Atkins Nutritionals

Atkins Nutritionals

Published on 12 years ago

How does the Atkins Diet work? Why does the Atkins Diet work? Science and Consumers agree that living a low carb lifestyle is an excellent way to lose weight and generate extra energy. For more information please visit

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Chardelra Conner

Chardelra Conner . 2 months ago

"Atkin like a LUGGGRRL eat healthier d€n yummy" ©

Michael Gibson

Michael Gibson . 3 months ago

It is a life style change on it 17 years ago lost 50 pounds. But went back to junk food a few years later and put the weight back on. Getting ready to jump back into it. And yes it is harder to get going but I love the notion I can lose weight thru Ketosis. I start tomorrow. bought the food I need. the family will eat their meals. But I am back on my journey. My dietician told me 8 pounds would be enough to lose. I think more like 30 pounds.


TheGhjgjgjgjgjg . 4 months ago

I put myself on the Atkins diet when I was 13 and ended up losing 60-70 pounds over the course of 6-12 months. YES it works, it's simple to follow but requires DISCIPLINE. It really is that simple

Tara Brown

Tara Brown . 4 months ago

Not sure chemically what was going on with me in March of 2011, but I went from 240 to 195 in just a month doing Induction. I was having seconds on steak and veggies, eating Swiss and cheddar cheeses, and ate like 2 Endulge bars a day. If this hadn’t happened, I know I’d have missed out on such a miracle!! I had a line dance workshop in Atlanta just in time for the weight loss, and I don’t remember the exact inches I lost in my waist, but my arms went down 2 inches each!! Atkins is a miracle!! Of course this happened at age 29.

Douglas Hagan

Douglas Hagan . 5 months ago

People on a carbohydrate diet are consuming two cups of sugar a day no wonder the kids got diabetes too no wonder the guys 400 lb

Dina N

Dina N . 5 months ago

I did Atkins for several months about 20 years ago. Not only did I lose tons of weight, gain tons of energy, achieve mental clarity, eliminate my low grade depression, reverse prediabetis, lower cholesterol but the greatest benefit was that sense of euphoria I was able to achieve. These days, I’ve been researching all the latest diets like keto or lchf etc. After all of this, I’ve come to the conclusion that for insulin resistance, hypercortisolism (Cushings), Atkins is still the best way to go along with fasting. Ty Dr. Atkins. RIP

Jose Samaniego

Jose Samaniego . 7 months ago

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good one

good one . 7 months ago

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Fabian . 7 months ago

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john redcorn

john redcorn . 7 months ago

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Αγape . 8 months ago

Only real food with healthy fat works.

madeline morphy

madeline morphy . 8 months ago

4:44 "intrical" is not a word. "integral" is what she meant , I think.


Buccoroos . 10 months ago

Enough with these damn bots commenting

Iziy Zyy

Iziy Zyy . 10 months ago

My weight before 99, i tried atkin for 3 month. Now my currently weigh 82 kg. And its heal my gerd. Thanksss. Still going on w atkin.. ❤️❤️

ra dow

ra dow . 10 months ago

I need this.


D L . 11 months ago

Learning the carbohydrate threshold is key. Ketosis os ok to get started but is not good long term imho. Low carb works best for me. It just takes some experimentation to learn your personal carb limit. Good luck to everyone. Atkins is great common sense to lose that fat and feel better

Tweeter & The Monkey Man

Tweeter & The Monkey Man . 1 year ago

U need to watch your BMI.


fearonspencerful . 1 year ago

We don’t need your crappy products. You corporate leaches.

Tess C

Tess C . 1 year ago

I’m in the second week but still confused about how to keep 20gr net carb! It’s 2-3 broccoli! Then, I wonder if peanut butter and sugarless gelatin with cool whip can be eaten in this phase... anyone? I have lost only 3 pounds. Disappointing...

