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Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Cholesterol | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra
The Yoga Institute

The Yoga Institute

Published on 9 months ago

There are three kinds of fats - saturated fats, unsaturated fats and trans fats. Which of these fats are bad for our health? Get your answers from the today’s video on ‘ 3 tips to reduce cholesterol’

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tatjana milanovic

tatjana milanovic . 6 hours ago

Thank you for this video, very useful 🤗🥰💗 Many regards from Belgrade Serbia 🇷🇸🇷🇸❤️ 💗🌺🌼🌸💕💗


User . 3 days ago

Cholesterol is good for you, even the bad cholesterol

Maya Md

Maya Md . 6 days ago

Any online yoga class mam?

mahita Edupuganti

mahita Edupuganti . 1 week ago

Thank you Dr hansaji , giving knowledge about

George Special

George Special . 1 week ago

Hello everyone am here to testify, a great job done . By Dr omoaga who help me to get in rid of my badbreath disease virus cure' with his natural herbal medicine without any side infects on it.

Best Of PKL 08

Best Of PKL 08 . 2 weeks ago

I will start surya namaskar from today

Seema Banu

Seema Banu . 2 weeks ago

Ma'am I m fan of u 💟 please open yoga class in kolar Karnataka for ladies

mamta ashra

mamta ashra . 2 weeks ago

Very nice video. Thank you

doja kadejo

doja kadejo . 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much mummy lots of love

maria Gonzalez

maria Gonzalez . 2 weeks ago


Nikhil Kakkad

Nikhil Kakkad . 2 weeks ago

Thanks for giving such valueable information. My question is may how we should ground nut oil ? May we take fried things in ground nut oil ?

Gopal sharma

Gopal sharma . 3 weeks ago

Thank you ma'am 🙏🙏

Aarti thaur

Aarti thaur . 3 weeks ago

nice video.. you can also use Amalaki Rasayan it reduces Cholesterol . Amalaki Rasayan capsules are nature's richest source of vitamin C .

Raftaar 099

Raftaar 099 . 3 weeks ago

Can you tell me about taramira oil and pumpkin oil mixture for the hair

Maligaie Narranianaik

Maligaie Narranianaik . 4 weeks ago

Thanlks mam is its true that we get more pain when our cholesterol is high

wasantha Padmini

wasantha Padmini . 4 weeks ago

Thanks to you

Adv.Biresh Kumar

Adv.Biresh Kumar . 4 weeks ago


June Robertson

June Robertson . 4 weeks ago

Been a veg all my life and a fish lover and still my cholesterol is high. it runs in the family.


Exterminator . 1 month ago

I was all serious and attentive until the lady in the orange top started her Yoga!😂

Isha Keister

Isha Keister . 1 month ago

Thank you God bless you

Lebanon G

Lebanon G . 1 month ago

Lamasta Dr. Thanks

Santana Fernandes

Santana Fernandes . 1 month ago

Mam is Surya namaskar bad for spondylosis


JOSEPH ANTONY . 1 month ago

Thank you madam for the well explanationed video and obviously very important advices .

Geetanjali Gambhir

Geetanjali Gambhir . 1 month ago

Diet plan for high Triglycerides n cholesterol

Geetanjali Gambhir

Geetanjali Gambhir . 1 month ago

Please show these assanas one by one if possible.

nimmi r

nimmi r . 1 month ago

Which asanas to be avoided if we have knee pain

m nayak

m nayak . 1 month ago

Body will make cholesterol as needed to produce vitamin D, hormone and various things. Many had heart attack and their cholesterol was normal. So cholesterol is small puzzle pieces, biggest factor is blood pressure., weight and life style and stress , smoking, for risk of heart attack. Focus on anti inflammatory diet because root cause is inflammation in body that causes liver to produce more cholesterol to heal inflammation. Avoid, fried food, and process food. Eat more fiber rich food specially soluble fiber, Deep breath exercise and walking , yoga to manage stress. Good sleep, , loose weight if over. Garlic, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon are helpful remedy to reduce inflammation which is root cause of all disease. 12 hours do not eat. Limit sugar. Take vitamin D from sun .

