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How To Be A Water Influencer W Danny Gonzalez


Published on 2 weeks ago

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Danny & Nick go back to the influencer lifestyle and try to become a Water Sommelier.

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Intro 0:00
Water Quiz 2:57
Martin's TikToks 6:07
nickisnotgaming! 7:55
Martin's TikToks Cont. 8:46
Martin On TV 12:49
Interview With Martin 17:06
Water Tasting 27:50
Outro 38:23

Comments :

Martin Riese

Martin Riese . 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much for being part of the show, had so much fun. Cheers

Evelyne Ca

Evelyne Ca . 1 minute ago

So interesting! Loved it!


Yourbeautiful666 . 17 minutes ago

Arrowhead is from California. The worlds worst water from the worlds worst state.

C Yikes

C Yikes . 27 minutes ago

Dude really knows his stuff


skybizzy . 4 hours ago

he’s a good teacher for sure. i’m captivated with how water is made 😂


JinxedJaguar . 5 hours ago

water is honestly one of the things that makes me most homesick when I'm living on campus haha I grew up on Chicago tap water so dealing with Philadelphia water is a rude awakening


MariaG . 6 hours ago

How can I like this twice

Jonas Grill

Jonas Grill . 6 hours ago

They seem like a pretty nice person! I agree with what they're saying as well, tap water is fine, but companies selling you the exact same water in a bottle for a high price isn't.


Bumberton . 8 hours ago

I appreciate this validation for being picky about water


olivia_1103 . 9 hours ago

Jeremy Fragrance and now Martin Riese, I think you just want to become a German Influencer… but I guess a water sommelier from Germany makes sense, we Germans do love our sparkling water and we have so many local springs that bottle it up😅

Yūrei Otaku

Yūrei Otaku . 14 hours ago

I went into this thinking haha funny dude who likes water alot and I ended it being a lot more interested in the world of water.


TheWastedAccount12 . 18 hours ago

Hahaaaa i'm crying i get a midroll ad for Vitamin Water ??? ironic

Jakey Pluckerbomb

Jakey Pluckerbomb . 20 hours ago

this made me smile

tasniah :)

tasniah :) . 21 hours ago

i would trust him with my drink. genuinely seems like such a nice person in general :)

Anna Noack

Anna Noack . 22 hours ago

Whats up with German people having weird hobbies

Charlotte Carter

Charlotte Carter . 1 day ago

i think this guy can be kinda quirky but he seriously knows what he’s talking about!!! though i hope he knows that you can die from drinking too much water and he’s keeping his sodium levels reasonable!

Lil Sean

Lil Sean . 1 day ago

I love him


juliannacsmith . 1 day ago

this video made me thirsty

Zuza Gryszun

Zuza Gryszun . 1 day ago

I agree. Different water tastes differently, but I cannot belive that I've beein listenting to a dude talking about water for the past 20 minutes

Wing Vilma

Wing Vilma . 1 day ago

The SuperDry shirt…

sash art

sash art . 1 day ago

Damn, like... i learned alot, thanks


originaldeviltongue . 1 day ago

Is it just me or does Joe seem like he might be a filmmaker?


Miledith . 2 days ago

In europe or at least in Poland having different spring waters to help with health issues is a very common thing. There's a lot of towns in the mountain regions that have their own springs and each of them has different minerals and stuff. When I was younger I got an e-coli infection and the doctor told me I should drink this one water because it had specific minerals that would help with the recovery. I hated the taste of it tho. A lot of the healing waters that I know taste bad and one of the most popular ones smells like rotten egg because of its sulfur content. So there definitely is a lot to it and I've known it since I was a kid but most of those healing waters aren't sold in regular stores. You can mostly buy them in the places they're from or probably order them online idk.

Anna Tipton

Anna Tipton . 2 days ago

Okay I’m only 5 min in but spring water (sold by Nestle) is literally evil

Josh Hitti

Josh Hitti . 2 days ago

Danny sounds exactly like Peter Sarsgaard when he speaks loudly. It's all I hear now haha

Ness is Vanilla Bean

Ness is Vanilla Bean . 2 days ago

Ya know I was ready to laugh at this guy but he was so passionate and nice about water. Very cool and now I don't have to buy over priced water!

Cierra Howard

Cierra Howard . 2 days ago

I remember when I first watched "Down to Earth" with Zac Efron and I loved the whole water episode. I am so happy to have watched this and see you guys listen to him.

Volt Shock

Volt Shock . 2 days ago

Damn, he really do be spitting facts, unironically


HungryHedgehog . 2 days ago

Everyone knows the best water is the tap water you drink at 2am when it's cold outside. Just hits different

Putnam Franklin

Putnam Franklin . 2 days ago

The sound editing is off between 10 and 11 minutes in btw


SP3CTRA . 2 days ago

I wanted to dismiss this guy as ridiculous but he dropped some real shit.

special k

special k . 2 days ago

What’s his opinions on those filters you can buy

special k

special k . 2 days ago


special k

special k . 2 days ago

Water has different flavors. I WILL die on this hill

Lillian McEvoy

Lillian McEvoy . 2 days ago

I totally thought this guy was some goofy faker until the interview! He not only knows a ton about the science and water, but I was super happy to know that he somewhat of an activist, concerned about the lack of access to clean water worldwide. I worried that he’d be so privileged and rich he would have no perspective, but he actually seems pretty damn cool.


Rin . 2 days ago

He actually had a amazing point it’s weird but I sat here and listened to the full thing I was genuinely interested in what he was saying

Autumn Wallace

Autumn Wallace . 2 days ago

I live right near Lake Superior in the states. Like I can see it from my yard. And let me tell you were water snobs. There’s so many minerals in the lake we have lots of iron ore and such. OUR WATER FROM THE TAP IS SO CRISP AND GOOD. Please look into our lake and help keep it clean!!

Ryan W

Ryan W . 2 days ago

Holy shit I'm following this guy. He's so funny in a dorky way but also genuine and extremely knowledgable


Smurfette_Blues . 2 days ago

I love that this is making me want to buy one of these bottles to drink with my friends for a get together. Nick, this was such a surprising and cool video!


thursday . 2 days ago

i remember when we lived in belguim my dad was super interested in water and conscious abt what he was drinking

ThataWhat N.

ThataWhat N. . 2 days ago

Man can take a joke and I appreciate that.

Dusty Cookies

Dusty Cookies . 2 days ago

My family drinks tap water and we all were occasionally sick until we switched to bottled

Meredith S.

Meredith S. . 2 days ago

I finally got around to watching this video and it was super interesting!! Loved the interview, I feel like I really learned a lot of new things


Reba . 2 days ago

makes me wanna get some buddies together and go taste water


J R . 2 days ago

I was on board with this until Martin literally said "oh, and this water tastes like cum!" - the deadpan reaction from danny and nick gave me so much 2nd hand embarrassment xD

Paige W.

Paige W. . 3 days ago

Wow, I love this video, the educational info, and his passion! Thanks for taking the time to connect everything

Maleah Almada

Maleah Almada . 3 days ago

they way nick said san bernardino 😂😂

Jane Meier

Jane Meier . 3 days ago

why is everyone ur reacting to german?? like first Jeremy fragrance now this dude...Are we a weird land??

miep miep

miep miep . 3 days ago

damn i was rlly surprised abt the direction of this video. wasnt expecting to e fasçinated

Fleep NA

Fleep NA . 3 days ago

Went in for the laughs, left learning something new

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