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Shawn Mendes It'll Be Okay


Published on 2 weeks ago

Listen to “It’ll Be Okay” Now: https://itllbeokay.lnk.to/outnow

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Music video by Shawn Mendes performing It'll Be Okay. © 2022 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Comments :

zijuiy wttuy

zijuiy wttuy . 19 minutes ago

let it go in a healthy way

Eloah Amorim

Eloah Amorim . 22 minutes ago

Podemos ver a dor que ele está sentindo em sua voz,mas mesmo assim ele nos entrega algo magnífico


SUZUKI BHASKAR . 28 minutes ago



Hendry89 . 33 minutes ago

come on shawn...

Danilo Diaz Zafiro

Danilo Diaz Zafiro . 45 minutes ago

from day 1 i love this guy so much❤

Emine sudem Çelik

Emine sudem Çelik . 49 minutes ago

"It'l be okay"😭

Prachi Gupta

Prachi Gupta . 55 minutes ago

Damn K POP really took over me...English songs are the best, yk the emotions they hold..ENGLISH SONGS ARE DOPE..The pain his voice holds here is just heart touching, I cam here to cleanse my soul🙏

Юля — Julie Аронова — Aron

Юля — Julie Аронова — Aron . 57 minutes ago

Only 1:20 I'm suddenly crying. Wow. It's powerful and beautiful.

hagger courttain

hagger courttain . 58 minutes ago

I really cried hearing the song amazing lyrics!!


Kamronbek . 1 hour ago

Who from Asia?


penguyang . 1 hour ago

ne ağladın be


Parvin . 1 hour ago

Literally Amazing 👌👍🏻🔥

Aashi Jesani

Aashi Jesani . 2 hours ago

What a beautiful song <3

Oscar Perez

Oscar Perez . 2 hours ago

Poor Shawny.


mbbaduttt . 2 hours ago

this song really touches my heart T-T thank you Shawn for creating such a beautiful song<3

Андрей Котов

Андрей Котов . 2 hours ago

Oh, no. Now I have to listen a bit Rammstein to forget this

Iron man

Iron man . 2 hours ago

10 lines in whole song and that was it to be this

Lily Iglesias ツ

Lily Iglesias ツ . 2 hours ago

Omg this song is so 💔😭

Lyrical Productions

Lyrical Productions . 2 hours ago

https://youtu.be/ALH2eXRz7TQ This one never gets old ❤️‍🔥


Ammar . 2 hours ago

Opposite song of abcdfu

Tarang Sarawgi

Tarang Sarawgi . 2 hours ago



MoonDogg . 3 hours ago


marco van de Bovenkamp

marco van de Bovenkamp . 3 hours ago

Best song ever !!!!

Natacha Pastor

Natacha Pastor . 3 hours ago


Top Star

Top Star . 3 hours ago

it's so beautiful. Love u so much Shawn


tahira . 3 hours ago

what a sweet and mature song. this is a much needed take on human relationships.

Milkyway Whatsapp Status

Milkyway Whatsapp Status . 4 hours ago


Jones Patrishia

Jones Patrishia . 4 hours ago

This songs tells that if we lose our favourite person how we will feel

Vishal Pandey

Vishal Pandey . 4 hours ago


Sumana Chakraborty

Sumana Chakraborty . 4 hours ago



Ali . 4 hours ago

Something about him changed. It seems like he isn't capable of making hits anymore.

Umar Bekmurodov

Umar Bekmurodov . 4 hours ago

chichvorpszu brat


白熊 . 5 hours ago

It'll be ok for sure, but hate is a must-go-through phase for me, especially for the early stage of the breakup, because I loved that woman so damn bad before. Probably is because I only went through 2 relationships and each lasted years. I'll be alright but it really takes time.

Madiha Nemer

Madiha Nemer . 5 hours ago

😍😍😍 i like this song

Heidi Jean Bumanglag

Heidi Jean Bumanglag . 5 hours ago

“I will love you either way” 😭

Shivendra Verma

Shivendra Verma . 5 hours ago

Like me to appreciate cinematography

Maureen Leinen

Maureen Leinen . 5 hours ago



Crizzle . 5 hours ago



Advait . 5 hours ago

he will recover soon and do his best

love love

love love . 6 hours ago

This is so beautiful. Im crying!


A CULPA É DO AL3ATÓRIO! . 6 hours ago

Shaw não erra nunca vei 🥺🥺

Shania Dirstein

Shania Dirstein . 6 hours ago

Was this filmed in Toronto?

E Will

E Will . 6 hours ago

Every once in a while a song like this comes along yet never often enough. Getting pretty close to 16 million plays since the 13th. If I could make it so it would be more like 160 million plays. If I did not understand a word of English the music and the sound of his voice would still make me appreciate this as the classic it is.

Layla Bonham

Layla Bonham . 6 hours ago

Ok this man is a legend!

Filjohn Medina Bagay

Filjohn Medina Bagay . 6 hours ago

I hope Tiktok don't ruined this song


Dass-mi . 6 hours ago

Yeah.....It will be okay.....it has to be okay .... coz there is no other way than being okay ❤❤❤

Rawzatun Romman Purnota

Rawzatun Romman Purnota . 6 hours ago

This is on my repeat now. The lyrics, the music, the choreography everything's perfect. I can feel his pain through every word he sings.

Lupita Jaeger

Lupita Jaeger . 6 hours ago

Same Shawn. I don't have a good days, but your songs save me in the days more blue. I love you so much guy. Rlly, rlly, YOU SAVE MEEEE LOVE!!

Earth Suit

Earth Suit . 7 hours ago

Beautiful soulful and kind man. Make more men like this please. Cant quite get why she let him go though, he is clearly a keeper.

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