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan . 1 month ago


Nirmalendu Mondal

Nirmalendu Mondal . 1 month ago

Thanku madam

uma madhav

uma madhav . 1 month ago

Informative ,Eye-opener

Sharon Kour

Sharon Kour . 1 month ago

Namaste auntie your absolutely the best I wish you was in the uk i will do the tips you have mentioned my cholesterol is 5 and im not sure why i dont eat fast food a lot fizzy drink i drink only water i rat avocado nuts i was active but not now i have been stressed thank you for your support. Do you have any diet I can follow for this i eat punjabi food roti chawal what oil is best nut oil which is not too hot which is best please i eat butter on bread i switched from white to brown. I have been getting pins and needs in my arms hands feet legs i have had this checked from doctor again. My previouse issue was reaolved but each month its very hard but better i lose lot blood im quite week. Their is one milk drink with dates nuts ghee haldi cardamom cinnamon online is it okay for me to take this as ive been consuming it for now 4 days it say take for 10 15 or 7 days can you maybe find out for me please its very hard to reach out to you but i hope you will be able to reply to my messge. I have some damp in my home beside windows not sure if this causes problems. But i hope i better after conducting thr asnas i was doing yoga for two years i was fit but i have stopped due to tension of lifes other things. Thank you so much you are amazing and i feel so good when i listen to you thank you for sharing this tios videos and humble advice which we all should do. I would love to know more. You cover lots of topics and its were i always come when i have an issue thank for your kindness and beautuful videos that you share. Stay blessed

evonne kabia

evonne kabia . 1 month ago

Thanks ma for your teaching. What to do about gout patient

U Abbasi

U Abbasi . 2 months ago

indians created a hindi version of english which is amazing

Shalini Gopal

Shalini Gopal . 2 months ago

Am hvng vertigo mam..can i do suranamaskar?

samy vik

samy vik . 2 months ago

How many times should one do the suryanamaskar i.e. how many of the full cycles?


SATYAKI ROY . 2 months ago

What is the name and process of no 4.?

Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes . 2 months ago


Arun Kirtaniya

Arun Kirtaniya . 2 months ago

Thank you, madam. we shall follow your advice.


su . 2 months ago

How to reduce cholesterol deposit??plz tell me mam?

ishwarie wickremeratne

ishwarie wickremeratne . 2 months ago

madam how to remove cholestrolpatches on upper rye lids

rajeshwari K

rajeshwari K . 2 months ago

Thank you Mam. Very very useful information 🙏🙏🙏

Satya Siba Sabat

Satya Siba Sabat . 2 months ago



GINA FALLARCUNA . 2 months ago

Thanks madam for this very informative video. God bless

pramod gour

pramod gour . 2 months ago

Thank you

Shamira Talwar

Shamira Talwar . 2 months ago

Thank you Dr Hansaji for talking about the subject of cholesterol which was very interesting & informative . 👍 🙏🏼


R . 2 months ago

Does she knows that the body needs LDL and HDL both serve a function in the body According to some doctors if in the blood vessels there is a problems the LDL cement Heat attack occurs there Is a inflammation in the blood vessels Due to too much worries The creater know what is good for the body It know that LDL Is bad it won't place it in our body

Prashansa khandelwal Vyas

Prashansa khandelwal Vyas . 2 months ago

Can I have A2 cow milk if my cholesterol and triglyceride is high?

Mubeena Shabbir

Mubeena Shabbir . 2 months ago

Thank you.mam

Van_ 619

Van_ 619 . 2 months ago

Great session…🙏

Sak Reddy

Sak Reddy . 2 months ago

Don't take vegetable oil. It's made of hydrogenation of corn and soy bean it's very bad for heart

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