Lindy Villalobos

Lindy Villalobos . 4 days ago

Manny is literally me 🤣🤣🤣

Lindy Villalobos

Lindy Villalobos . 4 days ago

Lmfaoooooooo at Manny! Gawd I love him

Zayri Galeana

Zayri Galeana . 4 days ago

Y’all should do another collab

Molly Rodriguez

Molly Rodriguez . 5 days ago

I’m like…. is this louie’s channel or Becky g 👋

Gennessys Calderon

Gennessys Calderon . 5 days ago

Omg I saw you at eating at Chick-fil-A

Guadalupe Juarez

Guadalupe Juarez . 5 days ago

“Tequila or mezcal?.” “I will say for me marijuana☺️☺️.” Me🤣🤣


E R . 5 days ago

I reminded to 21:11 like 10 times 🤣

Joanna Vela

Joanna Vela . 5 days ago

Louie’s outfit giving me Colorguard uniform vibes 😂😂 love you all! Such a fun vid!🙆🏻‍♀️💜

Bianca Salazar

Bianca Salazar . 6 days ago

I can't believe Manny tried the bomb hot sauce. Has he not seen Hot One's. 😳


J R . 6 days ago

Manny a whole mooooood 😂💖

Jessica Delfino

Jessica Delfino . 6 days ago

Becky is such a natural! I wish she would create her own YouTube channel cause I love her insight ❤️❤️

Katie V

Katie V . 7 days ago

MANNNNY 😂😂😂😂 every snack has me weak 😭😂

Gisselle Flores

Gisselle Flores . 7 days ago

I already see the Louiselife and beckyg ignoring manny mia for 3 minutes straight 😂😂😂 This video is so funny 🤣🤣

Andrew Flores

Andrew Flores . 7 days ago

Selena or Jenni Rivera would’ve been a better question


cecilovely23 . 7 days ago

When I saw Manny add that huge as Dab of “ da bomb” I just waited. 😂😂😂

Melissa coviello

Melissa coviello . 7 days ago

Haha Manny.

Fermin Garza

Fermin Garza . 1 week ago

Love Becky G she is very talented, beautiful, smart woman… the fact that she is very humble makes me feel more connected with her.. love you all 💛💚 #latinosunidos

Elizabeth galvan

Elizabeth galvan . 1 week ago

I grew up listening to rock en español and cumbias because of my mom, but reggaetón from my grandma. 😂 and oldies just like everyone else from my og tíos.

Goodey Goode

Goodey Goode . 1 week ago

The collab I want is Hank and Henry and Louie. I just know I’d be laughing my nalgas off.

Josephine Rodriguez

Josephine Rodriguez . 1 week ago

I’ve tried the bomb hot sauce before and it’s horrible but totally worth it lol


Jess78 . 1 week ago

Dude the fact that im related to Becky G😭😭 She's literally the sweetest cousin ever and I love the Collab she did with one of my step cousins who sadly passed ❤️🕊️

Jocelyn Orellana

Jocelyn Orellana . 1 week ago

I love your make up and your nails slow

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