Tara's Keto Kitchen

Tara's Keto Kitchen

Published on 11 months ago

You'll be surprised at some of the foods that are not zero carb foods because food labeling rules allow companies to label a food with less than .5 carbs per serving as zero carb. Say what!!??? Labeling rules also allow companies to label a food "contains a negligible amount of carbs" if the product has less than 1 g of carb per serving. This video will empower you to ditch the hidden carbs in your foods that may be holding you back from getting the rapid fat loss with the keto diet that you deserve.

Plus, Health Coach Tara shares how you can check any food to figure out the real carb count.

Comment and share what surprised you and with any questions you have. We read and respond to all of our comments.

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TIMESTAMPS (see blog post for more info)
00:00 - Start
00:18 - Federal guidelines for food
01:11 - Health coach Tara's zero carb foods list
01:27 - When to use a zero carb food list
02:27 - Fats & oils
03:24 - Eggs
03:36 - Meat
04:23 - Seafood
05:28 - Cheese & dairy
07:14 - Broth
07:43 - Nuts
07:58 - Vegetables
08:22 - Sauces, syrups & glazes
09:43 - Best way to track
11:20 - The best research tip

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Tara's Keto Kitchen

Tara's Keto Kitchen . 11 months ago

I hope you enjoy this video about Zero Carb Foodsd For The Keto Diet Here's a link to our Zero Carb Foods Blog where you'll find all these things listed out: www.wholebodyliving.com/zero-carb-foods All of our recipes are available as "Custom Recipes" in Cronometer if you are a Gold member and friend request me at [email protected] through Cronometer. Click here to save 10% off of Cronometer Gold or try it out with a free account. Sign up here: https://www.wholebodyliving.com/myl4

Tempest Grey

Tempest Grey . 4 weeks ago

I’m commenting thanks for teaching my about chronometer I’m still trying to figure out how to use. Will have to watch your classes again help since I’ve been playing with it


Maricusa . 1 month ago

I send you a friend request from my email


Dogphlap . 2 months ago

What is a carb ? We are told that an egg has 0.6 carbs. I thought maybe the word carb was being invoked as an alternative to grams of carbohydrate but Google says a large egg has 0.36g of carbohydrates so does this mean a carb is 0.6g of carbohydrates (from 0.36/0.6 = 0.6) or what ? I've never seen this nomenclature used before. It is hard to draw lessons from a video when the units are not defined. I'm at a loss to know what to think.

D Chry

D Chry . 2 months ago

So much unnecessary taking..it said 0 carbs .. very misleading video.. I can’t stand dishonest youtube….

Esther De La Rosa

Esther De La Rosa . 3 months ago

Hi again, how can I get a copy of your meal planner sheet. I couldn’t find the link.? Thanks😊

Esther De La Rosa

Esther De La Rosa . 3 months ago

Hi, just wanted to know if you take any supplements or super greens (powder) as part of your daily nutrition? If you do, which one do you take…..thanks!

Eric Widder

Eric Widder . 4 months ago

You are very easy to listen to, thanks for the help.


Leo . 4 months ago


Linda p.p.

Linda p.p. . 4 months ago

I spent a lot of money on Primal Kitchen sauces and dressings. I hated them. Am I the only one?

KETO In the Kitchen with Jasmine

KETO In the Kitchen with Jasmine . 4 months ago

This is why I eat whole foods and cook for myself.


K W . 4 months ago

Let's pick more accurate titles next time, this should clearly be titled "Foods with 1.5 g carb per serving or less"

j. larson

j. larson . 4 months ago

Of the thousands of things I’ve read and watched on YouTube regarding keto diet, this video was the most clear and helpful!!!


Julioo . 4 months ago

Super video👍👍👍👍

Gen Doll

Gen Doll . 6 months ago

I eat sour cream every day sometimes in both of my meals. It’s replaced a lot of things like ranch dressing and mayo for me. And the one I get at Food Lion is less than 2g carbs for 3 tablespoons! Which is plenty for whatever I’m eating! Also, I found using 2-3 types of lettuce in my salads make it nicer and also cutting the lettuce up like shredded makes it less messy and longer into eat lol. I like 2oz iceberg, 1.5-2 oz green leaf and 1-1.5 oz red leaf (gives it some color and that’s in order from most to least carbs lol). With some Walden Farms honey Dijon mustard dressing, sour cream of course lol, usually extra lean ground turkey and if I can afford the calories I add feta cheese (or if I can really afford it I like cheddar but I only use it if I can REALLY use it, like 1/2 cup lol), and also if I have calories to spare I love adding these cheddar crisps that are Taco Bell brand to use as crouton substitute!

Emily Busman

Emily Busman . 6 months ago

Friend req on Cronometer sent! Amazing context, thanks so much!

