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Queen Strips Prince Andrew Of HRH Title And Military Roles BBC News
BBC News

BBC News

Published on 2 weeks ago

The Duke of York's military titles and royal patronages have been returned to the Queen, Buckingham Palace has said.

Prince Andrew, 61, will also stop using the style His Royal Highness in an official capacity, a royal source said.

It comes as he faces a US civil action over sexual assault allegations - claims he has consistently denied.

A source close to the duke said he would "continue to defend himself" against the case brought in New York by Virginia Giuffre.

Buckingham Palace said in a statement: "With the Queen's approval and agreement, the Duke of York's military affiliations and Royal patronages have been returned to the Queen. The Duke of York will continue not to undertake any public duties and is defending this case as a private citizen."

Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News at Ten reporting by royal correspondents Nicholas Witchell and Helena Wilkinson.

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Comments :

zon tarr

zon tarr . 15 hours ago

Very good

ted Best

ted Best . 16 hours ago


Mountain N

Mountain N . 17 hours ago

So now, we can call him like, "hey Andy"! No more "Your Royal Highness, or Sir Andrew"


MR_Koko20 . 19 hours ago

0:56 Fvcking Ham Palace.......

Blood Angel

Blood Angel . 20 hours ago

How about strip the entire royal family of their aristocracy titles

tom barnes

tom barnes . 20 hours ago

she only did that so the american's could not take her assets in america now they can't touch the royal's property in america

Vivian Darkbloom

Vivian Darkbloom . 22 hours ago

This person received the best education, was taught etiquettes for the elites, was surrounded by women all the time. And yet he did something like this. He is no different then a homeless drug addict.

Saqib Javed

Saqib Javed . 1 day ago

(Urdu) Kya India yh samajhta hy k Pakistan mai Mr Inran Khan ki hakomat asy hy k jesy Talban ki hakomat ☺️

Christine Callanan

Christine Callanan . 1 day ago

Prince Philip and the Queen took 12 native children from a Canadian residential school on a "Picnic" in the 1960's. According to others who were at the school at the time, these were the brightest children in the school. They were never seen again. The grown children of that school who spoke up about seeing the Queen and Philip and their friends going missing were all murdered or died under mysterious circumstances. A man named Kevin Annette talked with the witnesses before they died, claiming he was seeking justice for the murdered indigenous children, but in reality, he used them and the entire incident at the residential school to seek monetary gain and some kind of notoriety. He invented some "International Tribunal" that he'd claimed was the high court that would hear the testimonials and seek justice for the 12 missing children. Kevin Annette later was being accused of using women he met online supporting his seemingly valiant efforts to seek justice, swindling some out of every penny they had. I saw the eyewitness accounts from the native children (then adult) and have no no doubt they were telling the truth. I think Mr. Annette put them in greater danger by putting these interviews on YouTube. They all died soon afterwards. It's time for REAL justice. Prince William's pedophile activities are just the tip of the iceberg.

Saqib Javed

Saqib Javed . 1 day ago

Molana fazlurehman tumhy ghr mai nazar band Na krdain Kahen Kahen isi bewaqof sadarti nizam Pakistan ka qarz otarny tk Or khalafat usmania k qayam tk lgna chaheye sikurti reasions tumhari ni balky Muslim countries Or China Shamali korea amrica russia bartanya Turki Arab Or Iran japan germany africa in mai mojod choti countries ki Asan lafzon mai Chand k elawa world ki sikurti reasion ki Or agr koi missile chand pr pohanch bhi gya tu odhr jo enho ny pani dhonda wohy Aloda hoga bs samjhy fanky boye ☺️

Mark L

Mark L . 1 day ago

I feel sorry for the apologetic Brits who can't see the writing on the wall. This soap opera monarchy is begging for euthanasia.

My Creative Designs Space

My Creative Designs Space . 1 day ago

Prayers to all the victims and the lady that spoke up against Andrew is really really brave. Epstein is the biggest coward of all, let God sort him out. The monarch can not control the acts of the royals, they can only move forward.

Enrique Puerto

Enrique Puerto . 1 day ago

The situation he "finds" himself in? Would that be standing in a hole trying to dig himself out with a shovel? Might end up in ´stralia.

Josël BazČom

Josël BazČom . 1 day ago

That royal highness nonsense need to be dismantle and send all that den of reptiles back to the deepest pit of Hell.

Lynn Jones

Lynn Jones . 2 days ago

It's a about time someone stripped the Queen of her crown 👑


MH . 2 days ago

His nasty baby diddler finely got the Royal screwing he always wanted. I bet he can feel it now because people are going to keep his colon impacted with angry love meat especially if he settles out of court or has to pay out in that civil suit because either out come says he did it. Then people are going to ask how many other did he narfell the garthock with. No ones helping him out so he needs to have a press conference and tell on everyone he knows that did the same or worse. They won’t Clinton a Prince of the UK because that’s one bridge to far.

