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12 Quick Weight Loss Tips, Quick Ways To Lose Weight


Published on 6 years ago


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To lose weight easily and successfully, proper eating habits and few exercises are important. Here are some quick weight loss tips to get you started.

1.Keep track of your choices. Write down what you're eating and when. Being mindful is so powerful.

2.Manage emotional eating. Ask yourself: "Am I really hungry? Or am I eating for a reason like stress or anger?" Learn how to replace emotional eating behaviors with other activities like walking or taking a hot bath.

3.Do not skip breakfast The study shows that those that eat breakfast in the morning, found more success in losing weight. Having breakfast in the morning keep us more energetic for the whole day.

4.No sugar products Avoid eating more sweets or sugar products. It will lead to increase your weight. Occasionally it is fine to have sweets.

5.Eat water filled fruits Watermelon, salad or soups help you to feel more satisfied on few calories. So you can start your meal with those water filled fruits to eat less of your main course.

6.Exercises Regularly go for fast walking or jogging for at least 30 minutes in the morning or evening. 30 minutes walking or jogging will burn your calories and body fat. It is very easy and simple exercise which can be done regularly.

7.Drink Water: Your body needs water to work at peak efficiency. Water not only flushes toxins from your body, it is also essential for fat burning! In addition, you’ll retain more water when you’re not giving your body enough.

8.Eat more foods rich in fiber Eating foods rich in fiber helps to lose weight. Research shows that those increased intake of fiber food found losing weight. Increase intake of green vegetables, fruits, grains and beans, which are rich in fiber. It will help you to feel more satisfied in few calories and prevent you to eat more. Avoid bread, pasta, fried foods, white rice, sandwiches and dairy products.

9.Keep a food diary - A food dairy will help you to see where you are eating wrong and see the places that may make you put on weight. Most people underestimate the number of calories they are eating.

10. Eat smaller portions more often - Smaller portions of food eaten more often will boost your metabolism while also ensuring that you are fuller for longer.

11.Enjoy your food It is important that you enjoy your food and that your senses are stimulated and aroused when you eat. Try out the foods with different textures, colors, flavors and aromas so that it stimulates your senses and satiates your hunger. By this you can cut on your cravings and eat healthy.

12. Stay motivated Reaching your weight loss goals is made a lot easier if you stay motivated on a regular basis. For example, read some inspiring books, watch YouTube videos, and look at pictures of people who have the kind of body you want to achieve.

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Mereeshaa . 1 day ago

I weigh 71 kg .. my highest . I want lose it to 55 kg .. I will try my best to lose it and I hope I actually do it rather than stop in the middle ..0

Sneha Singh

Sneha Singh . 2 days ago

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Irmak Temel

Irmak Temel . 7 days ago

I am currently 65kg and I want to be down to 55kg. I made a few changes but I am not sure it is enough for me to lose weight so I tell you what I ate today and I would like you to evaluate is it good enough 6.30 a middle sized green apple (95 cal) 8.40 30g blended oats and two squares of choco :) with 200ml milk (291 cal) 12.20 traditional food called "çiğköfte" with lettuce and "ayran" (320 cal) 18.00 small chocolate mocha (75 cal) 19.20 three forks (rolled) of whole wheat spagetti with mashed avocado and light tuna (330 cal) Btw I walk 8-10k steps a day and I started working out about 30-40min a day for 5 days a week Note: I am not sure how much grams of çiğköfte and spaghetti I ate so those are based on approximation to give you a rough idea

Sarika Sahoo

Sarika Sahoo . 2 weeks ago

Can you tell me what software you’ve used to create this video


ThatOneLonelyChild🧸 . 2 weeks ago

Looking like Annabeth Chase and Luke Castellan helping me lose weight

jyothy jayaprakash

jyothy jayaprakash . 1 month ago

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Sanju Reddy

Sanju Reddy . 2 months ago

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Emily E

Emily E . 2 months ago

Why reduce sandwiches? I eat lean meat on whole wheat bread every day for lunch, and never gained weight.. I eat white rice too, never gained weight from that.., whatever

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Terrell Gardner

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California Karen789

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Nothing new here. Just things we already know.

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