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10 Best Keto Vegetables
Diet Doctor

Diet Doctor

Published on 9 months ago

What are the best keto vegetables? Find out the 10 top keto vegetables for health and weight loss in this video. See why some are better than others and get tips on how to make them in a super delicious way. 🥦 What’s your favorite keto vegetable and how do you like to eat it?

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Comments :

Died inVayne

Died inVayne . 4 hours ago

.......................................... Never in my childhood could I imagine seeing myself looking up "Keto Friendly Vegetables" on YouTube... LOLOLO

John C.

John C. . 4 days ago

Being chocked full of oxalates and you're seriously recommending spinach as a food for human consumption? Review your research!!!

Keto & Krime

Keto & Krime . 5 days ago

out of the one's you displayed, Asparagus and Spinach are my favorite one.....

Darren Lee

Darren Lee . 5 days ago

Mushrooms have to be on this list

Brian Bordenkircher

Brian Bordenkircher . 2 weeks ago

Thank you for the awesome list!! Started up again last week. Doing it to jump start losing some fat. Previously I did it in while in the Army and intensively lifting. Can’t lift due to injuries, so just cutting off some fat for now. Then I very slowly start to sprinkle carbs in once I feel I’m at the ideal weight

forest Gump

forest Gump . 2 weeks ago

The only vegetables for me are peas and carrots.

Brady Lambert

Brady Lambert . 3 weeks ago

Are all these gram carbs per 100 g serving?

Tom Health

Tom Health . 3 weeks ago

The Keto Diet is by far the best diet you can do to lose weight in a short term

Fuy uko

Fuy uko . 3 weeks ago

I know avocado is good but i really dont like it... As guacamole - oh no! And thats not all I have stomach pain after eating avocado 😔 and I dont know why.. The same is with bananas and kiwi...

Rikki 1996

Rikki 1996 . 4 weeks ago

Pizza cauliflower sound yummy!!!

Hello Doctor

Hello Doctor . 4 weeks ago

Very good video, thanks. I have a very short video on keto after 50 https://youtu.be/ItWD2_1TGMM

Diserie Sherrill

Diserie Sherrill . 4 weeks ago

The sad part of avocado , i am allergic to it, 😔

Zaf Does Keto

Zaf Does Keto . 4 weeks ago

This is perfect information for my keto journey. Anyone else that's on this journey come join me too so we can be in this together for motivation..

Christina Jansson

Christina Jansson . 1 month ago

Blomkål! Nummer ett!

Ahmad Malekzadeh

Ahmad Malekzadeh . 1 month ago

Thanks a lot. This below chanel is a great recipe for keto diet https://youtube.com/channel/UCG_R_nqCyhS8zF7R3bEChpw

sakil ahmed

sakil ahmed . 2 months ago

Is bottle ground keto friendly?

Steve Jensen

Steve Jensen . 2 months ago

I've read that spinach has high oxalates and should only be consumed cooked and not raw in salads otherwise it jeopardizes staying in keto. Is that true? Also beyond all these veggies, isn't serving size the key when keeping total carbs below 20 grams although I've also read that 50 grams daily carb is the higher end of keto?! Pls advise!


AMG . 2 months ago


Lena G

Lena G . 2 months ago

I use kohlrabi instead of potatoes. Even zappa Tuscany soup, I use kohlrabi. Pill, slice as potato....it's delicious. I let to try to my husband without tell him about kohlrabi, he didn't taste any different

Jean Roy

Jean Roy . 2 months ago

A bit confused here, some other keto sites say that raw spinach is bad for you because it may cause kidney stones, they say it is better to have them cooked? Anybody know the truth? I love raw spinach in a salad. Thank-you

Sheila Singh

Sheila Singh . 2 months ago

Thank you for the info

Nanda Morris

Nanda Morris . 3 months ago

Do you have it listed without being in grams?

Anime انمي

Anime انمي . 3 months ago

Although the conversation about the Ketogenic diet is widespread, many people still find it challenging to tell what is fact or fiction. In this article, you will gain insights into the myths and facts surrounding the Ketogenic diet.

Bernie Clips

Bernie Clips . 3 months ago

Forgot olives

Janet Pirkle

Janet Pirkle . 3 months ago

Great video thanks


SlaveLaboringKid . 3 months ago

spinach shouldn't be eaten raw, it can cause kidney stones if not cooked

gwyn riho

gwyn riho . 3 months ago

Good work, 4:35

Carbage Man

Carbage Man . 4 months ago

Kinda surprised squash made the list, but I do eat zoodles and shrimp after resistance training—to spike my insulin. If you're gonna include zucchini, may as well include spaghetti squash.  I also have garlic, onions and tomatoes—usually on salads. Naturally, I keep the grams of carbs down, though. Kale and spinach are kind of pointless to eat raw, as they chelate minerals. I do like spinach steamed with butter, though. Oh yeah: seaweed, and if you want to replace potatoes, a little radish (in various forms) works well. Also missing: bell peppers—keep them green to avoid carb creep. In fact, transitioning to a low-carb diet from a keto diet would probably include a lot more garlic, onions, peppers and tomatoes. From the list, my tops: asparagus. I could probably have it with every meal. In fact, just about every meal I eat has that, broccoli, cauliflower or zoodles. I used to eat a lot more spinach, but I'm pretty high iron, and I'm not giving up my beef and lamb.

Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Williams . 4 months ago

Can I have Quinoa??? 🤔🤔🤔

Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Williams . 5 months ago


Pete Coventry

Pete Coventry . 5 months ago

Oh good. I eat Cauliflower rice every dfay so it;s nice to know I don't need to replace that part of my meal.

Gerard Ledet

Gerard Ledet . 5 months ago


techaya udomchalermteeradej

techaya udomchalermteeradej . 5 months ago

So good

Noor Noor

Noor Noor . 5 months ago

Can we use these vegetable with prediabetes and thyroid? Plz tell me

Keto Portal

Keto Portal . 5 months ago

#KetoPortal Keto diet info videos - 1. What is Keto & why Keto? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjM7J6hqGjg 2. 5 advantages of Keto diet - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmFqyw8UkTs 3. Keto friendly vegetables - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgsUXFU9Ums&t=7s 4. What to not eat on Keto? - https://youtu.be/TaPDk48auw8 5. Different types of Keto diet - https://youtu.be/gI9IOYPFSFg 6. Which fruits to eat on Keto and which to avoid - https://youtu.be/WN3ZnIIwESU 7. How to track my carbs? - https://youtu.be/RVEI_0qLK7I 8. What is Keto flu and how to overcome it? - https://youtu.be/r4-rclZpIhs

marc-andre bourgon

marc-andre bourgon . 5 months ago

Terrible video...only looking at carbs instead of what happens when these veggies break down in your body. These doctors definitely havent done their research. Spinach is actually very bad on keto. Look at Thomas D videos. He actually knows his sh*t


sunshinemodels1 . 6 months ago

what kind of keto dip is that at 1:42? (thanks)

Sanjay Sinha

Sanjay Sinha . 6 months ago

What is the source of the numbers? I am finding a lot of inconsistencies in public reports. May be, I am not a nutrition expert, but I have difficulty in the pattern of reported data, specially when comparing items. Compare ‘Dried Coconut’ with ‘Dried Coconut - Unsweetened’. https://tools.myfooddata.com/nutrition-comparison/170579-170170/100g-100g/1-1 The numbers do not make sense. Fibers range from zero (0) to 16.3 grams (per 100 grams) Mineral content is similar for both, except Selenium which ranges from zero to 18.5 μg. How is that possible? Great if someone can explain this.

Bay cao OK

Bay cao OK . 6 months ago


Chris McCaffrey

Chris McCaffrey . 7 months ago

10. Brussels sprouts. 5g carbs per 100g 9. Green Beans. 4g carbs per 100g 8. Kale 3g carbs per 100g 7. Asparagus. 2g carbs per 100g 6. Spinach. 1g carbs per 100g 5. Zucchini 3g carbs per 100g 4. Cabbage. 3g carbs per 100g 3. Broccoli. 4g carbs per 100g 2. Avocado. 2g carbs per 100g 1. Cauliflower. 3g carbs per 100g Veg they missed: Radish. 1g carbs per 100g


hellraiser666666 . 7 months ago


Herbert Holland

Herbert Holland . 7 months ago

While the above ground and below ground rules are a good starting pace for newbies, it isn't a hard rule. There are Veggies that grow above ground, that are high in carbs such as peas, beans, etc. and there are root veggies that are low in carbs such as Radishes and Jicama.

Universo Spiritual Unido

Universo Spiritual Unido . 8 months ago


Amy Young

Amy Young . 8 months ago

Great information provided in a straightforward, clear, understandable way. I'm learning alot and about to begin my Keto journey. Thanks Diet Doctor.

Pete The Kiwi

Pete The Kiwi . 8 months ago

I love all these - but after giving up spuds and sweet spuds, I eat one meal a day and my go too is butternut squash - is this ok once a day and I have about 250 gram of the beauties. I get 90 % of my daily carbs here - Would love advice or feedback. I can only guess it’s 15 net cabs approx ??? Cheers from COVID free New Zealand 🇳🇿


mrazik131 . 8 months ago

Spinach oh no ouch ! hello kidney stones....


Duke . 9 months ago

Celeriac - one of the few subterranean veggies. Awesome made into chips.

Sanjeev Gig

Sanjeev Gig . 9 months ago

Thanks for featuring all the 10 in the main photo; and not making it a tease video.

Brian C

Brian C . 9 months ago

Avocado is not a vegetable lol

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