Atkins diet Vs Ketogenic diet for weight loss. Atkins diet with Indian foods Phase 1( Induction Phase). High protein low carb meal plan for losing 15- 20 kgs of weight. Options for vegetarians and Non- vegetarians. Sample Atkins diet meal plan in Hindi for weight loss. Atkins diet recipes for soups and salads used in this sample diet plan.

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This video talks about :
0:20 - Atkins diet Vs Keto Diet
0:45 - Best diet plans for fast FAT loss and Weight loss
1:18 - 4 phases of the Atkins diet plan for weight loss
Induction Phase, Balancing Phase, Fine Tuning Phase, the Maintenance phase.
3:18 - List of foods to avoid in Atkins diet plan for weight loss
4:17 - List of foods to eat in the Atkins diet plan for weight loss for vegetarians and non - vegetarians.
5:40 - Sample diet plan for Atkins phase 1 Induction Phase.
10:20 - Details of Ebook on Atkins diet -
10:55 - Special tips to follow the Atkins diet plan for weight loss easily.
12:25 - Dining out tips in restaurants link -

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dietburrp . 1 year ago

Read in ENGLISH and Take PRINT OUT of the sample diet plan - Buy Atkins Diet Ebook: For personal diet consultation mail us - [email protected]

Mani Panjwani

Mani Panjwani . 2 months ago

How much fat we should consume in atkins phase 1?

Mani Panjwani

Mani Panjwani . 2 months ago

Can we use little milk,curd and sprouts in induction phase

Rabia Abbas

Rabia Abbas . 3 months ago

Which diet is good for diabetes, keto or Atkins?

Mani Panjwani

Mani Panjwani . 3 months ago

I have endomorph body n I am 47 years n I am at the stage of perimenopause Wil this help me to loose weight

Mani Panjwani

Mani Panjwani . 3 months ago

What is the difference between atkin n keto

Taehyungs jaw line

Taehyungs jaw line . 3 months ago

Non vegetarian walo ki to Moj Ho rakhi hai 😂

Harshita Aarya

Harshita Aarya . 5 months ago

4:51 can I use bottle gourd at the place of pumpkin

Harshita Aarya

Harshita Aarya . 5 months ago

Man plzz plz make a video on diet plan of phase 2,3,4 of Atkins diet....

Divya Chaturvedi

Divya Chaturvedi . 6 months ago

I want a personalised diet middle class plan

Divya Chaturvedi

Divya Chaturvedi . 6 months ago

Ma'am can we add quinoa in this diet?

H & F Family

H & F Family . 6 months ago

Maam I’m on breastfeeding. And high gastric patient could you please tell me what to do?

Dr Rehana Majeed khan

Dr Rehana Majeed khan . 6 months ago

Very easy explain and great help thanks 👍👍👍

Nisha Dey

Nisha Dey . 7 months ago

Please give diet chart for the next phases


P.A. . 9 months ago

What for hostel people who don't have Cooking gas

Priyanka Ramchandani

Priyanka Ramchandani . 9 months ago

How many calories is this diet of?

Reva Tarale

Reva Tarale . 10 months ago

I was corona positive before a month it was not that much serious and now i am completely recovered.can i use these diet?

amar smruti

amar smruti . 10 months ago

Mam kya mein apple banana and pomegranate add kar sakti hu iss diet mein??

Hemantee Pare

Hemantee Pare . 10 months ago

Mem plz....detail Atkin diet plane ki vidio. Uplod kijiye mem

Sanjita Bhattacharya

Sanjita Bhattacharya . 11 months ago

Can we include one orange daily?

Shahinazafar Shahina

Shahinazafar Shahina . 12 months ago

hello mam... kya iss deit ko alternate day fasting ke sath kar sakte hai kya... plz rply

Suresh Nikam

Suresh Nikam . 12 months ago

How can I get the book Is ur available online in pdf. Pl let me know how to buy My mobile number is 9890900052 You can send link on this number Aldo share the details for phone consultation Regards


Husnara UCMAS AL KHAN . 1 year ago

Ma'am I want to follow this diet. Iam 85kg now nd my height is 5.5 so I want to loose 15 kg is it possible??

