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Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Activity Part 1 Pam A Cake Shorts
ms_pam_a_cake official

ms_pam_a_cake official

Published on 3 months ago

The Golden Tickets! Fun reading activity!

Comments :

Zakri Syreen

Zakri Syreen . 11 hours ago



TropicTrains . 1 day ago

I remember doing something similar in year 3!


anime😏 . 1 day ago

Your such a nice teacher😲


SPACE DANNY . 2 days ago

Sometimes I wish u was I ur class

sky lea

sky lea . 3 days ago

You talk like cher from clueless


{Cloudy.xxx} . 4 days ago

I just want Pam to be my teacher

Natalie Taylor

Natalie Taylor . 6 days ago

Your my favourite youtuber


¿ToastiehasFound? . 7 days ago

*I have 16 students* ....I can't believe you are luck Ms pam WE ARE 42 STUDENTS


ElectricYt . 1 week ago

You have 16 I have 22 in my 5th grade class I have 6 more classmates than you have students

Kayla Claussen

Kayla Claussen . 2 weeks ago

Where do you teach because I want to be in your class


tasteful . 2 weeks ago

16 students? throughout 6-11 there were 28 in my class..

Bushra Rajput

Bushra Rajput . 2 weeks ago

In my Claas Where 25

Amari Mal

Amari Mal . 2 weeks ago

We all love your videos

Nanu Limbu

Nanu Limbu . 2 weeks ago

In our country students have to surprise those teachers bruh

Princess Kimberly

Princess Kimberly . 2 weeks ago

My class finished the book today and my friends were going and not me 😭 WHYYYYYYY

Lxve Lynch

Lxve Lynch . 2 weeks ago

Just 16 wow they lucky thi we used to have 72 when u was in 3rd grade

Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor . 2 weeks ago

But I'm a girl

Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor . 2 weeks ago

What there's 25 people in Is my classroom but I'm a student

the YouTuber

the YouTuber . 2 weeks ago

16 students in 4th grade there was 28 students in my class

Ezra Purimahua

Ezra Purimahua . 2 weeks ago

I wish i would be in you’re clas

Estela Gonzalez

Estela Gonzalez . 2 weeks ago

My teacher has 25 students

ava giltner

ava giltner . 2 weeks ago

i love watching your videos they’re so funny and amazing! they really make my day so much better!

HarmonyRae MacBlain

HarmonyRae MacBlain . 2 weeks ago

Or the same Pearson that wrote that Charlie and the chocolate factory

HarmonyRae MacBlain

HarmonyRae MacBlain . 2 weeks ago

I am in third grade and my teacher is reading a book called WITCHES By Ronald Dalph

Rawan Tariq

Rawan Tariq . 2 weeks ago

I’m your biggest fan

karma is a bitch Karen

karma is a bitch Karen . 2 weeks ago

You look like Lily from How I Met Your Mother

Sofie Kathleen

Sofie Kathleen . 3 weeks ago

All that candy for only 16 students?!?


Shorts . 3 weeks ago

Bruh my class has 26

james townsend

james townsend . 3 weeks ago

Wait do you live at Myrtle Beach

Opal Bennett

Opal Bennett . 3 weeks ago

Can I go back to third grade and be in ur class lol hahaha



I wish my school was like this

Noob Developer

Noob Developer . 3 weeks ago

I wish I was in this school when I was a kid but I’m in highschool in australia


Rocky95 . 3 weeks ago

Wow!!! You are so amazing I live your videos and your always so creative and caring to your kids!🥰🥰

Honor McDonald

Honor McDonald . 4 weeks ago

17+1=18 is 18 kids in my classroom and I’m only 7

Honor McDonald

Honor McDonald . 4 weeks ago

It’s just me and the 17 kids

Joyce Streber

Joyce Streber . 4 weeks ago

My class which has 24 students

Kaeli Heritage

Kaeli Heritage . 4 weeks ago

I am working on Charlie the chocolate factory and I already tasted the candy especially chocolate

Jackie with WDW

Jackie with WDW . 4 weeks ago

There are 24 people in my class

Jack McCauley

Jack McCauley . 4 weeks ago

In my class we have 29 kids but 4 are always off and different ones so basically 25

Ousmane Faye

Ousmane Faye . 4 weeks ago

I have 27 students

Brittney Hnem

Brittney Hnem . 4 weeks ago

Our class already read Charlie and the chocolate factory

The normal person is back

The normal person is back . 4 weeks ago

I wish she was my teacher


i_vana_t . 4 weeks ago

16 studentsssss??? In my old class, there was 26 of us, we could not even eat half of that about of candy 😭

Elisa Vargas

Elisa Vargas . 4 weeks ago

Your the best

I love gymnastics

I love gymnastics . 4 weeks ago

We read Charlie and the chocolate factory last year in fourth grade


SPEZZ . 4 weeks ago

You seem like a good teacher


Sunnyvale129 . 4 weeks ago

Lol my class has 22 kids

Yuridia Roldan

Yuridia Roldan . 4 weeks ago


Madisyn McCurdy

Madisyn McCurdy . 4 weeks ago

You ate like the best teacher mine would never we have only done one activity and we the students had to bring treats and only two people did

Ayla Sherif

Ayla Sherif . 4 weeks ago

Miss_pan_a_cake:i have 16 students in my class her also getting 25 packs of candy. Me:like dude i have 23 students in my class how many packs would you get for them like 59 right🤣🤣

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