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The Prologue Jurassic World Dominion
Jurassic World

Jurassic World

Published on 2 weeks ago

This original 5 min prologue to Jurassic World Dominion, directed by Colin Trevorrow, rockets audiences back 65 million years into the past to experience the world before humans existed—and offers a glimpse of a world in which dinosaurs are living among us.

The story will continue in theaters this Summer.

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Comments :


chrisisboard . 54 minutes ago

I’m so glad the dinosaurs movement is more animal like


AB . 59 minutes ago

Rexy didn't even try to eat or hurt anyone


amaxwell7333 . 1 hour ago

Why on earth would they take the dinosaurs off the islands?? As I thought that was the last recourse safety measure in case the park failed and they escaped their enclosures. I can see it already this is going to be a crappy horror film with a really dumb plot reason that was forced in it to bring the dinosaurs off the island.

Justin Patrick Rances

Justin Patrick Rances . 1 hour ago

When theres dinosaurs in our time scientist and police just do experiments on them like its not even impostant

Lilskirt DRIP

Lilskirt DRIP . 3 hours ago

I hope they have have the spinosaurus aka spino lizard in this movie

Liam Barnes

Liam Barnes . 3 hours ago

Bro that part with the tranquilizer gun on the helicopter gave me serious Jurassic world evolution vibes


Flawless . 3 hours ago

It really is starting to turn into a jurassic world

Madari Mr Sparda

Madari Mr Sparda . 4 hours ago

Oh my goodness ,, This movie looks horrible , The CGI Effect is so bad , Fallen kingdom has better CGI effects , How come the first Jurassic Park film from 20+ years ago looks infinitely better than all the Jurassic films after Jurassic Park 2 ? It baffles my mind to see people excited for this crappy CGI movie , Man how standards have fallen so low . 🤦‍♂️

Tech Treat

Tech Treat . 5 hours ago

One of my favorite movies. This is a legendary movie. Thanks Colin Trevorrow

Eden Ramos

Eden Ramos . 5 hours ago

Is that The Indomnius Rex

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson . 5 hours ago

I think Id rather just see an in depth, 2 hour long dino documentary using these effects rather than another meh Jurassic World movie. I'll still pay $$ for this tho cause Im a fan


BelivNdinos . 6 hours ago


Daddy P

Daddy P . 6 hours ago

Is this supposed to be a video game or a movie?

Gaming & Movie Entertainment

Gaming & Movie Entertainment . 6 hours ago

4:18 Lol when the T. rex sees all the humans the song says “Delicious things to eat”

Mr baller god

Mr baller god . 7 hours ago

Is this the last movie

John Smith

John Smith . 8 hours ago

Giganotosaurus lived a continent away and tens of millions of years apart from Tyrannosaurus Rex. This fight could never happen in the time period this scene supposedly takes place.


Somegirl914 . 8 hours ago

They should give rexy waves

shelly mcbruh

shelly mcbruh . 9 hours ago

Me watching universal hit us with da time traveling and continent hopping giganotosaurus 😳

Apache Sparatan

Apache Sparatan . 9 hours ago

Well I know to give this movie a wide berth

Bacon Gaming

Bacon Gaming . 9 hours ago

Amazing more dino would be epic


ectobeam . 10 hours ago

Man that opening sequence is great. I would pay good money to see Trevarrow do a 2 hour dinosaur documentary.

Lorne Calfe

Lorne Calfe . 11 hours ago

i love the realistic behaviour of the t rex. Like a bear that only wants to mind its own business.

María Susana Rinaldi

María Susana Rinaldi . 12 hours ago

The best thing of this trailer is that it doesn't show those horrible hybrids. Pure dinosaurs is the real thing, they should never have deviated from that. Thanks for showing a scene from the old times!

Mikazuki’s inverts

Mikazuki’s inverts . 12 hours ago

Just be hating on the Rex ugh like a giga could ever


SkyGaruda . 12 hours ago

What a garbage

Mattybot 3000

Mattybot 3000 . 12 hours ago

Director is the same from Fallen Kingdom and a writer of this movie also wrote for The Rise of Skywalker. As much as I would love for this movie to be good, the people making it are hacks, so it will probably suck. :(

Amogh Wadikar

Amogh Wadikar . 13 hours ago

Was it a giganotosaurus vs T-rex or something else battling with the T-Rex

Coltyn Seifert

Coltyn Seifert . 15 hours ago

You either die the hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain


Herlev . 16 hours ago

Goddamn this looks bad.


HUIDEM Glen G. . 16 hours ago

1:52 is this the same species of dinosaur as the 2 that fought against each other for the egg in the movie Dinosaur?? is this a callback?


100DaysGaming . 16 hours ago

banzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiii i love a fcking dinosaur.. i hope dinosaur can revive for now


Kroek . 16 hours ago

why is everyone shitting on this prologue, saying it looks bad and unintresting? i think it doens't look too bad


sonny . 17 hours ago

Ngl looks like trash


J H . 17 hours ago

I like that they added at least some feathers to a few of the carnivours. Realisticly speaking a mainstream hollywood release will always stick with the depiction that is most famous, not necessarily the most accurate, so I appreciate little details like this. After all these are genetic enhanced dinosaurs that have their DNA completed with that of other animals, so if noone caan really know, what they would look like. Allthough I have to say that the two titans getting into a fight like this is relatively unlikely. I assume the "spiky" one is supposed to be a Giganotosaurus, at least its head-shape would make me think so and as far as I know that dinosaur lived earlier than the first T-Rex skeletons were found. Now obviously we don't have the data to say that for 100% certain, but as far as we know these animals wouldn't have met. Furthermore I don't believe that carnivours would attack a pray that poses such a threat to them like these two. Way to much risk for far too low reward. Also the Gig just casually walks away, so he killed his opponent for... fun? I assume. A bit weird, but hey its a movie. Just pointing that out, that sometimes the dinosaurs in these movies stop acting like animals and get too much of the "movie monster" feel.

ShamimAra Begum

ShamimAra Begum . 17 hours ago

jurassic World s team leader : a1 , 2 , 3 to t-rex and a4 , 5 , 6 to i-rex ok

ShamimAra Begum

ShamimAra Begum . 18 hours ago

wait in here is i-rexs

Ishara Dilshan

Ishara Dilshan . 18 hours ago

Love from sri lanka ...🥰🥰🥰


UniverseRob . 19 hours ago

My man with the dart gun in the heli must also be cast as a storm trooper in Star Wars. How the heck does he miss that shot?

Alexandra B

Alexandra B . 19 hours ago

This was captivating until the humans show up 65 million years later

Jessica Carter

Jessica Carter . 20 hours ago

How did the meteor not kill the dino

Michael French

Michael French . 21 hours ago

What's the bet this one is just as bad as the last 2 ?


CLOUD . 22 hours ago

You guys released the new jurassic world trailer in a bad time... How can you compete with "No way home". You guys should've waited until Spiderman is no longer steaming. "I DON'T HATE JURASSIC WORLD, IT ONE OF MY FAV FILM FRANCHISE OF ALL TIME"

J Arthurs

J Arthurs . 23 hours ago

Wow! I can't believe they waited 65 million years to film the other half of this movie!🤯🤯

Movie Collecter

Movie Collecter . 23 hours ago

Wow Can't wait for this one


itsJohnWalsh . 1 day ago

My phone glitched and I was watching a black screen for 2 mins like… they being extra artistic 😂


john . 1 day ago

Another CGI crap fest with zero thought put into the story, characters etc. Just throw as much CGI visuals and see what sticks. JP was never about that. Franchise has been dying a slow death for the last 25 years.

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