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Inside The Strange, Psychic World Of Indigo Children


Published on 6 years ago

Gavin Haynes has come from England to America to investigate the secret world of Indigo Children, a select group of people who believe they were born with "indigo" auras and possess special and supernatural traits and abilities. Though many of these children have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD by health care professionals, Indigo parents maintain that their children do not have these conditions, but are instead running on a different astral plane unbeknownst to regular people. Critics maintain that these children are not receiving proper mental health care.

On his journey for answers, Gavin has his aura photo taken, undergoes a holistic dentistry examination by a mother/daughter Indigo pair, and attends a concert for Indigo rap duo The Underachievers, who are preaching Indigoism as a way of life.

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Comments :

Kayla Bruyere

Kayla Bruyere . 3 hours ago

VICE is a beacon of information in the world and TRUELY does have the ability to spread a great message to a broad audience. Go on and keeping going with this, but live kindly and keep others emotions in mind. The world is a cruel place for sensitive beings, always act out of love. To all the other beings, I am here and I see you and I appreciate everything you do. Everyday you decide to wake up is a blessing. You are worth it, DO THE THING.


Adow369 . 1 day ago

Indigenous child

Jordan Course

Jordan Course . 1 day ago

I’m not sure if I’m indigo but I was diagnosed with ADHD but I had a hard time relating to people in my age group. I can sense when someone or something has bad energy. I always question everything. I always have energy and when I close my eyes i can see everything or at least a lot of things can’t really explain it.

Admin John

Admin John . 2 days ago

it is odd, to find out at the age of 60 who I am. I scored 100%

J Stevenson

J Stevenson . 2 days ago

YES IM AN EMPATH INDIGO ive known since I was born....


My2t1c . 2 days ago

I was told I was an indigo Now I'm struggling with the consequences of 23 years of untreated ADHD


azorian888 . 3 days ago

one of my friend , saw all the auras once at a party she looked at me amazed by the light and told me.... BRUNO ur a angel 😲

Fuzzy Friends Rescue Volunteer

Fuzzy Friends Rescue Volunteer . 3 days ago

I grew up in the late 70s / early 80s when teachers could, for the most part, still teach using their own methods. I credit my 2nd grade teacher for educating me on the subject and teaching me how to see auras.

Emily K

Emily K . 4 days ago

I want to believe them, but a part of me senses a true indigo person does not know they are an indigo until they're spiritually ready. And when they do know, they would never exploit it for their own gains.

Claire H

Claire H . 4 days ago

If he’s an indigo why was his Ora orange. I like how this is the questions I’m having about this 💀

. 5 days ago

Again most of the people its showing on here are just full of themselves you can tell if someone is really indigo or just feeding you lies

. 5 days ago

The guy he sat down with was lying he only told him what he thought he wanted to hear not everyone needs to be indigo to be accepted please dont lie about being indigo it really hurts the rest of us most of us do not feel we higher or better then others but have more of an understanding of the world around us

Steven DeLaCueva

Steven DeLaCueva . 5 days ago

Thank God for skeptical big brothers!

violet smith

violet smith . 6 days ago

They should probably put this on some sort of ADHD diagnostic criteria "And does your mom think that you are somehow more spiritually enlightened than the rest of the population by merely existing? Yes? Interesting."

Rob Castel

Rob Castel . 1 week ago

pharmaceutical companies salivating: clearly its ADD


W W . 1 week ago

People are desperate to be different and special. Desperate to stand out from the crowd. They need to get a grip and get jobs and not sell pebbles and tuning forks.

Natasha Jackson

Natasha Jackson . 1 week ago

The indigo children are here to show humanity how we have been brainwashed. They are here to challenge the system of things. They are bringing higher perspectives and high vibrational energy to assist in waking up humanity. Humanity needs to wake up to the horrors that we've been doing to each other and we must unite. These are the last days of earth, which is why, right now, there is a mass awakening happening. Love to all. Be kind to everyone for you are every one. We are all connected, we are all God. He is all there is.


Aneeuuhaa . 1 week ago

Ok I officially say BBC is misinformation

jackie scorpio

jackie scorpio . 1 week ago

They're all self diagnosed too. hahahaha.... Except for the artist. Her mom diagnosed her when she was an "infant" LOL . Speaking of narcissist Doc, she was a perfect example of..... yep, narcissism

Arvelle Whitaker

Arvelle Whitaker . 1 week ago


The Mad Carver

The Mad Carver . 1 week ago

I am one....

