Chuck, Shaq, Kenny and EJ talk MVP frontrunners and the debate heats up 👀

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Comments :


Stefan . 37 minutes ago

Nikola Jokic without Murray and MPJ is on pace to average the best PER in the league ever! No 1 in Tripple doubles No 1 in Double doubles No 2 in Rebounds No 6 in points No 8 in assists No 9 in field goal %

Malik Rahim

Malik Rahim . 1 hour ago

when are these guys going to learn there is no right answers to these questions. Take your personal pick and be happy with that.


Buckgets95 . 4 hours ago

Ja morant. I’m sick of people forgetting him. If Zion was doing what he’s doing people would lose they minds. Man’s made the griz a real power house.

Nepoznato Lice

Nepoznato Lice . 10 hours ago

With Jokic on the floor, the Nuggets boast a 10.0 net rating, meaning they are outscoring opponents by 10 points per 100 possessions when he's on the court.If the Nuggets were able to sustain that number, it would be the best in the league — the Golden State Warriors currently lead the NBA with a net rating of 8.1.But in those minutes that Jokic is on the bench, the Nuggets have a net rating of -12.3, meaning opponents are outscoring them at a rate of 12 points per 100 possessions.The 11-33 Detroit Pistons currently boast a -9.6 net rating, the worst in the NBA.Without 2. and 3. best players.Wind the cables and go home.

Bo Gib

Bo Gib . 1 day ago

Honestly anyone could win this year and it would be okay. Kevin, steph, ja, jokic, Joel, Giannais however you spell it, even demar so it’s all good this year.

Ben Jones the 3rd

Ben Jones the 3rd . 1 day ago

Leave Vanilla Ice Alone 😆 He’s a nice Guy 😆

Desmond Harbin

Desmond Harbin . 1 day ago

Shaq I agree with you 😆 🤣 Vanilla ice and Cole Anthony 🤣🤣🤣

Gintaras Grigalevicius

Gintaras Grigalevicius . 1 day ago

Disrespect LeBron gets it’s insane just because Lakers are 8th seed watch if Lakers go up to 4-5th seed ya all habe to include him there 🤷🏼‍♂️

The Final Trinity

The Final Trinity . 1 day ago

When Kenny talked about Vanilla Ice, I lost it 😂💀

Elijah-Wayne Fielder

Elijah-Wayne Fielder . 1 day ago

Lebron James

Elijah-Wayne Fielder

Elijah-Wayne Fielder . 1 day ago

Lebron is the most disrespected mvp ever

Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson . 1 day ago

Did Kenny and Chuck forget that the Nuggets have been missing their 2nd and 3rd best players all season. Jokic is carrying the Nuggets single handedly. If they had a healthy Jamal Murray then they’d be top 3 in the West. That’s not to even mention if they had a healthy MPJ. In that case they might even be the 1 seed.


Molly215 . 1 day ago

So, Embiid is NBA MVP over Jokic because he is averaging 35/11/4 since Christmas and Jokic is averaging "only" 27/15/8? What about games before Christmas? NikolaJokic 26/14/7 JoelEmbiid 25/11/4 Jokic is doing it since the start of the season. He aint a "one-month" guy.

Brian F.

Brian F. . 2 days ago

Am I following a different season or what? Nuggets have been steadily 5-6 seed yet everyone still likes to think theyre last or one of the bottom teams tf 😂

Knot Gulty

Knot Gulty . 2 days ago

Best part is shaq nd chuck cld agree nd there still gonna argue about who's less right lol

The Good Fight!!!

The Good Fight!!! . 2 days ago

Embiid gonna do it! Return of the big man this year- Embiid Joker Giannis!!! I’d put Ja in top 5 dude is a killer.

Don Amero

Don Amero . 2 days ago

Vanilla Ice I apologize lol

Dj White

Dj White . 2 days ago

28.6/7/6 ....... Lebron James

Marcus Jackson

Marcus Jackson . 2 days ago

Nobody walks around saying I’m number 6. Hahhahaha

Marcus Jackson

Marcus Jackson . 2 days ago

It’s hilarious just listening to old men arguing


ALMY . 3 days ago

Trae young has been fantastic

Jimmy Han

Jimmy Han . 3 days ago

Mvp is evaluated by these things Stats Defenseive rating overall for team Win to loss ratio How much the team is reliant on the guy through every game. Cause these things to me determine a mvp

Selim _Shady

Selim _Shady . 3 days ago

It’s funny how DeRozan is having a very similar season to 2016 with the Raptors and MVP was a never a discussion back then. This is why I look into who’s MVP myself without anyones opinion.

