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The Story Of Minecraft's Pillagers


Published on 2 weeks ago

The insane, lore based story of Minecraft's Pillagers! How they came to be and why they do not like the villagers of Minecraft.


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Comments :

Akiel rillera

Akiel rillera . 53 minutes ago

Fat nuts lol

Asharene Prior

Asharene Prior . 1 hour ago

My theory Once upon a time there was a group of 5 villagers one was a weapon Smith one was a fletcher two were clerics and one was a nitwit they called themselves the vulligers. The village was so excited because a new minecraft update was coming out the village and pillage update The vulligers didn't want the new update so they tried to persuade the villagers into thinking the new update wasn't going to make anything better. Unfortunately, for the vulligers the villagers didn't believe them. The vulligers got so angry about this that their skin became grey. The vulligers had their name changed to Illigers and they really liked it. They all had their names changed Fletcher to Pillager Weapon Smith to Vindicator Cleric1 to Evoker Cleric2 to Illusioner Nitwit to Ravanger Mojang (the creators of Minecraft) didn't like the Illusioner so they banned him. Now wanting vengeance for their friend the Illigers came and wanted to destroy Mojang The players started being nice to the villagers and became one of them Unfortunately for the players there was no room in the village so they moved into the Illagers houses Now wanting vengeance for their friend their houses and arguments they stormed out of the village to build outposts mansions and banners to match their new handsomeness. Then they made raid captains and patrols and raids to get back at the village One night the Evoker and the Ravanger were making potions The Ravanger drunk a potion to become a bull The Illagers had children creating the Illager world full of outposts and mansions

S.Deepthi Reddy

S.Deepthi Reddy . 3 hours ago


Familie Wal

Familie Wal . 4 hours ago

Deez nuts不不不不不不不

Teal Chick'n

Teal Chick'n . 5 hours ago

6:14 i laugh cuz look at the obsidian

Demonic Wizard

Demonic Wizard . 7 hours ago

3:00 the fact that the Villager was sleeping on the wrong side of the bed


Y A . 17 hours ago

Sir you nuts need shavin

Random Content Uploader

Random Content Uploader . 24 hours ago

this is so epic

#1 Deadly Insaan

#1 Deadly Insaan . 1 day ago

mc yummy


RNS FF . 1 day ago

Good job1 2 3 4 5 days

emmc (electronicmeminecrafting)

emmc (electronicmeminecrafting) . 1 day ago

bru that was the BEST ENDING ever 10/5 star ending

Mr. Muffin

Mr. Muffin . 1 day ago

I actually think that the ravagers are a combination of iron Goldman and villagers, due to the bulky structure and the limbs heavily resemble that of an iron golem, also a villager could not have that much brute force


DARKENBLURR . 1 day ago

Perfect story

Andrew Jacques

Andrew Jacques . 1 day ago

"Hello sir, do your nuts need shaving?" This is a servant in a nutshell


Niaomi . 2 days ago

Is this a bed time story or smth cuz this is definitely my favorite


Wadewho . 2 days ago

of cource


Wadewhen#5448 . 2 days ago

of cource

Renisa Fazlic

Renisa Fazlic . 2 days ago

U mean Dr vodka 樹樹樹樹


sambonecoker18 . 2 days ago

@sipover make a part two and a whole 7 season series


X-Tonfy . 2 days ago

Why dose your every epic video hqve meme on end

ItzFroilan YTmc

ItzFroilan YTmc . 2 days ago

its MCYUMMMMM bruh Im having fun while watching this

Veeti Sihvonen

Veeti Sihvonen . 2 days ago

If villagers dont build how made the vilahes

ItzFroilan YTmc

ItzFroilan YTmc . 2 days ago

1.69.2 or 1.16 and point 2?

Faisal Chinese

Faisal Chinese . 2 days ago

Amazing story bro

3B-17-Steven & 2B-05-Janice

3B-17-Steven & 2B-05-Janice . 2 days ago


Suy De Shortz

Suy De Shortz . 2 days ago

Fat nuts All the villagers' names are weird

Love Ara

Love Ara . 2 days ago

Yep thats definitely MC Yum


Cakemix . 3 days ago

Best mc story i have ever seen


Hoodie . 3 days ago

The captions said fat club

Thomas productions 2022

Thomas productions 2022 . 3 days ago


Thomas productions 2022

Thomas productions 2022 . 3 days ago



TheaDaUnicorn . 3 days ago

I just love the story a lot of rp keep up the good progress:)


Robertland . 3 days ago


Guillekoyama Gamer

Guillekoyama Gamer . 3 days ago

i hate dad player


Cat . 3 days ago

Do you nuts need shaving 不不不不不不

salon Plus VLCC

salon Plus VLCC . 3 days ago

You are not family-friendly anymore


GoldenMinigunner . 3 days ago

I like that voker says "fat nuts"


ChrisDA2 . 3 days ago

I have a question. WHY DO YOU KEEP ON HATING ON OKLAHAHOMA MAN? that's my hometown bruh(I don't live there anymore). its not a "Ghost Town". Where my Oklahoma gang at?

some random pogchamp

some random pogchamp . 4 days ago



WhiteShowSpeed . 4 days ago

"hey sir do you need your nuts shaving?"

leroygroep18 Seffelaar

leroygroep18 Seffelaar . 4 days ago

Hey sipover im a big fan can you give me a commend plzz in a big fan i love your videos

Avatar Aang

Avatar Aang . 4 days ago

I like the fact that according to the thumbnail Christ was actually real in MC


Endersmite . 4 days ago



BadMemes . 4 days ago

The ending was my favorite

Kidd Sly

Kidd Sly . 4 days ago

This came from my Facebook feed and the mid roll ads there are horrible, so now Im here watching it :)


Really? . 4 days ago

Very Good congratulations cool strainer video

Mantas L贖鱉a

Mantas L贖鱉a . 4 days ago

Nah villagers "live" in my automatic raid farm.

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