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We Had Cash Nasty Play Gio Wise 1v1! | $50,000 HoH Creator League!


Published on 2 weeks ago

@CashNasty and @Gio Wise LIVE 1v1!! | $50K HoH Creator League

Comments :

Nelson Figueroa

Nelson Figueroa . 12 hours ago

Gios hair looks like my mothers old mop bruh its crazy

Justin Leverett

Justin Leverett . 15 hours ago

Wow I thought I seen it all till i seen this smdh, both of these guys are an Easy Dub

TG Dez

TG Dez . 18 hours ago

Why is dude just dribbling in one place 🤣


PHS.Plasma . 1 day ago

Gio move his legs way to much when he dribble he moves nowhere and the ball really dont even dribble


Gizmojo . 1 day ago

Gio looking like he straight from the wnba

Echo Antunes

Echo Antunes . 2 days ago

Who told gio he can ball??? They not his friends


James . 2 days ago

Imagine dedicating so many hours of your life to something and you still suck…

Tizoc Montoya

Tizoc Montoya . 2 days ago

Gio wise went 1/13 for the three point line not a shooter at all


Crizzzy . 2 days ago

Gio wise is so stupid. Like I want to throw a basketball at him


Kiwis . 2 days ago

Gio Wise shoots like a child

Jordan Reeves

Jordan Reeves . 2 days ago

I’m hoping after this league this is the last we see of Gio He brings nothing to these things but bullshit


Lifestories . 2 days ago

Both these guys are trash. Kids, basketball is not really played this way. Whatever they are doing 1v1 will never work in a game. Actually, you even show glimpses of playing like this you’ll never see the court.

Mateo C

Mateo C . 2 days ago

anytime Gio takes an L is a good day


Morbid_Muppet . 2 days ago

Gio telling someone else they’re doin way too much…😭

Rembrandt Lai

Rembrandt Lai . 3 days ago

Is Flight in the tournament too?

Angel Rodriguez

Angel Rodriguez . 3 days ago

Why isn’t briz in this?

Ask Your Whore Mother

Ask Your Whore Mother . 3 days ago

Cash gotten way better since I last watched him

Dave Doucette

Dave Doucette . 4 days ago

Gio is a one trick pony. All those handles for an air ball.

Theo Achting

Theo Achting . 4 days ago

Gio wouldn’t make it in most rec leagues lol, y’all have to stop making people like this famous

I am God

I am God . 4 days ago

GiO is too predictable. He was scared to drive, wasted his energy on defense and hesitant. He's the type of player you block all access to the rim and play hard defense with alot of reach.

Alexander K

Alexander K . 4 days ago

Why is Gio shooting so far

George Jelinek

George Jelinek . 5 days ago

I'm 11 and I could beat gio



His new name Gio “Doesn’t Play” Wise



Gio is an AAU coach nightmare



Gio play like a 6th grader


OIC . 5 days ago

Good working the big guy is intomidating i bet once you start playing

Kyle Davis

Kyle Davis . 5 days ago

(watches gio wise shoot first shot) , - exits video

Jose Ramirez

Jose Ramirez . 5 days ago

This video just buried any video Gio puts out talking about him being able to hoop 💀 my guy was a rag doll

Gio D.

Gio D. . 5 days ago

im the better Gio 😈

Mason Crysel

Mason Crysel . 5 days ago

Where professor or bone collector at? Or flight we missing 3 great creators hoh

Trent LaPimp

Trent LaPimp . 5 days ago

Man that pull up to the top left paint then fade got on 🔒


IrishIntern5 . 6 days ago

Nick bruh should be here over geo


JustSpøke . 6 days ago

Why gio pulling up from so far like you aight Steph curry😂😂


OmniMan-_- . 6 days ago

Idk who gio is but that dude look like he fried 😂 man just throwing the ball up praying

On Fitif

On Fitif . 6 days ago

It makes me dead inside at the fact that Gio exists

Sam Adams

Sam Adams . 6 days ago

Gio has the lowest IQ/skill combo i’ve ever seen in a hooper ever

Mc Mc mc

Mc Mc mc . 6 days ago

This not even fair. Cash vs friga rematch! Friga will take it serious this time tho.



This was borderline unwatchable

Jeron Williams

Jeron Williams . 7 days ago

They dead wrong for this matchup lol


Luke611 . 7 days ago

gio need someone to fix that shitty lookin ass jumper


Draco . 7 days ago

Gio would be better if he didn’t want to shoot from West Indonesia every time

Big K

Big K . 7 days ago

This is hard for me to watch this man just throws the ball in the air and he goes so deep


Lilxbill . 1 week ago

Gio is trash lmao

Abdullah Fort

Abdullah Fort . 1 week ago

Cash been skipping leg day

r0ck0ut AJ

r0ck0ut AJ . 1 week ago

Dis is bullying 😂 atp cash big boding him


chad . 1 week ago


Chris Calderon

Chris Calderon . 1 week ago


leonel s

leonel s . 1 week ago

Y is gio wise even a competitor??


Kevin5000 . 1 week ago

Gio looks like a little Mexican girl. 100 lbs soaking wet too light in the ass to guard cash

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