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How Marc Reverses Type 2 Diabetes On A Low Carb Diet
Diet Doctor

Diet Doctor

Published on 2 years ago

After living somewhat of a high-carb life and then living in France for a few years enjoying croissants and freshly baked baguettes, Marc was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. His nurse told him that it wouldn't be long until he would be put on insulin, not only Metformin. That was a real scare for him and he started googling for other ways to manage his disease. He found a low-carb keto diet and gave it a go.

A few months later, he met his nurse again and she was surprised by how well he was doing, she said the Metformin was really working. Little did she know he had stopped taking the Metformin three weeks earlier.

Watch the video above for the full story. Transcript and many more videos here: https://www.dietdoctor.com/videos

Comments :

Charlie Chocolate

Charlie Chocolate . 1 week ago

Hi Doctor do we have to do carb cycling if we are fat adapted???

Sexy Lato

Sexy Lato . 3 months ago

Are you still looking for a cure for Diabetes then I’m telling you to contact Dr IGUDIA on YouTube. He have a total cure for it.

Aaron Lina

Aaron Lina . 3 months ago

Do you people still believe there’s no cure for diabetes disease? Contact Dr IGUDIA on YouTube and thank me later. He cured my diabetes disease his herbal medicine.

Anthony Gibson

Anthony Gibson . 4 months ago

Thanks!! I'm 57, just got my labs back and have high A1C. I got back in the gym, but I know exactly what to do with my diet now thanks to you.

Kathy Rama

Kathy Rama . 5 months ago

Thanks for sharing your story. Well done

Michelle Espino

Michelle Espino . 6 months ago

I can see that this man truly loves croissants 🥐 because he pronounced it correctly. Loved the story about the nurse.

shivi p

shivi p . 6 months ago

But Cyrus and Robby of 'mattering diabetes say high carb diet is the key to diabetes management.. Carb here being vegetables and fruits

hillbilly beer dranker

hillbilly beer dranker . 7 months ago

You can keep your sugar and insulin levels low with low carb, but you can also keep it low by taking vanadium and chromium everyday. I can eat carbs and my glucose stays low as long as I'm taking vanadium and chromium. I actually take a supplement named, kal blood sugar defense, which contains both of these trace minerals and other things to keep blood sugars down. T2 diabetes is caused by a deficiency in vanadium and chromium. In the early 1900's before they had insulin, doctors used to use these two minerals to treat T2 diabetes. Insulin is a billion dollar industry today, so you won't find any doctors recommending vanadium and chromium. They aren't trained in med school to treat anything unless big pharma can make a buck.


TheOtherWay . 9 months ago

The mindfulness book "30 Days to Overcome Sugar Addiction" by Harper Daniels is a good resource.

Weight Loss Results Coach

Weight Loss Results Coach . 1 year ago

What a wonderful advocate for the keto lifestyle, well done.

Dead Bones Brook

Dead Bones Brook . 1 year ago

What about low blood sugar seizures?

Jackson Mcntyre

Jackson Mcntyre . 1 year ago

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David glendy

David glendy . 1 year ago

Low carb is life changing for me .Sugar and wheat is of the devil

J. Hon

J. Hon . 1 year ago

Once more thing my doctors NEVER told me, is that metformin causes vitamin b and folic acid deficiency is many users. If you take metformin, you need a high vitamin b diet or take supplements. eat high protein low carb diet can make vitamin b deficiency even worse.

J. Hon

J. Hon . 1 year ago

I have been on metformin for 15 years, I am 56. The metformin does not seem to work anymore. I have been (trying) to stay on low carbs since jan. 2020. I have lost 15 pounds this year. But, my blood sugar is still very high and neuropathy in jy hands and feet has gotten worse since i went low carb. Cant understand this, other than my liver seems to generate tons of sugar when my blood sugar drops.


SiSenor . 1 year ago

So, it's low carb. There needs to be more of an explanation of "low carb" because fresh fruits and vegetables are carbs. I think low carb means removing starchy carbs from the diet. Breads, pastas or any refined grain products. Correct?


Ytt2 . 1 year ago

Very smart man!!

Urmila Agrawal

Urmila Agrawal . 1 year ago

How much carbs we should eat to reverse type 2 diabetes


Garland . 2 years ago

You can bet his life he was eating a lot of fat. That's what causes insulin resistance. Not sugar by itself. Croissants are more than half fat.

David Barry

David Barry . 2 years ago

Same with me dietitian says will be on insulin in ten years, three years later, my readings are perfectly normal, no meds, just diet, my doc said just test yourself once a month, but still test often,.

Md Mainul hassan dhiman

Md Mainul hassan dhiman . 2 years ago

I eat rice two meals.My eating window 6hours.I do also dry fasting and Water fasting every day. I reverse my diabetes. Take every thing without sugar and process food.Dry fasting is miracle.

Henedine Belir

Henedine Belir . 2 years ago

Im into low carbs to no carbs at all my sugar is 84, lots of vegetables and fruits except fruits that are sweet, cauliflower rice and whole grains wheat bread.

Billy Edwards

Billy Edwards . 2 years ago

When you have lost weight, can u go back to a normal carb diet

Trainer 💪

Trainer 💪 . 2 years ago

Borderline type2 diabetes too much carbs told my doctor i will cut down on bread pasta rice potatoes because I do lose weight slowly

OC Guy

OC Guy . 2 years ago

What’s a good meal plan to reverse type 2?

Colm Malone

Colm Malone . 2 years ago

Love this video, it's so inspiring :)

Speedy Fly Girl

Speedy Fly Girl . 2 years ago

My problem is sourdough bread haven't had it for months and months now. 😢but there comes a time when you have to realize the thing you love is not good for you ☹️

Walter B.

Walter B. . 2 years ago

He said ‘I like baguettes and croissants’ but (@1:06) he adds: “It was hard to give up, but I realized, it doesn’t do me any good.” That’s it! It’s practical, it works and he made the best decision.


Jchathe . 2 years ago

Lovely skin! 👏👏👏

Keto Steveo

Keto Steveo . 2 years ago

Awesome video! My view is many doctors either don't know, or they're in with the big pharma's for the money. My endo had me on the food pyramid and 180 carbs per day...just started keto 2 weeks ago with intermittent fasting after 3 days in the hospital with ketoacidosis. Feel great and insulin down from 75 to 20u per day. Can't wait to see my endo next week and show him my results so far...

sahira abby magne

sahira abby magne . 2 years ago

thanks for the video. I followed this natural treatment: *thebigdiabetes-lie. com* (Google it) and in 2 weeks my sugar levels started to fall to normal levels.


LUV2KAMP . 2 years ago

Dr.Jason Fung and Dennis Pollock videos check them out.

Pete Jansen

Pete Jansen . 2 years ago

Thank you.


bgregg55 . 2 years ago

I've stopped putting doctors on pedestals since learning they can be quite wrong. I do my own research now.

Mike S

Mike S . 2 years ago

Good for him! Have to say, beginning the day with carbs will have you hungry all day. Begin without them and you'll stay fuller longer.

Cassio Trebien

Cassio Trebien . 2 years ago

How much carbs we can eat in maintence modo of keto? 100g?

Maxi Bake

Maxi Bake . 2 years ago

Congratulations Marc. What an inspiration you are. Thank you muchly for sharing, & take care. ❤🙂🐶

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