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COSTCO Protein Bar Haul Which Bars To BUY (and Avoid)
Thomas DeLauer

Thomas DeLauer

Published on 2 years ago

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COSTCO Protein Bar Haul - Which Bars to BUY (and Avoid)

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Comments :

Thomas DeLauer

Thomas DeLauer . 2 years ago

Hopefully this helps you what works for you! Thanks for watching and supporting the CHANNEL!! Don't forget to LIKE 👍🏻the video and SUSCRIBE to the CHANNEL!! If you have any ideas for future videos and/or questions, drop them in the COMMENTS below!! 👇🏻

island dreamer

island dreamer . 4 days ago

Thank you for the video....I've learned alot to be able to scrutinize protein bars.

Bani Rahman

Bani Rahman . 2 weeks ago

After watching half of the video I came to the conclusion that it’s best not to eat any kind of protein bars from Cosco or any other grocery store.


TheObamiumChronicles . 3 weeks ago

Kirkland Bars taste AWFUL but they have a lot of protein


el_chino_778 . 3 weeks ago

Why not Clif bar?

Kathy Herman

Kathy Herman . 1 month ago


Dillon Mathew

Dillon Mathew . 2 months ago

You are the fucking embodiment of depression


printedtea . 2 months ago

Bruh the Kirkland protein bars are chalk. Ugh

Robert Bullock

Robert Bullock . 2 months ago

"KIND Bar is not a protein bar"...but on at least 1 other vid, you recommend keto-friendly online shopping at a place that sells KIND bars. Hmm...

Filthy McNasty

Filthy McNasty . 3 months ago

I've been watching a lot of these videos all day. I've learned that majority of the stuff viewed as garbage, I have in my kitchen. Back to the drawing board. Thanks for the video(s).

Maria Morrison

Maria Morrison . 3 months ago

***They changed the ingredients on the Kirkland bar*** 😵‍💫 it doesn’t look like good changes either

Warfighter- Rango

Warfighter- Rango . 3 months ago

Hey can you do the chewy protein bar

Allie Steinbock

Allie Steinbock . 3 months ago

Kirkland recently changes their ingredients. Is this bar still okay now?

The Jimmy

The Jimmy . 4 months ago

What's your thoughts on fairlife? I don't think Costco stocks this but I hear it's solid none the less

Thomas Whittington

Thomas Whittington . 4 months ago

Do people actually believe this freaking guy

sofia lizzy

sofia lizzy . 4 months ago

Kirkland now has soluble corn fiber.

Spider- Dad

Spider- Dad . 4 months ago

"Dont eat more than 1" currently on the second one 🙃

Bill Krajewski

Bill Krajewski . 4 months ago

NO COW bars!!!

New York City Vids

New York City Vids . 4 months ago

Let's learn.


SelfMadeTray . 5 months ago

Trust me go for fit crunch everything else taste like a chalk. The healthier bars are not worth it if your not gonna want to eat it.


jpman9 . 5 months ago

Soooo…the company you definitely don’t sponsor or get paid by gets the number 1 rating. Riiiight.


jules . 5 months ago

now we need a Sam's Club version 🥲


TheGracelove2 . 5 months ago

I’m so disappointed in Costco for adding a sweetener that can mess up your gut in their protein bars!! It just changed in the last 6 weeks the last time I bought their brand of bars!!

Donna Anderson

Donna Anderson . 5 months ago

Is a built bar any good?

Vincent M

Vincent M . 5 months ago

How are all these crappy foods even legal? If I was a dictator, they’d be illegal. But cigarettes would stay legal. Don’t ask, I’m a dictator.


CyroBlade . 5 months ago

talks about viruses in the middle of a darn pandemic.

Mark E.

Mark E. . 6 months ago

If you all haven't seen a documentary called..... It's worse than you think. . By revelations of Jesus Christ ministries.... I suggest you do..... all praise and glory to the most high Jesus Christ

Z Woodard

Z Woodard . 6 months ago

Can you do a review on the CLEAN protein bars? They are my favorite I've always thought they were good for me to!

This is Sparta Life

This is Sparta Life . 6 months ago

Thanks for this review. I was curious about those fit crunch bars. Won't be getting those things.

Tyrel Snider

Tyrel Snider . 6 months ago

Why is Erythritol better than sugar? I've always been told the opposite, and I've experienced much digestive discomfort with it.

Tad Biscuit

Tad Biscuit . 6 months ago

Im staying away from the Kirkland bars for a long long time they were too good and I felt kind of addicted and I was boated all the time I can only eat foods that I can eat a lot of

Coach Karter

Coach Karter . 6 months ago



krelbar . 6 months ago

Magic spoon ....7 oz of cereal for 10 bucks...whoopee.


IMRavnos . 6 months ago

ALERT - the Kirkland bars are fucked now, they made a new version and it is absolute TRASH. went from 3-5 net carbs depending on the flavor to 10-11 net carbs. They added corn fiber? FFS Even Kirkland is after that USA Corporate / Farmer WELFARE CHECK!! NEWSFLASH Corn = WELFARE.


JAY THAKKAR . 6 months ago

What is the healthier Costco alternative to Cliff bar for teens ?

Jennifer Vita

Jennifer Vita . 7 months ago

Can you please let me know if Built Bars are good or bad? On the verge of possibly ordering them online. Also, keto Think bars? Thanks in advance!

Ian Rush

Ian Rush . 7 months ago

Pure protein bars won't kill you, they've got a very high protein to calorie content.

bobowrath sovine

bobowrath sovine . 7 months ago

That Nature Valley stuff is full of Round Up weed killer just like anything with non organic corn or byproducts of corn. It gives my stomach the worst feeling for days

Evan B

Evan B . 7 months ago

We have the brownie and chocolate chip cookie dough Kirkland bars. The ingredients don’t even look remotely the same. This has soluble corn fiber and isomalto-oligosaccharides. Is that ok?

Jamie Pasco

Jamie Pasco . 7 months ago

Very informative video. Ordered the Kirkland bars and wanted to make sure I made a good choice. Thanks! :)

Karen Pham

Karen Pham . 7 months ago

I love that he cares abt the ingredients. It shows real concern for overall HEALTH and not just gains and macros which gets out of hand sometimes

Cumming Reviews

Cumming Reviews . 7 months ago

Thank you Thomas for such an educational video. I was eating the Larry Protein Cookie and it gave me such bad gas that I stopped. I do eat the RX bar and glad it is one you considered clean.

Dexter420 Rocko

Dexter420 Rocko . 7 months ago

Fuck that cereal in the beginning

Rowan5 Intheknow

Rowan5 Intheknow . 7 months ago

Are Built Bars out?

Ansar. Haddad

Ansar. Haddad . 7 months ago

The fact that all bars are highly processed no matter how much people sugar coated still causes bloating effect the companion of these things together omg like eating a whole 🐑!!

John Kraemer

John Kraemer . 8 months ago

Very good overview! Thank you! 😎👍🏻


RoundenBrown . 8 months ago

6:21 - *PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN, NAAWWUGGH!* Though I wouldn't get that cookie anyway, bad calorie to protein ratio. 220 kcal for only 8 measly grams.

Jonathan Beebe

Jonathan Beebe . 8 months ago

Go Macro was the only organic one I saw

Dixie Walker

Dixie Walker . 8 months ago

Kirkland protein bar has changed their recipe. Now it has 10 net carbs ☹️


ewnyMetroExpress . 8 months ago

This is great! Do you know the chocolates they use are real (with caffeine) or artificial? Otherwise, Kirkland and Ratio are the ideal bars?

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