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Minecraft Mobs If They Were Parents


Published on 2 weeks ago

Mobs have Parents and this is what they're like! haha they're so funny, I wish Minecraft mobs were my parents.

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Today we're checking out what these NEW Minecraft Mobs if they were Parents are like! Each of the mobs have new items to test out. Let us know in the comments below which was your favorite part!

Minecraft Mobs if they were Parents

#Minecraft #Mob #Parents


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Comments :


Nam Bao NGUYEN . 3 minutes ago

Can you please do one if mobs had pets and make the iron golem’s pet be a gorilla


tiger . 2 hours ago

The baby mobs are adorable


Moose888 . 4 hours ago

LMAO the thumbnail: I thought the iron golem was chucking their child off a cliff bc I couldn’t see the whole title. But cute video

Jennifer Warren

Jennifer Warren . 5 hours ago

my fav was the Endermen

The bloop.

The bloop. . 8 hours ago

the enderman one was the cutest one.

Super monkey

Super monkey . 12 hours ago

Awwwwwwwwww so cute!


•Yuruii• . 18 hours ago

Why was the skeleton baby so cute tho-

Niki S

Niki S . 1 day ago

and villager

Niki S

Niki S . 1 day ago

there's already offspring zombies

gary jones

gary jones . 1 day ago

The goats are a cute family🥺


artacoono . 1 day ago

I saw that the baby enderman teloported

Travis Watters

Travis Watters . 1 day ago

The Skelton is cute.

The Bois Game Night!!

The Bois Game Night!! . 1 day ago

hold up there are already baby zombie-

Francioly De Jesus Ryan

Francioly De Jesus Ryan . 1 day ago

cuteness OVERLOAD ^^

Doggone FAST

Doggone FAST . 2 days ago

The ice charge kinda reminds me of the Lazer Wisp with one of the ice charge's abilities.

Double Dogee

Double Dogee . 2 days ago

The baby gast was a texture from a pet in Minecraft dungeons


bruhless . 2 days ago

Here from the cursed judges video lol

Mycaella Tagalog

Mycaella Tagalog . 2 days ago

Can you make a video surviving with the things pls

Cicero the Neko knight plays all🦑🍙

Cicero the Neko knight plays all🦑🍙 . 2 days ago

this is bloody adorable

Roland Cunan

Roland Cunan . 2 days ago

Did you know iron golem don’t take fall damage

Malene Sainz

Malene Sainz . 2 days ago

so cuteeeee baby mobs and toys the have :D :) ♥

Presley Grace

Presley Grace . 2 days ago

The babies are cute#

khurshid nayab

khurshid nayab . 2 days ago

the babby endrman was soo cute babby enderman teme


SCP-049 . 2 days ago

Title: if mobs were parents Thumbnail: *yeet the child*

Eric French

Eric French . 2 days ago

all of them😍😘😇😗☺

Aryan’s Channel

Aryan’s Channel . 2 days ago

The zombie parent warden like this

Andy liu

Andy liu . 2 days ago

Little brother favorite is zombie

Aldon Serna

Aldon Serna . 3 days ago

Parents did you like I like the Gaslite because the baby gets a iPhone so annoying in the fire also another baby animal I like was the baby and the baby Skilton

Lex Jones

Lex Jones . 3 days ago

And is sort of a weed

Lex Jones

Lex Jones . 3 days ago

The moss spreads in irl

Kristina Petry

Kristina Petry . 3 days ago


Lightstrike 612

Lightstrike 612 . 3 days ago

What happens if you hit the baby bender man

Stephen Harvey

Stephen Harvey . 3 days ago

That would actually be pretty cool if spiders shot cobwebs at you... It would make it so useful and add a little challenge

Jeriah Jacob

Jeriah Jacob . 3 days ago

Actually I think it’s been delivered so sorry for that

Jeriah Jacob

Jeriah Jacob . 3 days ago

Where is my poster now I’ve been waiting for for One year


Gamer-Lotl . 3 days ago


Daniel Yi

Daniel Yi . 3 days ago

When Lightning strikes a villager it turns into a Witch


♡CrystalCloudC♡ . 3 days ago

This is actually really cute

Hunter Hunter

Hunter Hunter . 3 days ago


alida flus

alida flus . 4 days ago

The skeleton patting the baby skeleton’s head was so cute 🥺

Krisztian Barta

Krisztian Barta . 4 days ago

this is stupid

Aurora P MiraculousGachaAlleyCat

Aurora P MiraculousGachaAlleyCat . 4 days ago

Those babies are ADORABLE 🥰!:D

Krishnaraj Sajitha

Krishnaraj Sajitha . 4 days ago

What happend to your face camera

Trent Playzzz

Trent Playzzz . 4 days ago

If you were talking when the loud music was playing then- bruh


Pickster . 4 days ago



ryan . 4 days ago

Was that black zombie really wanted to do rock climbing ?

@Alita_Gl,Roblox,mc Lover

@Alita_Gl,Roblox,mc Lover . 4 days ago

are you and craftee brother's? Cause you sounded like him

Galactic Ninja

Galactic Ninja . 4 days ago

that’s rude :(

Saif Gamer 225

Saif Gamer 225 . 4 days ago

Can you do des in a Real world and beat the end dragon

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