Kris h

Kris h . 6 months ago

Hello Tara, Thank you for all the informative keto videos and resources. I have started keto recently and have had reasonable results. Have learnt a lot from watching your videos to incorporate changes to my keto diet. I am lacto-vegetarian which makes keto just a bit harder but, managing to get through. Just a suggestion, if you could do a keto video for vegans/vegetarians, it would be great.

Ola Jordan

Ola Jordan . 7 months ago

My notifications are all on but I never get a notice when you post. Makes me sad. Love your info.


skins3738 . 9 months ago

1.5=0???????? Your video title is misleading!

RV thereyet?

RV thereyet? . 9 months ago

Interesting~ not sure why I've been assuming palm oil was a "bad" one as well, & I realize I've never really looked specifically into that one. Glad you mentioned it here today. =) Also, I think I need to brush up on my cheeses, as I've always used the hard vs. soft cheese rule of thumb- had not considered it may just be the aged factor, that we simply use less. Good info~ AND inspiration to look a bit closer, even on the 'obvious' whole foods I thought I knew.


KetoSoldier . 9 months ago

great video!

Ron Hale

Ron Hale . 9 months ago

Hi I sent a friend request through Cronometer . thanks in advance!

lin cruise

lin cruise . 9 months ago

Brilliant!! You’re great at telling it like it is! Thank you

Christine Peters

Christine Peters . 10 months ago

Thank you for your information. Will you explain why palm oil is on your list? Palm oil is inflammatory & high in omega 6?

Lennox Crochet

Lennox Crochet . 10 months ago

Thanks so much love 🥰

Paula u

Paula u . 10 months ago

If I add chia seeds to my diet 10 carbs 10 carbs fiber. Will it alter the amount of carbs in what I eat?

Jeff C

Jeff C . 10 months ago

Nice presentation. Very informative.

Tonya Keldsen

Tonya Keldsen . 10 months ago

I am vegan now for 4 years and am struggling to figure out how this will fit into my lifestyle

Wendy Ingrassia

Wendy Ingrassia . 10 months ago

so palm oil is okay?

Luisa Abreu

Luisa Abreu . 10 months ago


Ben Phartine

Ben Phartine . 10 months ago

Great information, much needed. Thank you!

Native Texan

Native Texan . 10 months ago

Why bother with .05 carbs?

Carol Cameron

Carol Cameron . 10 months ago

Just found your channel! It’s great! Thank you.

Naz Tariq

Naz Tariq . 10 months ago

I thought rapeseed oil was good for cooking?

Judith Paskowitz

Judith Paskowitz . 10 months ago

I don't know why I hadn't subscribed to you before, as I bought the cupcake recipe book when it first came out! But better late than never! :) Now to connect up via Cronometer!

Terri Chalnick

Terri Chalnick . 10 months ago

Tara, what about yogurt. Plain, whole milk, Greek?

Florida Living

Florida Living . 10 months ago

No animal products go into my body... if you want to share vegan tips I am all ears :)

Diane Bruyère

Diane Bruyère . 10 months ago

Thanks I’ll check it out!

Diane Bruyère

Diane Bruyère . 10 months ago

We’ve already tried to find the problem and couldn’t! But I miss having access to you recipes,I just purchased your cupcake book and it’s amazing. Have you published other recipe books?

Diane Bruyère

Diane Bruyère . 10 months ago

Finally got Chrome but still can’t open your website! 😭😭😭

Diane Bruyère

Diane Bruyère . 10 months ago

Just received my Keto Cupcake from you! Love the intro with all the information! Love it!!! Thanks!

Mike Krueger

Mike Krueger . 10 months ago

I signed up for a free cronometer account but the "click here" for 10% off link didn't work...how can I get the discount to sign up for cronometer gold? Thx. Love your videos.

Zen Kahlo

Zen Kahlo . 10 months ago

What a great fine tuning video! I just found you and subscribed! Cant wait to catch up with your videos.thank you

Diane Dolansky

Diane Dolansky . 10 months ago

A helpful video - could have saved myself a lot of time the past 2 years looking this stuff up! Our labelling in Canada must be different since products, like cream, are clearly labelled with .4, never say 0 carbs. But I see that prepared foods, like keto snacks and crackers from the US can be deceptive, and I've learned to read labels carefully or pay the price. 😉

Kaye Szymanski

Kaye Szymanski . 10 months ago

Scallops have carbs! Just sayin' Thanks for your video. 👊

Amy Camp

Amy Camp . 10 months ago

I sent a friend request on cronometer

Relax Good

Relax Good . 10 months ago

Zero Carbs lol 😂 😂 😂

Marian King

Marian King . 10 months ago

Read labels carefully..

Seven Sparrows Farm

Seven Sparrows Farm . 11 months ago

Thanks for this Tara!!!

Dr. Fred Jones, The Book Coach

Dr. Fred Jones, The Book Coach . 11 months ago

Thanks for the educational content...this is really informative.

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