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I Spent $7,000 On LOST CARGO Packages


Published on 2 weeks ago

THIS is what happens when LUXURY merchandise gets SHIPPED but then gets lost or goes unclaimed... they go to an auction where other people can BUY them for SUPER cheap! I bought a HUGE mystery box to see what treasures we can find.

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The featured auction is Erkelens & Olsen in Salt Lake City, UT - this video is not sponsored. All opinions and experiences are my own.

Comments :

Patrisha Partico

Patrisha Partico . 4 hours ago

I spent 7000 dollars on lost cargo packages

Stephanie Morton

Stephanie Morton . 5 hours ago

Damn shame they con the consumers . I bet she was the only one bidding on those fake goods. And it was probably just the guy who made the fakes bidding on it.

Evelyn.28 cojo

Evelyn.28 cojo . 5 hours ago

So what do u think about letting me borrow the stich back pack ehhh ;) Haha jk i wish😂

sydney poindexter

sydney poindexter . 6 hours ago

the laser tube was for the Elvis lamp

mr daddy

mr daddy . 6 hours ago

I like the way you made the video. But only showing some of the prices is a real bummer..... I wanted to know what these comics are worth for example

Isabelle Harvey

Isabelle Harvey . 7 hours ago

Kim, there’s people that are dying.

Cleo Duncan

Cleo Duncan . 8 hours ago

I love stitch and the on Michael Kors bag the white one soooo pretty

Alice Simerly

Alice Simerly . 9 hours ago

i do

Regina Marie Garcia

Regina Marie Garcia . 9 hours ago

Omg so many good items ..I love the black lv wallet..nice

Peter Corner

Peter Corner . 9 hours ago

When do you start a give- away? You got plenty for the rest of your life;p

Sophie Scott

Sophie Scott . 10 hours ago

The date the book was signed on was my birthday 😱

Tasneem Qattous

Tasneem Qattous . 11 hours ago

Thing is I’d like to believe this but 99% of the time you have to sign for designer packages. ESPECIALLY Hermes

Chiliman2 Gaming

Chiliman2 Gaming . 11 hours ago

well there goes mark robbers laser.

Dee’s Balloons

Dee’s Balloons . 12 hours ago

Jesus Christ loves ya and repent Hope you have an amazing Day

Chey’s trucking vlogz

Chey’s trucking vlogz . 13 hours ago

You should give away to supporters


Kennedy . 14 hours ago

The packaging is a dead giveaway, most if not all of the designer goods are replicas. You can get a replica for almost anything, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the bat, comics, and playing cards are replicas as well. If it’s too good to be true, than it probably is. Luckily, the ad revenue from the video should cover a lot of the cost, if not all of it. I don’t even thinks it’s worth the time & effort to get this stuff authenticated, she’ll probably have to throw most of it away, turn it over to authorities, or keep it for herself.

Emily Ruiz

Emily Ruiz . 15 hours ago


Maurice H

Maurice H . 15 hours ago

I love that HopeScope is excited about the Gucci, Nike, Lacoste and Louis etc ...While the partner is excited over the comics! Unaware that some comics can be worth MORE that EVERYTHING in the entire box. :D


ARMYPLUIS🙃 . 17 hours ago

0:50 nice of them that they have free delivery!!

Dianna Wynn

Dianna Wynn . 17 hours ago

Ok is these are real then ypu definitely got your money's worth out of it

Maria Robins

Maria Robins . 17 hours ago

Those Red Bottoms are my size 😭

Seri Kim

Seri Kim . 18 hours ago

Wow do you sell the stuffs after or do you give away? 😅 just hoping to try a branded thing. I never had one 😅

Vivian Hart

Vivian Hart . 20 hours ago

I wanna be twinzies with stitch backpacks lol

Nadja Stuparusic

Nadja Stuparusic . 21 hours ago


Ellie 🦋

Ellie 🦋 . 21 hours ago

Even if there fake they did do an amazing job and all that stuff is super cute so still worth it I guess

Lisa Bustin

Lisa Bustin . 22 hours ago

Can u buy me some too please. My bday is on the 30th. 😂


Thomas . 23 hours ago

I don't know how I got here, but I know I'm not the target demographic for this because by far the most exciting thing for me was the Laser tube...


urmom . 1 day ago

This is my first time watching you, and lets just say that now um binging you vids, your sense of humour and christma is IT!!!!♥️

Lucy Hirst

Lucy Hirst . 1 day ago

You already had your moneys worth in the first box lol 😂

Fam Kinander

Fam Kinander . 1 day ago

your acc was on tv a few days ago


Angxl . 1 day ago

2:49 is where she starts to unbox 2:57 unboxing 1st gucci box 3:26 Mens nikey sweatpants 3:58 ralph lauren swim trunks 4:03 saving libbie the lobster 4:07 the friend guide signed by the author 4:23 stich backpack 4:27 elvis presley light 4:43 louis vuitton 4:54 elvis certificate 4:59 back to the louis vuitton 5:19 price of the bag 5:32 comics 5:55 dior 6:06 gucci dustbag 6:10 more ralph laurens swim trunks 6:20 stich fix 6:27 michael kors slides 6:25 more swimsuits 6:33 sunglasses thats all im gonna do. >3

Candy candy

Candy candy . 1 day ago

first LV is FAKE sorry

Tejas Pawar

Tejas Pawar . 1 day ago

don't be surpise if someone say in comment that hey it's my bag 🤣🤣

Luis M

Luis M . 1 day ago

Congrats for being rich

Lunar Moon

Lunar Moon . 1 day ago

U should look through those Pokémon cards, some can be worth like thousands of dollars

Esteban Morales

Esteban Morales . 1 day ago

let me know about the pokemon ill buy them off you guys

Ashley Rowzee

Ashley Rowzee . 1 day ago

I'm literally like Stitch bag please....

Leighanne Lagden

Leighanne Lagden . 1 day ago

How can we buy these off u xx

Krystal Pollard

Krystal Pollard . 1 day ago

As a Saint louis native who grew up watching the Cards. I literally gasped at the albert pujols bat. Before you even began describing him. However when he went to the angels we did disown him. but dayum good find there.

Her Man

Her Man . 1 day ago

It would be better if you showed the pricing of each item... suspense is killing me

Adasen Sykes

Adasen Sykes . 1 day ago

im a size 7 1/2 and 8 it most shoes

Chxrlotte edits

Chxrlotte edits . 1 day ago

I would hate to be the person who lost all the lv Hermes and Gucci’s things

Karima El Osri

Karima El Osri . 2 days ago

Sorry all the LV's are FAKE !!!

Michelle Högberg

Michelle Högberg . 2 days ago

Plz i love you and Stich. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Joseph the shrimp

Joseph the shrimp . 2 days ago

Bro I love Pokémon cards do a whole video showing them offf

Laurie Rasha

Laurie Rasha . 2 days ago

Im sooo jealous I need to start getting in on these auctions

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