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A low-carb diet is one that restricts carbohydrates. Instead of eating carbs, you eat whole foods including natural proteins, fats, and vegetables. Carbohydrates or carbs are one of three main food types that the body needs to work properly. The other two are protein and fat. Carbs give the body energy. The body breaks carbs down to use immediately or later. Studies show that low-carb diets can result in weight loss and improved health markers. In this video I have highlighted some tips you follow follow on a low carb diet to save yourself from its side effects and rebound effects.

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FoodFitness&Fun . 1 year ago

Hello everyone, here is the link for the text version of this article on our website https://www.foodfitnessnfun.com/complete-guide-on-low-carbs-diet/#more-990

Peter Krochmalny

Peter Krochmalny . 3 weeks ago

Where’s the sun titles ?

Trainer πŸ’ͺ

Trainer πŸ’ͺ . 2 months ago

No bread pasta potatoes rice salt sugar processed foods junk food

Trainer πŸ’ͺ

Trainer πŸ’ͺ . 2 months ago

One part carbs holds 3 parts water sodium

BLEAK Reality

BLEAK Reality . 2 months ago

Rip thumbnail πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚10kgs in 1week

ingrid R

ingrid R . 2 months ago

So difficult to understand what you're saying. You have a strong accent.

Let's COOK

Let's COOK . 3 months ago

Kyon jhuth bolte ho. 1 week me 10 kg km nhi hota h. Jyada se jyada 1-2 kg loose hota hai bo bhi sath me exercise bahut jruri h. Misguide mt kijiye please πŸ™

Nayab Rehmat

Nayab Rehmat . 3 months ago


Kanchan Kafley

Kanchan Kafley . 3 months ago

Is it good for infertility.

palak sharma

palak sharma . 4 months ago

It's not healthy to lose 10 kg in one week πŸ₯², you should lose small amount each week and lose the weight gradually.

deep patel

deep patel . 4 months ago

Superb so what you suggest for women to loose to weight .

Ritika Mourya

Ritika Mourya . 4 months ago

Kay yeah possible h 1 days loss 2 kg πŸ™„

Absar Alam

Absar Alam . 5 months ago

Good suggestions. Thank you.

Mary Dunlop

Mary Dunlop . 5 months ago

Talking too fast and hard to understand

Raisa Tabassum Ira

Raisa Tabassum Ira . 5 months ago

Can I follow low carb and IF at the same time?

Nidhi Shringi

Nidhi Shringi . 5 months ago

It was an amazing insight. But your video lable was really misleading. Please correct it.

Damien Cooper

Damien Cooper . 6 months ago

The most useless thumbnail

Sumanbhai Patel

Sumanbhai Patel . 6 months ago

What are the mecro distribution on lchf diet I.e. how much cho,protein and fat?

Harpreet Waraich

Harpreet Waraich . 6 months ago

Kya humm.. Brwon bread and brwon rice la sakhde ha for Fat loss? Please reply


DREAM11 ROCKY . 7 months ago

Fake thumbnail

Raymund Rudzik

Raymund Rudzik . 7 months ago

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Sonam&Ayesha Jaat

Sonam&Ayesha Jaat . 7 months ago

Hindi bolne me kuch galat nhi bola jayega

Funny Bones Couple

Funny Bones Couple . 7 months ago

Very well explained. Every point explained in detail.

Guru Guru

Guru Guru . 7 months ago

Mehndipur Bala ji chale jao vaha se aakr 41 din oil ghee chaval nonbej daal lehsun pyaj khatai sbhi prakar k masale milk or milk se bni cheeje safed cheeje sb chhodhna pdta h bas ubli sbji or sukhi roti khaye kalindar kheera kharbuja kha skte h bas Baki kuch nhi bese hi deit hojayega or bhagvan b khush daval fayda

Niharika Seth

Niharika Seth . 7 months ago

Hello mam I m Niharika jain plz help me my weight 95 hai post on dilivery aur kam nhi ho rha plz aap mujhe roj ki diet de shkti h plz per hm aap ko fess nhi de shkte plz hm diet nhi samjh pa rhe ki kya khye kese khye mujhe methe aur chawal ki craven bahut jyda h πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Norene Dixon

Norene Dixon . 7 months ago

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Sharmistha Das

Sharmistha Das . 8 months ago

Is this good to T2D? @Foodfitnessfun

Papa Chavan

Papa Chavan . 8 months ago

Mam Mera van Kam national hiaa

Geetanjali Gambhir

Geetanjali Gambhir . 8 months ago

Yes please share

Giulia S.

Giulia S. . 8 months ago

Have you noticed that you speak half in English and half in Indi?

Remy Justice

Remy Justice . 8 months ago

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convertedsherry . 9 months ago

Please can you give the full English translation

Lopamudra Chakraborty

Lopamudra Chakraborty . 9 months ago

can I take rice in diet...?

Suss sy

Suss sy . 9 months ago

I am also a dietitian and what she is saying I totally agree! In a low carb you may reduce the carb but you need carbs for energy in your body. Plus if you really want to loose weight eat more vegetables and include some carbs and low fat diet.

Samsung India

Samsung India . 9 months ago

Mam please suggest weight loss diet plan for thyroid person.

Aman Chauhan

Aman Chauhan . 10 months ago

Best video I have ever seen on YouTube all the information sum up in one best content ever

Taani sawant

Taani sawant . 11 months ago

U should be put in jail for promoting such misleading unhealthy information. 10kg in 1 week ? Tats rubbish and fake

Hafiza Bibi

Hafiza Bibi . 11 months ago

Hi can we eat quinoa instead of rice is it healthy

Nirmaljeet C

Nirmaljeet C . 11 months ago

Thank's for good suggestions

Arvind Raman

Arvind Raman . 12 months ago

Legumes and pulses are full of carbs. Grains of any kind should be avoided in low carb.

Biwi Ayesha

Biwi Ayesha . 12 months ago

Ma'am what should be the best diet plan for insulin resistance ?? Should they cut carb from their diet??

Bharat Khatwani

Bharat Khatwani . 1 year ago

Please define low carb diet in terms of % of total calories intake.

Anmol Singh

Anmol Singh . 1 year ago

Bahut shi baatye bol rehai ho..aap


danny_boss . 1 year ago

loose 10 kg in 1 week.. kya mazak hai

Wagiha Mushtaq

Wagiha Mushtaq . 1 year ago

i watched this first video . i want to take start from which video i take start. i mean start with your veg diet or another .

Fariha Kashif

Fariha Kashif . 1 year ago

It's a Complete guide but plz give a deit plan for 2 week of a low carb deit plan.... I always follow ur deit plans and loose weight but now I want to lose weight 10 kg in a month. So plz help

Faiza nabi Ahmad

Faiza nabi Ahmad . 1 year ago

Okay thanks

Geet Panjwani

Geet Panjwani . 1 year ago

Mam did you do low carbs diet in your weight loss story as a fad diet ??? Coz you have always said that you don't believe in any low nutrient diet or any diet comprising only of one nutrient??

sawan mahajan

sawan mahajan . 1 year ago

Dr said that don't lose more than 4kg of wait in s month.its not good for body organs 😲

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