Kabir Sood

Kabir Sood . 3 days ago

Vanilla Ice 😂😂😂😂😂

Chris naiberk

Chris naiberk . 3 days ago

Ja Moront 😂


Kingston . 3 days ago

Jokic is similar to Duncan. Guy was incredible and went under the radar until the playoffs and you remember the spurs won 60 games that season. Abs 6;57 can someone meme this up?


Kevrolld . 3 days ago


Ryan Rabago

Ryan Rabago . 3 days ago

vanilla ice hahahahahahaha. Shaq doesnt have a counter for it about that:p


SuperDopeHipHop . 3 days ago

Jokic’s coach is 1000% right. For them to not mention Jokic is laughable. He’s having a historic season and best statistical season ever. Embiid killing it also but it’s tossup between them, but statistically for the year he’s > Embiid.

Tane POE

Tane POE . 3 days ago

That vanilla ice line was classic! 😆

Fredrick Odhiambo

Fredrick Odhiambo . 3 days ago

Do you think Vanilla Ice woke up this day thinking, "Ooh well, I am going to get tagged just for kicks today"....


M N . 3 days ago

Chris Paul is the MVP so far

Kreepy Records

Kreepy Records . 3 days ago

Giannis MVP he has it all. Wins, effecient, numbers everything.

da Don CJ

da Don CJ . 4 days ago


Mobi D.

Mobi D. . 4 days ago

Chuck is right. Joel Embiid!


Simon . 4 days ago

Shaq digging his own logical grave since..always! bahahahaha


ScheffCityVibes . 4 days ago

MVP is a player award but the value is calculated from the team perspective. That's why it's such an important award. The value is derived from the team's SUCCESS. That's why wins matter.

Ronald Mok

Ronald Mok . 4 days ago

no one ever talks about CP3 and Booker? Disrespectful


petpara . 4 days ago

Jokic is monster

Aiden Parkhurst

Aiden Parkhurst . 4 days ago

Nikola Jokic is the MVP.

Dulo Gmaz

Dulo Gmaz . 4 days ago

When you talk about MVP you should talk about everything. When you talk about Steph you gotta mention his gravity, on off numbers, when you talk about Jokic you have to mention his advanced stats, efficiency, on-off numbers, when Jokic plays Nuggets are on pace to win 63 games and when he's on the bench the Nuggets play as an 11 win team.

Shimazu Toyohisa

Shimazu Toyohisa . 4 days ago

My top 5 for MVP are: Giannis, Steph, KD, Jokic and Embiid in that order..... for now.


aussiemika1 . 5 days ago

There is a production stat the nuggets have with and without Jokic on the court. It’s staggering how bad they are when he is on the bench resting. He’s MVP

Abhi Prasad

Abhi Prasad . 5 days ago

Shaq just mad he didn’t win over Nash (even tho he wasn’t having his best years in Miami AND didn’t have the best numbers)

Aleksa Prelic

Aleksa Prelic . 5 days ago

Jokic leads Denver in ppg, apg, rpg, spg, bpg, fg% and I'm not sure about 3pt% but he's definitely close. He has almost 2x than the second best in each of the five major statistical categories. MVP.

dick carr

dick carr . 5 days ago

To answer the question. 1976 Kareem won the MVP and the Lakers didn't even make the playoffs that year.

Rezwan Chowdhury

Rezwan Chowdhury . 5 days ago

Most Valuable Priest ;)

Rezwan Chowdhury

Rezwan Chowdhury . 5 days ago

Shaq's my MVP every year.

Los Aminos

Los Aminos . 5 days ago

That slap at @5:23 though lol

Nes Coney

Nes Coney . 5 days ago

Shaq looks like violet beauregarde with that suit on .....💀

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