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Poppy Playtime Hug Me Let Me Squeeze Till You Go Bye Bye Forever


Published on 2 weeks ago

Poppy Playtime is a horror game where you enter a toy factory to encounter friendly toys that want to give you a hug. Video has Chapter 1 A Tight Squeeze

Game Info: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1721470/Poppy_Playtime/


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Comments :


ManlyBadassHero . 2 weeks ago

Welcome to the I'll Give A Hug To Only The Lucky Few Comments Club, how I'll Give A Hug To Only The Lucky Few Comments are ya?


mariotaz . 44 minutes ago

This was actually pretty good.

Lulu NomNom

Lulu NomNom . 4 hours ago

Commercial man: just 2.99 a person to see the most magical factory on earth! Me: *gets out holy water and cross* Not TODAY!


ICan'tSeemToFigureOutHowToSignInAtTheMoment . 6 hours ago

Hey Manly, i'd do this myself but i am way too poor to buy poppy playtime, remember the the door with the red and blue handprints from before? 8:29 ever try going back to try to open the door perhaps... ? i also have only given you this idea because your my favourite youtuber when it comes to these kinds of games

Yosafat Theo

Yosafat Theo . 7 hours ago

Did he just grab Huggy Wuggy in the nuts?


stickzonegaming . 9 hours ago

Anybody else noticed at 21:13 how the machine is just staring the player down it’s ultra creepy

RK Malone

RK Malone . 10 hours ago

Greatly looking forward to more!

ᐛ Brick!! St1ck ᐛ

ᐛ Brick!! St1ck ᐛ . 13 hours ago

Its 7:38 im up and awake

come into my van

come into my van . 15 hours ago

anyone noticed that Manly is at almost 1mil subs?

Jacob David Cunningham

Jacob David Cunningham . 22 hours ago

21:16 heh I member


TheWilderCat . 23 hours ago

Is it just me or does the song in the background sound like Everywhere at the End of Time?


TheWilderCat . 23 hours ago

Huge props to the animators, this thing is nice. I especially love Huggy's ragdoll physics, the way his limbs scrunch in the vents is very weird and real feeling.

the littletoaster

the littletoaster . 24 hours ago

That was terrifying.. and you didn't die once, nice.

game god

game god . 1 day ago

21:01 i just noticed that the eyes of the machine follow you

Zulu Cruz

Zulu Cruz . 1 day ago

10:34 “hey wait a minute…ehm that’s okay.” Casually move on after the blue giant flurry monster disappearead


Lixuriozz . 1 day ago

hello, i really love your videos! And you are good with humor :d Keep it you.

kayline noble

kayline noble . 1 day ago

That's weird, when I played the game, the lights flickered and went out after I opened poppy's case 🤔 anyone else?


연희yeonheeyy . 1 day ago

14:02 I see Huggy 👀

Gwen S

Gwen S . 1 day ago

manly: I thought it was time to die. me: oh right manly's still here.


ind3cisiv3_dis0rd3rs . 1 day ago

Manly just having a genuinely great time playing with the hands and ignoring the fact that huggy wuggy disappeared

Andreas Smed

Andreas Smed . 1 day ago

10:29 Can’t figure out if he legitimately missed the missing Huggy Wuggy the first time or if it was part of his “oblivious to the obvious danger” that he did after supposedly discovering that Huggy was missing…

💫 n o m i

💫 n o m i . 2 days ago

I feel so bad for the kids of this generation. 💀 We grew up scared that Freddy Fazbear would be in our hallway. IMAGINE SEEING HUGGY WUGGY CHASE YOU AS A KID.

Achmad Herlambang

Achmad Herlambang . 2 days ago

I'm really scared when Manly stop for a sec and look back


Equavox_ . 2 days ago

Anyone wonder what happens if you go back after you get the other hand to open the door in the beginning that you needed two hands to open?


crunchy . 2 days ago

this is amazing

Heath Wiggins

Heath Wiggins . 2 days ago

OMG the game glitched lol the light was meant to go out so you would see her anymore that’s so funny

Maddie Femmerson

Maddie Femmerson . 2 days ago

Finally someone I've watched touches the button. I was so curious about what it does.


Maxine . 2 days ago

Maybe huggy was a worker

No Count

No Count . 2 days ago

Why you would ever go into an abandoned doll factory without a weapon- or 5, is beyond me.

Murray Short

Murray Short . 2 days ago

Hey dude great video but what was through the double handed door back where huggy wuggy was a statue? if you can get through that that is


Lonewolf22493 . 2 days ago

I think this is the first time I heard you startled. Especially when you turned back to huggy in the vents and saw he was chasing you.

Joniah Demarco

Joniah Demarco . 2 days ago

Everything about that blue monstrosity is "NO!"


C . 2 days ago

Why would you open the Annabelle doll case?

FarFetched Farade

FarFetched Farade . 2 days ago

I’m not going to lie that was probably one of the most intense chase scenes I have ever seen. The vent is so disorienting and claustrophobic and the enemy is so menacing… love it.

Jamil Belly

Jamil Belly . 2 days ago

14:02 Pauze the vid and look to the left


Mewkyo . 2 days ago

This game already got my love

peacock on a porch

peacock on a porch . 2 days ago

Ah yes the newest toy from doctor wondertainment

Jonathon Khan

Jonathon Khan . 2 days ago



Tessler . 2 days ago

Big as statue disappeared. Manly: Wait a minute... eh, it's okay Got me laughing

michaly baze

michaly baze . 2 days ago

huggy is at 13:58 and 10:40

Last Aether

Last Aether . 3 days ago

It’s like a combination of fnaf and bendy with better graphics and compelling story


Marusera! . 3 days ago



L . 3 days ago

14:02 If you look closely you can see huggy peeping out the vent. Creepy

ComeAtMeBro 654

ComeAtMeBro 654 . 3 days ago

At 14:03 you can see Huggy looking at the player before you close the gate in him after adding the blue block

Tellius Wayfarer

Tellius Wayfarer . 3 days ago

Anytime I hear the theme music from the beginning of the game and from the little tutorial to use the arm extensions, I can't help thinking the music is familiar? I think it's from that one dementia/Alzheimer's album in the later stages. I think it's "Everywhere at the End of Time", maybe somewhere in stage 5. I don't remember exactly (ha), but the brass instruments have a distinct sound to them. Pretty sure I heard it in another game Manly recently played too. Anywho, the animation from Huggy's walk cycle through the vents is great. I keep coming back to this video because of how impressive and eerie it is.

WAFFLES the art toad

WAFFLES the art toad . 3 days ago

I’m not one to jump at jumpscares. But that vent scene actually got me to jump.


Zeth . 3 days ago

I wonder if there’s easter egg, like when you get both hands instead of going to the toy making room, you go back to where mr huggy was first seen, bc there’s a door that has requires both hands to open it in that room


Dawn . 3 days ago

when he comes in the vent i got dizzy from fear dude i felt like i was about to pass out i got so spooked


Iza . 3 days ago

You /absolutely/ cannot word the Title like this you are wilding 😂😂😂😂😂


latina_fangirl . 3 days ago

You got a glitched ending, nice! It's even creepier just staring at Poopy until she talks lol

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