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What Can You Eat On A Low Carb Diet? (Full Food List)
Dr. Becky Gillaspy

Dr. Becky Gillaspy

Published on 2 years ago

Which foods are low in carbohydrates? I quickly list healthy low carb food choices so you understand what you can eat on a low carb diet.

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Dr. Becky Gillaspy

Dr. Becky Gillaspy . 2 years ago

Download the Full List of 100 Low Carb Foods Here (Free): https://www.drbeckyfitness.com/Low-Carb-Food-List

Kristee Song

Kristee Song . 4 days ago

This is a godsend video, thanks!

Mureed Nassif

Mureed Nassif . 5 days ago

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Greeneyedmimi Bostian

Greeneyedmimi Bostian . 5 days ago

Thanks !

Shawn Dayvis

Shawn Dayvis . 7 days ago

Dang Dr Becky....look at those triceps poppin !!!!!! I need those !!!!

Doreen M

Doreen M . 2 weeks ago

How can I get in touch with you to ask you a few questions?


Teresa . 1 month ago

My problem with a low-carb diet is the amount of cholesterol in those foods. I have a hard time find the right low-carb items that are not going to increase my LDL.

Turquoise E

Turquoise E . 1 month ago

now, time to worry about the lectins...


Mrluigi . 1 month ago

I'm in stage 3 kidney issues...doctor tells me no more eating of any kind of meats... so I'm looking for Low Card veggies.

Sarath RM

Sarath RM . 2 months ago

Lack of exercise

hans piechoki

hans piechoki . 2 months ago

Very informative, you speak very well

James Brooks

James Brooks . 2 months ago

What about peanuts nobody talks about them

James Brooks

James Brooks . 2 months ago

Also can milk high fat low carbs

Afrouz Khakpour

Afrouz Khakpour . 2 months ago



urspendy . 2 months ago

on low carb are you more likey to get dehydrated? I can't seem to stay hydrated.


JoAnn . 2 months ago

Great info!

Sylvia King

Sylvia King . 2 months ago

I totally avoid soy oil. Nasty stuff.

Nathalie Vallee

Nathalie Vallee . 2 months ago

Again, another helpful video. Thank you!

Audrey Nicoletti

Audrey Nicoletti . 2 months ago

What about Lily chocolate with sugar alcohol ? Do they keep you from loosing weight. ?

Audrey Nicoletti

Audrey Nicoletti . 2 months ago

How come no dairy products say full fat on them?


fincaman2 . 2 months ago

No mention of alcoholic drinks

Tommy Luciano

Tommy Luciano . 2 months ago

What about peanuts grapes and tomatoes

carmela. nealon

carmela. nealon . 2 months ago

Hey Dr Becky

Deb wright

Deb wright . 2 months ago

😲😲Very informative video. Thank you.👌🏽👌🏽

Felix Groenewald

Felix Groenewald . 2 months ago

Thank you so much Dr, it has been very helpful for me!


C . 2 months ago

Much more sustainable than keto. I've tried keto many times, but I miss bread and sweet potato too much!


J C . 3 months ago

WaterMelon, Cantaloupe etc really? are you sure?

Kaki Sage

Kaki Sage . 3 months ago

MEAT???? Thumbs dow!

debbie poskitt

debbie poskitt . 3 months ago

Thank you - I am at not good at all the food groups!. I've been gluten free for 15 years, then realised I couldn't eat potatoes, soya, rice etc then this month realised it might be carbs! This is the most understandable video I seen. I switched to low fat milk thinking it might be healthier - I will try going back to full fat!. Doctors don't believe anything I say...but thanks for this video.

izzy b ellen

izzy b ellen . 3 months ago

is plant milk ok?

Nelson Presley

Nelson Presley . 4 months ago

less ingredients ~ equals more nature ... no mucking around here ...I like your style ~ thanks !

Shamsa Said

Shamsa Said . 4 months ago

Wat about oats? Does it fit in a low carb diet

Online Shop

Online Shop . 4 months ago


uupeace Unique

uupeace Unique . 4 months ago

I could fall asleep listening to your voice. Thanks for the info

Guadalupe Lopez

Guadalupe Lopez . 4 months ago

Thank you so much for all your very helpful information and hard work. This maybe a dumb question but is heavy cream the same as heavy whipping cream?

Gidget Ruiz

Gidget Ruiz . 4 months ago

I want to thank u so much for this information this is very helpful. Going to the market


Dispeller . 4 months ago

Can you please tell me how to eat high fat without ending up with fatty liver disease like the last time I tried this?

shafiq ahmad

shafiq ahmad . 4 months ago

nice dr gillaspy

Charmane Semple

Charmane Semple . 5 months ago

I did enjoy your video can you pleas send me the list of food that i should use

DM McHugh

DM McHugh . 5 months ago

Would the caution about limiting flour apply also to almond flour or chickpea flour ?


CHOPERUS23 . 5 months ago

I know it's beneficial to lower carbohydrate intake along with sugar as they spike insulin secretion. It will be better for you no doubt but choosing full fat varieties over higher carb varieties WILL make you fatter unless you exercise to account for the increase in calories. 1 gram of carbohydrate/protein counts as 4 calories 1 gram of fat counts at 9 calories So in essence you'll need to train more than twice as hard to burn it off.

Sheila Coon

Sheila Coon . 5 months ago

Most bacon that is store bought has sugar.

Anthony Chappell

Anthony Chappell . 5 months ago

That was quite a comprehensive yet practical discussion. Thank you so much :)

Bryn Curtis

Bryn Curtis . 5 months ago

Masterclass on how to speak on camera.

sherry svesnik

sherry svesnik . 5 months ago

This is very valuable information. I am on a journey to get my health up to par, and many times I eat the same things because I didn't have a clue all the variety of foods I can have. Thank you for breaking it down for me. It is a wonderful list & will help me meal plan more efficiently and include variety!! Thank you Dr.!!

Lucinda Carey

Lucinda Carey . 5 months ago

I appreciate your videos and straight to the point without any unwanted jokes or unnecessary comments I don't care for. This well help me to work towards my weight loss goal. Thank you.

fiona mcormac

fiona mcormac . 6 months ago

Very nice video ..being an older person .it is harder to lose weight...


PT . 6 months ago

What a beautiful lady. I love your calming way you explain things. Thank you!!


CajunPride . 6 months ago

Helpful info👍Thanks for sharing

passionate star*

passionate star* . 6 months ago

What about oats? Are they good to include in the diet or should I try to limit it.

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