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Class Auction! Preparing Mystery Bags Pam A Cake Shorts
ms_pam_a_cake official

ms_pam_a_cake official

Published on 2 months ago

@Mrs. Bench has the best fidgets!

Comments :

meme 😏

meme 😏 . 21 hours ago

Can u plz make more of these vids??

Keshvi Sureja

Keshvi Sureja . 3 days ago

Don’t we all wish we had her as a teacher


axstheticflower . 5 days ago

Yes!! Mystery bags, you give amazing prizes to your students. If I was your student, I would want to take ALL OF THEM!!


Iiboigod123 . 5 days ago

The fact you didn’t think fortnite toy was inappropriate you are a legend


Iiboigod123 . 5 days ago

Tbh my parents would not even bypuy me a candy bar lol

Lila Smith

Lila Smith . 1 week ago

I wish I had a teacher like her


softgreentea . 2 weeks ago


Isabel Burton

Isabel Burton . 2 weeks ago

So cute! How do they earn the inclass “dollars”?

Sanjeev k Mehra

Sanjeev k Mehra . 2 weeks ago

I love this video nice and god bless you

HelpyEnnard GAMER

HelpyEnnard GAMER . 2 weeks ago

I wish you were my teacher


Kirby . 2 weeks ago

I wish you were my teacher

Rupal Mahajan

Rupal Mahajan . 3 weeks ago

You are my dream teacher

Elli dazzle

Elli dazzle . 3 weeks ago

Even if it meant learning grade 3 stuff again I wouldn’t care I would love to have her !!Your is sooo sweet miss♥️♥️

Raegan’s Vlog

Raegan’s Vlog . 3 weeks ago

I think you teach and treat you wonderful class very well and your funny and I wish you were my teacher.😊

Chris Brewer

Chris Brewer . 4 weeks ago

I wish i had you as a teacher you seem so nice!👩🏼‍🏫👩🏼‍💻❤️🧡🧡💚💙💜

The Marvel Mushroom

The Marvel Mushroom . 4 weeks ago

Can I join this class auction?🥺💕


MunsterThePoi . 1 month ago

I have the French fry popit


BrushAway . 1 month ago

I wish I can go to your school <3 you are amazing

Derin Hajo

Derin Hajo . 1 month ago

Where is this teacher I want her as my teacher

😈ayyy #roadto100😈

😈ayyy #roadto100😈 . 1 month ago

THEY GET FREE POPCORN AND DRINK IN CLASS? bro I only get popcorn and soda water on class movie night 🥺❌

Kelly Lao

Kelly Lao . 1 month ago

i wish you were my teacher 😂

Tatyana K

Tatyana K . 1 month ago

WTF i want that teacher well a couple years ago but it still would Cool

GlowinBell ✨🌲 - #road to 10M

GlowinBell ✨🌲 - #road to 10M . 1 month ago


Ryan Carr

Ryan Carr . 1 month ago

I wish you were my teacher because your the teacher that is in are genariton and gives out cool things and are really nice 😊😊😊

gauri menon

gauri menon . 1 month ago

i have never had an auction :,)

Grushenca Arends

Grushenca Arends . 1 month ago

I bet youre the best teacher to youre students 🥰

Anna Animations

Anna Animations . 1 month ago

I wish I could of had you as a teacher when I was in 3rd grade! I don't remember who I had for 3rd grade but I remember 5th grade was the worst for half a year and than I moved to a different school the kids were so mean at that school and the teachers and the school didn't care at all!😢 I don't think that school should be opened anymore unless it changed which it probably didn't..

G r e e n t e a frvit

G r e e n t e a frvit . 1 month ago

Hey what is the school name by the way

LizaVienice DeLaCuadra

LizaVienice DeLaCuadra . 1 month ago

i wish i was a teacher and do that

Hamstergang 392

Hamstergang 392 . 1 month ago

What grade do you teach?


BoosterRooster . 1 month ago

I wish i did this in 3rd grade

Nolan Johnson

Nolan Johnson . 1 month ago

Bro why are all my teachers so dog water. My teachers make me do boatloads of homework and a test on the same day but this teacher literally lets her kids drink soda in class. Mrs Pam a cake please let me know if you need someone to help in your class I will gladly help lol

Ellie Shields

Ellie Shields . 1 month ago

Omg I would kill to be one of your students what year you teach also can you do a give away and I am asking a lot of things but please shout out I’ve never had one


yuhib . 1 month ago

where the flip does this happen i want to go to this school

Brianna Qualley

Brianna Qualley . 1 month ago

OMG yep I'm transferring schools lol I need fidgets I'm so fidgety lol!

Madison Zulu Unicorn

Madison Zulu Unicorn . 1 month ago

Sometimes I wish I was in your class lol 🤪

Kailey Torres Villanueva

Kailey Torres Villanueva . 1 month ago

Your the best teacher ever

pogi guapo

pogi guapo . 1 month ago

There is a 5th grade teacher and when it was time to line up, kids were talking and she said LINE UP WHERE IS THIS LINE THIS IS 5TH NOT 1ST DO I NEED TO SEPERATE YOU

David Alatorre

David Alatorre . 1 month ago

Your video are amazing 👏😍


Jackarooney2011 . 1 month ago

Imagine a girl got the fortnite character


enderboi . 1 month ago

I wish your were my teacher

Heng Liu

Heng Liu . 1 month ago

Which school do you teach i would love to have you as a teacher


Hello! . 1 month ago

you are so kind! I wish you were my teacher!!


ymixy . 1 month ago

I wish you were my teacher in elementary school 😫 i would love school so much

Vince Nguyen

Vince Nguyen . 1 month ago

I want to go to your school and be in your classroom

Figits asmr

Figits asmr . 1 month ago

Love your videos


Ghastly . 1 month ago

i wanna redo my whole childhood if you where my teacher


sᴀʀᴀʜ𝚐𝚊𝚌𝚑𝚊 . 1 month ago


pogi guapo

pogi guapo . 1 month ago

How is the kid going to eat popcorn because you need to microwave it

Van Nguyen

Van Nguyen . 1 month ago

Who else wishes they were in her class? 🙋‍♀️

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