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Indian low carb diet plan for weight loss. Low carb meals with indian menu. Low carb food menu for weight loss. sample diet plan This diet plan is effective a keto diet plan but very easy to follow.

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This video talks about :
1:45 - List of foods allowed in a low carb diet plan for weight loss.
- reference link -
3:49 - List of foods to avoid in Low carb diet plan for weight loss.
4:34 - Health benefits of a low carb diet plan for weight loss
5:56 - Side effects of following a low carb diet plan for weight loss.
6:10 - Who should not follow a low carb diet plan for weight loss
- weight loss for school students -
- Weight loss during Lactation -
6:40 - Low carb diet plan for weight loss.
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►P.S - This is not a keto diet plan . If you wish to see a keto plan, check this link -
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Veg Keto -
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dietburrp . 1 year ago

►Buy our Indian Low carb diet plan Ebook ( 30 days detailed diet chart)- ►For personal diet consultation mail us - [email protected]

prasanna ch

prasanna ch . 3 days ago

Hi Can u tell me what is the difference between low carb diet and ketogenic diet Both are same or different can u please explain me


Techh . 2 weeks ago

I burn 1000 plus calories should I try this diet plan?


maheshvasanth . 3 weeks ago

Useless wasted my time watching

Suvarna Chavan

Suvarna Chavan . 2 months ago

If I suffering of constipation problem beetwin this diet plan pls suggest solutions

Monalika's Beauty Tint

Monalika's Beauty Tint . 2 months ago

Can I follow this diet chart as my post keto diet??? Please reply....


:) . 2 months ago

Can i take boil brown rice on this low carb diet everyday? Please reply?

Debangana Sarkar

Debangana Sarkar . 2 months ago

And mam how to prepare lemon and mint water?

Debangana Sarkar

Debangana Sarkar . 2 months ago

Mam problem is I cant digest milk..I am a sufferer of lactose intolerance.. nor can i digest citrus in the night.. So after dinner what should i take?


Nothing . 2 months ago

Hellow mam Mai gym jata hu or mera weight gain nhi ho rha hai mai abhi 53 kg ka hu Or mera goal 61 kg Mai daily kitna calorie skta hu or per week kitna result milega

Madhu Madhulatha

Madhu Madhulatha . 2 months ago

Barley glycemic index or buckwheat index

Ayesha Saad

Ayesha Saad . 2 months ago

Good way of explaining 😊


UZMA MEMON . 3 months ago

I am lactating mother. My baby is 1.5 years old. Can I follow this diet.

sananaaz ansari

sananaaz ansari . 3 months ago

mam pcos peation followe kar sakte hai yeh diet.

Ammaar khan

Ammaar khan . 4 months ago

Thanks alot👍

kelakeli Usha Rani

kelakeli Usha Rani . 4 months ago

Mam my weight stuck from 6 months m following diet work outs but nothing improved not losdin any weight... please suggest me any advice


C G . 4 months ago

English version only please

Sathish KUMAR

Sathish KUMAR . 4 months ago

Will kidney survive 30 days??

Baljit Singh

Baljit Singh . 5 months ago

Very nice information 🙏

Twinkle Doshi

Twinkle Doshi . 5 months ago

Can you enlighten us how are percentage or cal count of low carbs.? Min how much gms of carbs are in favour of weight loss for person weighing between 60 to 70 kg for weight loss.

Divya Chaturvedi

Divya Chaturvedi . 5 months ago

I have purchased your e book but from where to access it

Hemantee Pare

Hemantee Pare . 5 months ago

Me ye diet aj se start karungi

Shahnawaz Khan

Shahnawaz Khan . 5 months ago

Practical diet plan with entire day either spent on cooking or eating


IBA K . 5 months ago

I am on my LC diet for the past 3 days.. I am having head ache... what should I do?


Arihant . 5 months ago

You sure tht with exact diet and workout i can lose upto 6-8 kgs in a month ?

sahil choudhary

sahil choudhary . 5 months ago

One should keep track of ones daily calories intake too. You should not go too low on calories, too early into the plan.


abm . 5 months ago

Can we loose weight following this even one has thyroid and low estrogen level

Preet Saini

Preet Saini . 5 months ago

Very good,pcod patients ke liye deit plan btaye

V sp Riiya

V sp Riiya . 6 months ago

Hi... Mam Can we add morning and evening a cup of tea or coffee with low sugar. Please reply mam.