The Absurd Vegan Aka Don Derrickson

The Absurd Vegan Aka Don Derrickson . 1 year ago

Was on the Atkins diet for over a decade....kept all the 230 pounds packed on....then I went vegan and the weight came off.

yeison rojas

yeison rojas . 1 year ago

Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to learn about atkins bar coupons printable 2015 try Voneyton Uncontrollable Progression (just google it ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy got cool results with it.

Tweeter & The Monkey Man

Tweeter & The Monkey Man . 1 year ago

I lost 35lbs in 3 years while on the Akins diet!!


ScienTechie . 2 years ago

I thought this was a good video until they started trying to sell their Atkins products. I've been on this before and it worked. But had a hard time on the Keto.


Pollianna . 2 years ago

I need to lose 22lbs to be at my ideal weight. I have never had this problem before. Slowly slowly the company I kept encouraged me to eat sugar. I think I am now addicted..Day 2 Atkins today..I am confident. God bless Dr Atkins..He knew and he knew he knew.

Ken Barnes

Ken Barnes . 2 years ago

Been on Atkins for 3 years now. Lost 70 lbs. Still need to lose 60 more. Diagnosed 30 years ago with acid reflux - it totally went away in 3 days on Atkins. BP and blood work are now great.


Modelt5000 . 2 years ago

Cancel Rob Lowe!!

Scott Hanley

Scott Hanley . 2 years ago

Very ill informed advice. A whole food plant based diet is what everyone should be following. The Atkins diet is dangerous for human frame

John Snow

John Snow . 3 years ago

It is a devious diet. You might get thinner but for certain people it will increase the risk of premature death from all cause mortality. The Atkins foundation has been sued already, more may come.

Sonya Blade

Sonya Blade . 3 years ago

Atkins is my go to!!! It is very sustainable and realistic however I sometimes start sneaking in carbs over time and realize the weight gain then I just go back to induction. I love being in ketosis!!!!! So much energy, low low mood swings, and I’m burning my own fat!! Thanks Dr. Atkins for everything.

Jewelry handcrafted by Sherry LeMeilleur

Jewelry handcrafted by Sherry LeMeilleur . 3 years ago

I did it years go and lost 44 pounds n three months I didn’t feel deprived at all ! And I felt amazing!! It’s been over 10 years and lots of stress with life but now I got time to focus on me and someone who actually supports my health decisions! So I restarted this today ! I know for a fact it works ! So I’m very excited to restart this journey !!


L D . 3 years ago

A year now on keto. Results are amazing. Never will eat car-bage again.


YouGottaBeKidding . 3 years ago

I had to lose about 35 pounds so through trial and error I have discovered something that seems to be working so far. I alternate the Atkins diet and 1200 daily calories every other day. So far I've lost 1 pound every day for a week, 7 pounds total. Of course I expect to lose less each week after this but the main thing is that the weight is coming off on this plan and not so fast on other diets I've been on. And believe me I've been on many! On my Atkins day I do not count carbs but I also do not eat anything with carbs except vegetables. I also eat both full-fat and light foods. I don't consume Atkins bars or shakes, just pure food. On the 1200 calorie day I eat all the carbs I want within the maximum calories allotted. Anyway, so far this plan is working and I am happy!


J P . 3 years ago

I went on Atkins at age 40 and lost 30 pounds in a month. Now at age 63 with intense weight lifting and running and biking, I've lost 11 pounds in a year while being in Katosis 90% of the time. Why did it stop working?

Petak Zametak

Petak Zametak . 3 years ago

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Hunter Hunter

Hunter Hunter . 3 years ago

interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out atkins no carb diet try Voneyton Uncontrollable Progression ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.

Nycbeat B

Nycbeat B . 3 years ago

Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else is searching for atkins diet weight try Voneyton Uncontrollable Progression (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my partner got cool results with it.

