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20 Foods That Have Almost 0 Calories
Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts

Published on 7 months ago

Here are 20 of the BEST WEIGHT LOSS FOODS! These foods will help you get rid of that belly fat and get shredded. Fat-burning foods help you create tasty weight loss-friendly meals for a low amount of calories. Find out exactly what foods to eat for cutting and losing weight.

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Dieting so that you can burn fat from stubborn areas like your belly, love handles, and hips can be really challenging because cutting your calories can easily leave you feeling deprived, hungry, and miserable. But the good news is that there are foods that taste great and can help fill you up for almost 0 calories. So today I want to go over 20 of the best foods that fall under this category.

Starting first with Shirataki noodles. These are actually also referred to as konjac noodles or miracle noodles. And they're called Miracle noodles for a reason. These noodles are unique because they are very filling yet very low in calories. Just an eight-ounce serving contains only about 20 calories. Meanwhile, the same amount of regular pasta could cost you as much as 300 calories. On top of the fact that shirataki noodles are low in calories, the calories come in the form of insoluble fiber. When you eat insoluble fiber you end up taking in fewer calories in the form of carbs compared to other forms of carbohydrates like soluble fiber and starches. This is because this type of fiber doesn't get absorbed entirely. To be exact you'll only absorb about 1.5 calories per gram of insoluble fiber compared to the four grams that you would absorb if you were eating a regular carbohydrate full of starches or sugar instead. So, this means that for an eight-ounce serving of shirataki noodles, you'll effectively only end up with a net intake of 7.5 calories, making these noodles one of the best carbohydrates for burning fat and one of the best weight loss foods in general.
Another carbohydrate that's similar is slim rice, and it can be used as an alternative to shirataki noodles. It only contains about 7 to 9 calories for every 100-gram serving. To put that into perspective, the same amount of brown rice would cost you a little over 110 calories. Slim rice is also gluten-free and made from non-GMO konjac flour. This is the same ingredient that's used in shirataki noodles. But you can eat it in rice form instead, which might be more suitable for certain meals. And the good news is that the texture and consistency of the product is similar to regular rice. Now, since many of the foods. Now since most veggies are also very low in calories, it might not be a bad idea to try steaming some vegetables and serving them along with slim rice for an almost calorie-free meal. You should know that there are also many claims about konjac root having appetite-suppressing effects. Unfortunately, more studies are needed to confirm this, but if it does help suppress appetite on top of being really low in calories, then it could really help with fat loss even more, especially if you find yourself hungry throughout the day. 

Next, we have the cucumber. Cucumbers are very low in calories and very high in water content which helps fill you up. 97 percent of a cucumber is made up of water and a 100 gram serving of cucumber contains only 15 calories. which makes it easy to add cucumber to your diet without bumping up your caloric intake by much. On top of that, research indicates that cucumbers may help reduce and control blood sugar levels, which can help reduce hunger cravings caused by irregular blood sugar levels. (4) For weight loss purposes you should eat the cucumber unpeeled because it'll increase the amount of fiber, helping you feel fuller, and the skin contains much of the vitamins and minerals. 

Another very low-calorie food happens to be sugar-free jello. This tasty snack contains only 5 to 10 calories and can help you satisfy your sweet tooth without skyrocketing your caloric intake. Aside from the low amount of calories it contains gelatin which has been shown to help reduce appetite and increase the feelings of fullness. (4.5) There are also brands that contain no preservatives, and if you buy the Jell-O pouches you can easily take them on the go with you. 

Next, we have Zucchini, and not only is zucchini mostly made up of water but it can be used to replace one of the highest calorie carbs... pasta. All you need is a spiralizer and you can very easily crank out some zucchini noodles. These noodles can be used in many delicious low-calorie meals. One simple option for example is to cook them, add salsa, and a little bit of parmesan cheese. And there are plenty of other low-calorie options like pesto zucchini pasta, that will blow your mind. Zucchini contains only 17 calories per 100 grams, meanwhile, the same amount of pasta contains 131 calories, and it's much less filling. On top of all of that, just like a cucumber...

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Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts . 7 months ago

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Shirataki noodles taste very bland!

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Jhoni Danes . 4 days ago

Hey great video. Just a thought I had. Idk if you use the same meter in other videos, but it’s a bit misleading because when you say something negative about a food the meter goes to green and when you say good things it goes to red. But excellent job this helped me out a lot

Lotta T

Lotta T . 4 days ago

No, studies show that artificial sugar spikes insuline and inflammation in the body, which has been linked to many diseases. The sweet taste makes you crave sugar and there is more carbs in products with sweeteners. The focus on calories is also not interesting since very few can loose weight through calory counting. Keto works! More fat, few carbs. I have lost 16 kg so far. I eat no sugar, no sweetener, no processed food and no flour, rice, potatoes, pasta.


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Pickles have zero calories

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Artificial sweeteners are very bad for you…I would skip the gum and diet drinks


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How do you consume your rice? Shirataki rice tastes nothing like rice and it definitely does not have the same texture, but your eyes can con you I guess if you stick a pile of stuff on top of it that is flavorful.

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I’ve been incorporating the mentioned food in the video for the last few month and have helped me lost over 30 lbs!

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How we can replace bread

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Thanks for all these infos but i would like to suggest you inform much more about medicine branch too about of those things too

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Im not discussing about calories . Dieting is not at all about calorie deficit. Try to increase wellness better. Secondly, calorie intake specialized with tests and daily routine. About hormones and using medicines too, is survivally important.

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We must be cared with reflux and gastrit too cause of raw food and which is rich in sulphur.

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Erol Emmioglu . 4 weeks ago

Chewing gum causes to diareh if you chew so much.

Erol Emmioglu

Erol Emmioglu . 4 weeks ago

Pickles have the risk of increasing high blood tansion or about thyriods problems cause of excess sodium intake.

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LOVE this video and love your beard. I stayed engaged AND filled my online grocery cart. I don’t mind the way that you pronounced water.


Tk . 4 weeks ago

Beware the noodles taste like crap. Add a lil spaghetti sauce and you might be able to choke them down but you WONT be enjoying your meal. But you will loose weight. They are NOT NOODLES SO DONT THINK THEY WILL TASTE ANYTHING LIKE THEM.


unknown_4n8 . 4 weeks ago

Yeah so watermelon is fruit when it is actually vegetable BUT tomato is apparently fruit when it actually is vegetable ? No hate . But overall very educating video. Thanks !


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Be careful with chewing gum. It activates your saliva gland and you won’t feel as thirsty and not drink as much which can make you dehydrated which will cause low blood pressure and constipation.

James Makar

James Makar . 4 weeks ago

One of my main problems is the average serving size. If you look at items with low caloric values, its easy to notice the serving size on many are absurd. Its like talking about almonds (made up example) being a superfood thats high in nutrients and low in caloric value but the serving size is 6 almonds. Serious.....who eats 6 almonds? Bust my butt all day at work and get home starving but not to worry.....I got those 6 almonds just waiting for me lol. A real example that he did mention is the salad dressing. He does start to toss out the warnings about serving size with that one. We will leave the size 0's out of this conversation and focus on us hungry working guys. If I make a salad and use the suggested serving size of salad dressing......I might as well be eating it raw. Love the video, love the information, but would love to expand more about realistic serving sizes on a day to day basis. Just because something doesnt have calories, doesnt mean a normal person will eat less. I made spaghetti squash noodles, homemade low cal/sugar spaghetti sauce and used lean ground turkey. The caloric value was absurdly low and i could eat a huge plate. Problem was that even after eating a huge plate, I was still hungry and found myself making another plate 30-60 min later.

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