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I Opened $1500 Worth Of Scam Items


Published on 2 weeks ago

Check out part 1 HERE:

Follow My Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/cdawgva
My Main YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/CDawgVA

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Discord: https://discord.gg/cdawgva
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Editor gang rise up!
Mudan - https://twitter.com/MudanTV
Luca - https://twitter.com/ValgardKvlt

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Comments :


ConnorDawg . 2 weeks ago

Check out Part 1 here where you made me buy all this stuff https://youtu.be/srGyEhWmtGM and maybe you'll even see things that Wish didn't send over 👀

Zainab Q.

Zainab Q. . 2 hours ago


Amanda Milera

Amanda Milera . 8 hours ago

so is no one going to talk about the bootleg demonias

Eryn Haddox

Eryn Haddox . 15 hours ago

The fact that we didn't get to see the matching "cum in me bro" tanks is just devastating.


󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡 . 20 hours ago

every time the editors do a deep fry i want to bite them in the shins

Lovely Lazarus

Lovely Lazarus . 1 day ago

Liked for Monke Roll

Kitty Gemma

Kitty Gemma . 1 day ago

Fake Pregnancy? My IBS: *PATHETHIC*

Alena Straube

Alena Straube . 2 days ago

11:22 I thought he said Kakyoin to piss us off, but turns out no

Alena Straube

Alena Straube . 2 days ago

I loved my PSP as a kid! I was so disappointed when it broke :(


TubaBuddha . 2 days ago

The bidet you administer from underneath while you’re sitting to the back


lewis . 2 days ago

i also agree that anyone who says hi yt had 1iq


lewis . 2 days ago

wish isn’t scam tho

Dyoxx Zr66z

Dyoxx Zr66z . 2 days ago

Blood hound gang connor

Dyoxx Zr66z

Dyoxx Zr66z . 2 days ago

I feel like the target on a milf hunter shirt should be repositioned

Thalia Bristow

Thalia Bristow . 3 days ago

tfw connor, noted jojo fan, calls polnareff fucking kakyoin


Popcorn23 . 3 days ago

Where did the pop go


ellenthefox . 3 days ago

3:20 I haven't seen the full stream, was man just using a plain glass of water and expecting bubbles??? It looks like there is ice in it, did he at least use a bit of dish soap at all??

Shelby Kira Marvell

Shelby Kira Marvell . 4 days ago

Time for MONKE to gib chat his CC again, apparently!


ChaoswarriorX . 4 days ago

Monkey: Exists Connor: Ooh Ooh! Jk, you’re so cute when you do it


ChaoswarriorX . 4 days ago

The way he says “Look at this dude.” 🤣 7:38

Astro Wolvez

Astro Wolvez . 4 days ago

Does that even have enough soap?


febe . 4 days ago

did i just watch a man reverse vore a chicken to a monkey?


ロシア人 . 4 days ago

2:12 is just helikopter helikopter moment

dominik gracjas

dominik gracjas . 4 days ago

Hey Connor jak chcesz mogę przesłać ci kilka paczek herbaty lipton


arsenelium . 4 days ago

I cant with the mr bean mask. I kept rewatching it and i kept dying of laughter 🤣🤣


sebjik3 . 5 days ago

Bro dis shit unsubbed me by it self


Kumo . 5 days ago

Boy, ya need chicken. You aint yourself when you hungry. pffft


ItsMrPanda . 5 days ago



AJJ29 . 5 days ago

You didn’t give some of them the chance they deserved you needed to put the pregnant belly on underneath your shirt also not wearing the dress properly

Adam Stanisław

Adam Stanisław . 5 days ago

wait, how connor got mr bean to collab with him.

Cupcake Obsession

Cupcake Obsession . 5 days ago

Snorlax looked like he aged 70 years....


SmileyProfiles . 5 days ago

“just put the child back in” 10:06


Spectruh . 5 days ago

so you gonna drop the link to the portable bidet or...

Travis Hipp

Travis Hipp . 5 days ago

Anyone else watching this before part 1 lol.

Alchemist Ghost

Alchemist Ghost . 5 days ago

Connor has reached his final form and returned to monke

Tyler Fleck

Tyler Fleck . 5 days ago

lol maybe someday connor will wash the clothes he orders before wearing them

Remember Me

Remember Me . 5 days ago

finally, I get to see my username saying "hi youtube" KEKW


finalbreath15 . 6 days ago

Connor needs to wear a pregnant belly to trash taste

Unknown 17

Unknown 17 . 6 days ago

Ya know when Connor stuck that sausage in that monke.... He was actually doing the mating ritual

Drunk magic man

Drunk magic man . 6 days ago

7:17 SaNsssssss$$$Ssdsss

sokin jon

sokin jon . 6 days ago

Cursed Mr Bean looks like he’d get cancelled within a day of being an influencer

Joshua Robson

Joshua Robson . 6 days ago

“ I look like the Mc from howl’s moving castle”.. so… howl?

TheUsoSaito - なまはげ

TheUsoSaito - なまはげ . 6 days ago

Nintendo PSP... omfg


Genesis . 6 days ago

That mr.bean mask is terrifying and the black and white filter makes it 100x's worse 😨🤣

cat supremacy

cat supremacy . 6 days ago

connor why did you do this

Kam Cam

Kam Cam . 6 days ago

Sanji’s prince outfit?!? 😮


GundamWalrus . 6 days ago

13:58 for my favorite part MONKEY SUIT!


Geckuo . 6 days ago

Lmao your Mr Bean impression is so good!

hawkterb78 gaming

hawkterb78 gaming . 6 days ago

Nice Merch

Ark fan

Ark fan . 6 days ago

Am I only one enjoying the cheaper mic over his $1000 mic.

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