Bao Pham

Bao Pham . 2 days ago

Royal shit

Darth Dag

Darth Dag . 2 days ago

244 years later and America is still finding ways to fuck with Britain P.s fuck this guy

Bernardo Hazan

Bernardo Hazan . 2 days ago

Waiting for the day when the "Queen's (and other members of the nobility) military affiliations and Royal patronages have been returned to The People".


J M . 2 days ago

The wealthy version of Jerry Springer. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Vascular Herbacide

Vascular Herbacide . 2 days ago

Makes sense. If he has to stand trial he could use cambridge analytica and facial recognition technology and facebook's psychological profiles on the jury to be able to win this legal case. Trial by jury can now be hacked due to facebook. He reminds me of a Teddy Bear. I would like to dress up as one and lay on his bed and say hello while he chases me out of his bedroom.

Arta Smith

Arta Smith . 2 days ago

they've known Randy Andy Has Been Randy andy since the dawn of time - Give me a break

Kay Elle

Kay Elle . 2 days ago

doesn't seem fair. Was he found guilty of sexual assault? or is he just stripped of his title merely because he was accused? why strip his title if he could be innocent? seems like he is being assumed guilty before he is proven innocent.

Daz Ediss

Daz Ediss . 2 days ago

Should have been done many years ago. They all knew what was going on, too used to having people queuing up to kiss his arse. Gonna get thrown around like a doggy chew toy in the big house.

T Tinker

T Tinker . 2 days ago

stripped of titles but no jail time? how is that a punishment?

Mr. Right now.

Mr. Right now. . 2 days ago

Wow. This is huge. And this is her favorite son. But she had to I guess. Did Sarah lose her HRH when she divorced? What a catastrophic couple. Talk about going down in history backwards.


Matthew . 2 days ago

Destroy all governments destroy all monarchs

金伯夏洛特 路易丝

金伯夏洛特 路易丝 . 2 days ago

I'd advise Virginia Guiffre not to drive through any tunnels anywhere in the world, but particularly in Paris.

Bala Nadash

Bala Nadash . 2 days ago

F that family


RugbyFootballer . 2 days ago

They should stripped away the Duke tittle he should be know as the royal creepy dude he knew what he was doing he feels bad he got caught

Queen Of Wands

Queen Of Wands . 2 days ago

The monarchy is a freaking joke and sham! “Oh I was born in a family that became powerful and super rich through pillage, plunder and incest so that makes me more special than everyone else” 🙄🙄 Please! Why the sheeple of the UK continues to allow that sham of family to have privilege is beyond me!

Stephen Mavromichalos

Stephen Mavromichalos . 3 days ago

so all that happens when you fuck kids is you get a title stripped? easy game for them


AsiasSweetheart . 3 days ago

JUSTICE will always PREVAIL..!!!

Retha Doubell

Retha Doubell . 3 days ago

Haha..dirty old man..

Ok Computer

Ok Computer . 3 days ago

Great…after the old hag dies…get rid of other royals

Mark Walden

Mark Walden . 3 days ago

I'm gonna laugh if the allegations turn out to be false. Hope a fair trial happens.

Talbert Talbert

Talbert Talbert . 3 days ago

He's a liar a hooker would of been a better CHOICE BOY BYE 👋 😔


Elli . 3 days ago

Malaysian here. Kind of a fresh of breath air seeing the royals taking high punishment. Here it can be quite stupidly royal favor.

Stay Frosty

Stay Frosty . 3 days ago

Typical white privilege.

Bala Nadash

Bala Nadash . 3 days ago

Stolen wealth from Ceylon enjoining slavery wealth


PasscodeAdvance . 3 days ago

Her Majesty is truly the greatest! Love from India!

BJ. Your mom’s friend. Don’t call me dad.

BJ. Your mom’s friend. Don’t call me dad. . 3 days ago

Arranged teddy bears. What a tool.

BJ. Your mom’s friend. Don’t call me dad.

BJ. Your mom’s friend. Don’t call me dad. . 3 days ago

I respect the teddy bear arranger. Patience of an old god.


Peace . 3 days ago

Have you noticed how many times Andrews daughhters position themselves behind the queen on the balcony to get the most exposure.

Neb Oknenim

Neb Oknenim . 3 days ago

Kinda like Escobar building his own prison No real punishment

Diego Francia

Diego Francia . 3 days ago

We dont need any royal family actually.


Leah . 4 days ago

I wonder how the comedy The Windsors are going to tackle this?

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