V sp Riiya

V sp Riiya . 6 months ago

I know little hindi... I like all your diet plan bcoz its all made with all simple available food items and practically feasible for long run. And it's result oriented as it suggest by a dietician esp Indian diet expert. I have doubt in dinner... Could any one Pls translate and type in comments section..... Thank you Payal mam.... Hats🎩 off work. Am going follow this low carbs and let you know all guyz.... 🙏

B2K ツÃdarsh

B2K ツÃdarsh . 6 months ago

Roti nhi hate ga ghar se bhar nikal diya jye ga hmko

Rakshith Ganesh

Rakshith Ganesh . 6 months ago

Ma'am I weigh 120kg and I'm 19 years old, can I follow keto diet??

English tutorial in bengali

English tutorial in bengali . 6 months ago

I have been beginning to follow this diet plan since yesterday. I am avoiding sugar but I am taking stevia. Is it ok to take stevia in this diet plan?


K T . 6 months ago

After looking into the options, i am really impressed with your knowledge. I have done Keto previously. Now what to move to low carb. After watching your video made a diet plan for me with mix and match. 11:00 AM - Chia seed drink + Mint leaf 11:30 AM - 2 eggs full + 1 egg white omelet with little onions and tomatoes as i hate capsicums in tomatoes 12: 00 PM - 1 Teaspoon (Flex and sunflower seeds) + 1 piece dark chocolate 90% cocoa + Almond milk coffee. 12:30 - Buttermilk with 50 grams curd + 4 Strawberry only 12:30 - 3:00 PM - Green tea 3:00 - 200 grams cauliflower rice with + 200 chicken curry made with 2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil. ( Meal prep make 1 kgs chicken in 2 tablespoon oil with 2 onions, 3 tomatoes, ginger garlic and regular masala) The eating window closed: 20:4 / 19:5 intermittent fasting At 7:30 PM walking 10000 thousand steps every day. I hope it will gonna help. I Will update my result after a month

deep patel

deep patel . 6 months ago

Very nice explanation and good ideas for LC diet.

Preeti Gore

Preeti Gore . 6 months ago

My weight is around 100kgs please guide me for weight loss mam.

jyotsnarani mishra

jyotsnarani mishra . 6 months ago

Ye diet kitne callorie ka he.Agar hum required callorie se kam khaen to harmful nahin hoga kya


arekh999 . 6 months ago

Many doctors and dieticians are recommending to avoid milk and dairy products...what is your opinion on that....thank you for the informative video

Vaishali Kulkarni

Vaishali Kulkarni . 6 months ago

Hi Payal I liked your video, you are doing really avery informative and kind work. I need to loose 20 kg and I am 50 teal old with no health issues. Shall I follow LC diet?

Avtar Singh

Avtar Singh . 6 months ago

Did anyone lost weight yet?

Deepanshu Mahajan

Deepanshu Mahajan . 6 months ago

Mam hello ek diet bna do jise weight loss ho par usme Hume fat bhi mile protein bhi and carbohydrates. And humra weight bhi kaam ho jaye.


ARSHAD AHMED KHAN . 6 months ago

Wah itna Sara Khana in a diet plan .... this is one of best diet plan . You mean to say we need to eat every 2-3 hours to reduce weight , what do you know about intermittent fasting & KETO DIET plan ?

sai kale

sai kale . 6 months ago

Ye diet teen follow kar Sakta ha kya 15 year girl

vijay munishwar

vijay munishwar . 6 months ago


Priyanaa Arora

Priyanaa Arora . 7 months ago

Plz reply to this Moong dal chilla kitna khana chahiye 1 or 2


SandeepSRSR . 7 months ago

0.7 for Indians 😂

moon b

moon b . 7 months ago

Can I take cornflakes during low carb diet


HARRY . 7 months ago

Hlo Mam i am 19years old college going girl..mam plz tell diet for losing side fat(love handles) i am very confuse about diet plan that which diet plan i should follow...plz help me mam...


Nameissuhas . 7 months ago

Awesome loved this video !

Satish Nafdey

Satish Nafdey . 7 months ago

Nicely discribed diet plan to hv low wt.

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