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Tiwa Savage Somebody’s Son Ft. Brandy


Published on 2 weeks ago

Stream Water & Garri : TiwaSavage.lnk.to/WaterAndGarri

Music video by Tiwa Savage performing Somebody’s Son. Universal Music South Africa (Pty) Ltd; Motown Records; Capitol Records, LLC; © 2021 Universal Music (Pty) Ltd South Africa


Comments :

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage . 2 weeks ago

This is a special one, may we all find our “somebody’s son” 🥰. Let me know your favorite line in the song.


Nikk_i . 3 minutes ago

“Should I try, try again?…” 😪

Joel Dickerson

Joel Dickerson . 21 minutes ago

Tiwa I am somebody son and I love you today 🙋🏽‍♂️ mmhm, okay i got out the jokes but in ALL SERIOUSNESS, I hope y’all like butter with this double dose of brown sugar 😍😍😍 cuz I have melted. Omg what is wrong with me lmao

King Malcolm

King Malcolm . 1 hour ago


Jenny Bombey

Jenny Bombey . 1 hour ago

Perfect blend of beautiful voices...😍😍

marline saint

marline saint . 2 hours ago

Beautiful song brandy forever 21 she not getting old anytime 🥰😍😋😋

Cyndi Tran

Cyndi Tran . 2 hours ago

I am thankful that somebody's son found me. <3 I love you, Bryant, the father of our two amazing boys and one angel baby.


Hostove . 2 hours ago

Heavenly father, I pray that you keep the person reading this alive,safe, healthy and financially blessed. Amen


ID O . 2 hours ago

This song got me so emotional and thinking about....God when? Mtcheww Tiwa and Brandy with all due respect... make all of ona gettat!


Dera . 4 hours ago

Wow 🤎✨



This song is just so special. Tiwa and Brandy are really Queens in this industry. You guys light me up. I can listen to this music everyday. 💖💖💖🥰🥰🥰🔥🔥🔥

Cynthia Johnson

Cynthia Johnson . 4 hours ago

Brandy! Brandy! Brandy! What an addition. 👍❤️

Big Zhumbe

Big Zhumbe . 4 hours ago

Black never cracks...... 41 and 42 years but they both look like in their 20's



Let somebody son find me one day

Jabari VOC Podcast

Jabari VOC Podcast . 5 hours ago

The 2k that don’t like this is haters

Victoria Primus

Victoria Primus . 5 hours ago

Let's talk about this girl's beauty 😴😴

James Heart

James Heart . 5 hours ago

Wow so sweet Tiwa... I'm not surprised now about what recently happened...... is called trials but stay keep and never give up dear. I love the lines.. This will be another heart break Song.....

Unknown Girl xoxo

Unknown Girl xoxo . 6 hours ago


Janet Washington

Janet Washington . 6 hours ago

Am sure somebody son is looking for me right now, thanks for this beautiful song Tiwa.

John Victor

John Victor . 6 hours ago

this is special.

Hope Nsolokwu

Hope Nsolokwu . 6 hours ago

Such a voice from queens

Duenha Roo

Duenha Roo . 7 hours ago


Simeon matthew

Simeon matthew . 7 hours ago

6milli let keep watching ❤❤❤


Geodin YERKOBO . 7 hours ago

Oya start to love yaself first

Gods Girl

Gods Girl . 7 hours ago

Tiwa got that star factor

Gods Girl

Gods Girl . 7 hours ago

Black Queens

Gods Girl

Gods Girl . 7 hours ago


Gods Girl

Gods Girl . 7 hours ago

Black excellence

Gods Girl

Gods Girl . 7 hours ago

So bomb

Gods Girl

Gods Girl . 7 hours ago

Loving the American African collaborations ancestors would be proud 🦋

Gods Girl

Gods Girl . 7 hours ago

Loving the American African collaborations ancestors would be proud 🦋

Gods Girl

Gods Girl . 8 hours ago

I'm here for it❤️

Gods Girl

Gods Girl . 8 hours ago


Kilnet Foukuo Mensah

Kilnet Foukuo Mensah . 8 hours ago

Do we have a male version of this song?😁😁

Askada Julius

Askada Julius . 8 hours ago

indeed its a special song thanks for always doing it more and more

Askada Julius

Askada Julius . 8 hours ago

somebody son 's go love me oneday

Lovely Okwololo

Lovely Okwololo . 8 hours ago

"Tired of getting it wrong, this won't be another heartbreak song" that's my line.

Nakanjako Christine

Nakanjako Christine . 8 hours ago

Next callabo should be Tiwa and simi

Jose Voyager

Jose Voyager . 9 hours ago

Tiwa is a genius for coming up with a song like this. The topic is very relatable, especially among Women, regardless of where they are in the continent. Apart from it being a very well made song in general, I think this particular detail is the main reason why this will probably be one of her biggest hits. It is a simple formula that not many singers seem to have been able to master yet: make the listeners RELATE to the lyrics!

Zoliswa Katangana

Zoliswa Katangana . 9 hours ago

This song is soo special 😍 woow well done Tiwa🇿🇦🌍

Zoliswa Katangana

Zoliswa Katangana . 9 hours ago

Somebody Son Go Lo Me one day

Mia Samia

Mia Samia . 9 hours ago

REMIX PLEASE WITH Destiny's Child or Beyoncé !

Candice Davis

Candice Davis . 9 hours ago


Cool Music

Cool Music . 9 hours ago


Omobolanle Adepoju

Omobolanle Adepoju . 10 hours ago

Omg my back ache as am dancing out my heart from heartbreak relationship of over 20 years but I still believe in the chorus somebody son go love me one day not him that keeps maltreating me every now and then. I'm so relieved and overjoyed listening to this. He looked at me with suprise why am super excited and dancing with my headset on.

Jay Changu

Jay Changu . 10 hours ago

Well done Queens. What a powerful collaboration!! Somebody’s Son Found Me ♠️

Utibe sunday

Utibe sunday . 10 hours ago

For sure! Someone must definitely love u .

Mimi Buckingham

Mimi Buckingham . 10 hours ago

Great music great ladies love love 💘

Thioune Ndeye yacine

Thioune Ndeye yacine . 10 hours ago


Sylvia Ellis

Sylvia Ellis . 10 hours ago

This song is special ❤️🇯🇲🇺🇸

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