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NBA 2K22 Wheel Of Colleges


Published on 2 weeks ago

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The top 50 American Basketball colleges are placed together on a wheel to form the ultimate NCAA College Basketball Team on NBA2K22.

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Comments :


MJ2K FNG . 13 hours ago

7:02 nah bruh

Alcor Sunny

Alcor Sunny . 20 hours ago

I need to hear this Eric Bledsoe story

EROD Films

EROD Films . 2 days ago

Indiana hosiers


Dorodo . 3 days ago

Tre Mann went to my school lol

Logan Cool

Logan Cool . 3 days ago

Really funny like always I have watched Troydan sice 2015

Josh Wingate

Josh Wingate . 3 days ago

You a goat Troy

Irondale Heights

Irondale Heights . 3 days ago

Pls Respect West Virginia


aka_landino . 3 days ago


Trey Thompson

Trey Thompson . 4 days ago

What a game

Where’s Caleb

Where’s Caleb . 4 days ago

Random fun fact, I went to high school with kelan Martin from butler lol

Troy Roark

Troy Roark . 4 days ago

Troy is making me proud to be a Troy from Kentucky

Shayne Barkeley

Shayne Barkeley . 5 days ago

hey i’m a girl troydan and i always watch your video and you say prolly not. i actually find that really disrespectful

BL Sports

BL Sports . 5 days ago

I saw kd play for Texas a&m against ucoon he should have been on Texas in the spin

12Ebal_Luke Nepomuceno

12Ebal_Luke Nepomuceno . 6 days ago

Why is Lebron's High School in the wheel? lol

Stor Maour

Stor Maour . 6 days ago

1:30 Antonio brown isn’t playing he decided to run away and become a rapper


BryBry . 6 days ago


Justin Vanveen

Justin Vanveen . 7 days ago

Sad to say AB is no longer on the Bucs

$pic&$pan Gaming

$pic&$pan Gaming . 7 days ago

he lost a 17 pt lead

Snowy Fragrant

Snowy Fragrant . 1 week ago

Should have done the top 25 schools. Hilarious video either way keep it up Troy!

Dylan Scharnhorst

Dylan Scharnhorst . 1 week ago

10:35 Clique got himself into 2k damn how much he pay Ronnie for that?


Dylkills . 1 week ago

Bruh some of these colleges shouldn’t be here over OREGON! we’re a powerhouse most years💔🤦🏼‍♂️


luluzi-_- . 1 week ago

Thought Gordon Hayward went to Baylor not Butler?

Ricky Gaming

Ricky Gaming . 1 week ago

From being in one of your videos when I was a kid to now being at the University of Kentucky is crazy


Cj HTX . 1 week ago

Why hasn’t he uploaded anything recently? Did he current gf break up with him?

alida flus

alida flus . 1 week ago

Troy: Wheel of colleges Also Troy: St Vincent St Marys high school

Golden Dizzy

Golden Dizzy . 1 week ago

How is West Virginia not on the wheel it has had 42 players go to the nba

Jason Brown

Jason Brown . 1 week ago

!y gUy

Jason Brown

Jason Brown . 1 week ago



Holden . 1 week ago

Bro start playing with piggy again please there the best video’s

Declan L

Declan L . 1 week ago

“Bit of a rat” 😂😂😂


Puggy . 1 week ago

Congrats on 1BILLION VIEWS

Kinsey Welchey

Kinsey Welchey . 1 week ago

Why isn’t Purdue on the list their better than 45 of the teams on there

Mason Fisher

Mason Fisher . 1 week ago


Mason Fisher

Mason Fisher . 1 week ago


Ash Freezy

Ash Freezy . 1 week ago

Hey Troydan what is your ps4 gamer tag

gioyu comi

gioyu comi . 1 week ago

That Antonio brown comment really aged well 🤣


10Lifer . 1 week ago

this isn't colleges this is former teams before nba


10Lifer . 1 week ago

get msu and draymond or magic

Cringe Lords

Cringe Lords . 1 week ago

cameron johnson went to UNC !!!

Anthony Hetland

Anthony Hetland . 1 week ago

No Wisconsin so this is trash

Joel Dončić

Joel Dončić . 1 week ago

My brother knows Tre Mann, he’s actually pretty good

Vinnie Headley

Vinnie Headley . 1 week ago

Cody Zeller is from my town and he hit a half court shot to win the state championship


Grimm_Ghost . 1 week ago

I live in Missouri tho 🙄


Bristol24Man . 1 week ago

Indiana Hoyser🤣

Sawyer Rowland

Sawyer Rowland . 1 week ago

I love the background wii music


GonzaloCS06 . 1 week ago

Man do a ROYAL RUMBLE 40 men :(


LilCracker . 1 week ago

Troy I don’t think Antonio brown plays

Danny Bridges

Danny Bridges . 1 week ago

Let’s go Pittsburgh!!

Alex Grudman

Alex Grudman . 1 week ago

I’m surprised you weren’t familiar with Washington state it’s where the LaVar ball averaged 2.2 points per game. Go cougs!

Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck . 1 week ago

I can’t be the only one who laughed when he said cant wait to see antoino brown 💀

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