Craig Smith

Craig Smith . 3 years ago

I was diabetic, cholesterol sky high, fat deposits on my liver and obese (230lbs, 5'8.) In just 4 months I lost 58 pounds (172lbs), my diabetes is gone, my cholesterol is stable and the fat deposits on my liver is completely gone. All because of the Atkins diet.

Sonrie Sonrie

Sonrie Sonrie . 3 years ago

Day 1 of Atkins if anyone has any tip that can help me through please share it with me 🙌

Don Sebastian

Don Sebastian . 4 years ago

Am I really the only one who has wondered why in the world he would need a fork to eat a atkins bar? 6:45

J. C.

J. C. . 4 years ago

So just stop eating cakes Candy's pizzas burgers n sodas n work out I'll be good 👍

J. C.

J. C. . 4 years ago

Why is it hard to find a fuckin diet I can do wit the shit I have at home. Something simple man. Fuuuuck


jujea . 4 years ago

Weight loss shouldn't be the only goal.  The internal damage Atkins' followers are doing to their bodies and overall health will surface over time.  False prophet message.

Adrian Thorburn

Adrian Thorburn . 4 years ago

Don't give a damm about the animals,only you're wants and the way you look are important,to hell with the environment,spend your way to your own happiness,indulge yourself and forsake others,you will get your reward,

Peter Meissnitzer

Peter Meissnitzer . 4 years ago

How about eating less .


mregias . 4 years ago

The people from the testimonials in the video look still fat, the Atkins diet is good though, just saying the video could show better examples of success stories

Youtube Guest

Youtube Guest . 4 years ago

if anyone is wondering whether or not they should start this diet, start RIGHT NOW! I've been on this diet and lost 75 pounds in 3.5 months with exercise! My sibling who is on this and doesn't exercise still lost 50 pounds in 5 months. Definitely worth it!


Marcfj . 4 years ago

An Atkins advocate told me just the other day that I was most likely torpedoing my weight loss efforts by eating so much sugary fruits. So I ditched the mangoes, grapes, bananas and got rid of my brown rice. And although I ate a lot of strawberries and blueberries with full fat yogurt yesterday, I was three pounds lighter today. However, I am not going to jump to any conclusions until I shed at least 15 more pounds of blubber. Only then will I know this diet is working for me.

Denise Rendon

Denise Rendon . 4 years ago

Just started the Atkins diet.. I'm on day 3 and already lost 4 pounds. :-)


Sage . 4 years ago

I've lost a little over 14lbs on Atkins and nearing the end of my 2nd month. Because I took a small break and am getting closer to my goal, the weight loss is slowing down but I'm happy with the results. I was on a plateau for awhile and just could not get the weight down, that's why I picked up Atkins in the first place. It's helped so much. In total, I've lost over 40lbs since deciding to lose weight.

Phil Bozeman

Phil Bozeman . 5 years ago

Yes, it does work! The atkins diet is one of the most effective and reliable ways to lose weight. Carbs make us fat; not fat just itself. They (carbs) do that by triggering the increased secretion of pro-fat storage hormone, insulin. In particular, when carbs are in excess, the excess as converted into glycogen then stored in the liver and muscle cells but since the glycogen stores are limited, the increased intake of carbs prompts the body to convert the excess glucose to fatty acids and glycerol, which are then stored in the various fat stores around the body. So when you reduce the intake of carbs, you effectively reduce the amount of insulin that ends up being secreted, open up the fat stores for metabolism and reduce the body’s inclination to store fat. When you pair low carbohydrate intake with high fat and high protein intake, you have a perfect recipe for weight loss. How is that? Well, fats and proteins tend to have satiating effects, which essentially means that if your diet involves lots of fats and proteins, you are unlikely to want to keep eating because these two macronutrients are filling and take longer to be digested. This ultimately makes it easy to lose weight and keep it off. The atkins diet is one of the most effective and reliable ways to lose weight. This book is where I started. It's a great way to get things going and meet your goals.

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