Venky 03

Venky 03 . 1 year ago

Ma'am palak soup have more carbs then y u suggest to have that? And one more thing intermittent or atkin... Which one is best for weight loss fastly?

Garima Thakur

Garima Thakur . 1 year ago

So no cheese in diet? I have seen ppl having cheese in US/ UK version.

Harsimran Singh

Harsimran Singh . 1 year ago


Garima Thakur

Garima Thakur . 1 year ago

Atkins 40 diet plans??

Lalit Sachdeva

Lalit Sachdeva . 1 year ago

Hello mam mujhe thalassemia major he kya me diet ke skta hu? Lockdown ki wajah se weight badh gya face fat bohot bad gya he and ha agar nhi le skta go plz reply krke btaye iron less diet for weight loss Thank you

avani shah

avani shah . 1 year ago

Nice dite plan dear . Please hame koi Naya video aye to banana

rajesh s

rajesh s . 1 year ago

Can I use Dal kichdi (with and without palak) for lunch/dinner. Also suggest only fruit diet for dinner


GingerGarlic . 1 year ago

Can we have beef as well.

Aditya Katankar

Aditya Katankar . 1 year ago

Madam mai apse personal baar karana chahata hu

Manisha Jain

Manisha Jain . 1 year ago

Mam keto or atkin diet plan dono m kon si jyada effective h

Manisha Jain

Manisha Jain . 1 year ago

Keto diet or atkin diet plan dono m kis se jaldi weight lose hoga

Amisha Nirmala Shaji

Amisha Nirmala Shaji . 1 year ago

Can we have oats?

Aniket Biswas

Aniket Biswas . 1 year ago

Mam Dinner or breakfast mai ots le sakte hai kiya ??🤐🤐

Ritika Adhana

Ritika Adhana . 1 year ago

Can we use pink salt and mustard oil

khana gupta

khana gupta . 1 year ago


sumit kolkata

sumit kolkata . 1 year ago

Ma'am what should be the quantity per person? Please make a video with measurements.


Anonymous . 1 year ago

Mem can we eat black tea with jaggary on first phase?

syed zeeshan

syed zeeshan . 1 year ago

Is there any similar video for phase 2 & 3..?

Mamta Rana

Mamta Rana . 1 year ago

After keto I can switch to dis diet ?

Bambhavar Ravi

Bambhavar Ravi . 1 year ago

Kya ye diet epelpy me upyogi he?.

Shamim Manzoor

Shamim Manzoor . 1 year ago

Plz share 9 to 10 year old children deit plan for weight loss

Arpit Sadh

Arpit Sadh . 1 year ago

Mam can u plz tell the total amount of carbs and protein in the....veg diet...of this Atkin diet

Ruchi Gupta

Ruchi Gupta . 1 year ago

Can we take hot milk

Colossal Interiors

Colossal Interiors . 1 year ago

Hi ma'am, Just purchased Atkins diet plan, can you explain what is 'Exchange' in the columns. Can you explai n.?

Bhagya Bhagya

Bhagya Bhagya . 1 year ago

Thank you mam May I know exactly how much protein and fat we have to take. Does high protein cause anything bad to our organs?? I’m 29 years old and obese 🙁I want to lose weight,I’m vegetarian and I’m not very active person and not do any intense workouts but can I take protein shake as snack or morning drink before breakfast because I’m very hungry after I wake up. I’m starting to walk 30 to 40 minutes a day is it good enough?? Mam please make video on portion sizes and calorie intake video. Really appreciate your videos thank you so much ❤️

Simba The labrador 🐕🐕

Simba The labrador 🐕🐕 . 1 year ago

MAM PLZ ANSWER Im taking boiled kala chana 50g pre workout and black coffee bcoz i have search it is source of BCAA , is it good or bad plz tell

Shantanu Tiwari

Shantanu Tiwari . 1 year ago

Mam protien shake include krne ka bh kch bataiye sare videos me nh haii

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