Alexpmgr8 K3

Alexpmgr8 K3 . 1 week ago

I. . I am one.


gabs1028 . 1 week ago

Yeaaaa.. “sugared iced tea” has me dyinggg 😂… yea.. any kid would come down after giving them what they want.. I calm down after a cup of coffee


Deion . 1 week ago

“Im indigo” source: the internet


Deion . 1 week ago

If someone told me they were indigo and chosen ones i would laugh in their face 😂

Melissa Roldan

Melissa Roldan . 1 week ago

Funny thing is (not saying I believe in all this, but) the guy was “diagnosed” as an indigo and said he doesn’t see any of his passions bringing any joy to the world. Yet, he’s literally doing that by participating in this documentary. Think of all the people who enjoyed this video…🤔


Mrspicyhamster . 1 week ago

These kids will be in silence, if they are indeed connected to the source, nobody will ever know who they are because they have complete lack of ego in order to channel the true power of creation.

Karly Q

Karly Q . 2 weeks ago

a woman named Summerhawk Wolf says she was more comfortable out in nature or solitude than she was in school with other kids. Go figure


B S . 2 weeks ago

@11:40 oh we refused medication and just gave her sugar. Great parenting right there 🤣


B S . 2 weeks ago

Yes everyone wants their child to be special but in reality they're are all just afraid of mediocrity

cassie meza

cassie meza . 2 weeks ago

Watching this made me realize...that "indigo" people don't exist.

Koyi Yok

Koyi Yok . 2 weeks ago

The idea that we are all born different, different cultures, different ideas (outside of the colonized, capitalist mold) really whizzes past a lot of people.

chris verbaas

chris verbaas . 2 weeks ago


Reaper grimm

Reaper grimm . 2 weeks ago

Wack. Hand me the toad dmt

VersatileMinds Sales & Distribution !Ms McClain!

VersatileMinds Sales & Distribution !Ms McClain! . 2 weeks ago

I’m indigo definitely n caffeine n sugar calm me too I fall asleep not hyper at all and I avoid caffeine for that reason

Bomba Rosa

Bomba Rosa . 2 weeks ago

"I'm an Indigo child, he is, you are, we are all special", but then nobody is special actually


collinsfriend1 . 2 weeks ago

It too bad the dentist's daughter won't get the help she needs. The talk about a learning disability as if it were shameful. A taint. Sad. Isolating them, making them feel irreconcilibly different. They are being set up for a fall, once they find out they aren't above everyone. And there are many many who will be sure to make those boundaries in their social interactions.

Johnny Chow

Johnny Chow . 2 weeks ago

Well, I just found out online that I’m an “Inbingo Child”, does that make me special? LOL!

Angelica Borghi

Angelica Borghi . 2 weeks ago

Is using the comic sans font everywhere part of the spiritual awakening?


Pinkmeowmix . 2 weeks ago

Absolutely love, love the mother daughter towards the end who had incredible artwork. You could see not only how proud the mother was in her face but also as the mother talked about her, you see the daughter look So happy and proud herself.

Robert Barney

Robert Barney . 2 weeks ago

For my parents generation Rock n Roll seemed undisciplined and wild. For me Rap seems hateful, angry, absolutely demonic, without love. I never remember the "naughty little boy" words used so frequently. What world are the indigos ushering in?


IntuitiveTarotReadings . 2 weeks ago

Im a choosen one and and indigo child.

Real Talk

Real Talk . 2 weeks ago

People ARE diagnosing personality types as mental illnesses. Some ppl: "Are you rightfully angry thats a mental illness. Are you shy? Thats a mental illness. Are you hyper? Thats a mental illness. Are you sad? Thats a mental illness. Are u Eccentric? Thats a mental illness." U see where I'm getting

Ozzy Logano

Ozzy Logano . 2 weeks ago

All this says some ppl more in touch with right hemisphere of brain than left. If you listen to geniuses they’ll tell you that the right hemisphere has a genius that the left could never compare with since it’s based on logic (what is known) where right explores unknown and is connected to love.

Paul Prevatt

Paul Prevatt . 2 weeks ago

There is an energy field which can be viewed around a person but it's just an energy field. Nothing magical or mystical about it. I think these people just need a good dose of scientific medicine.

Jerry Phillips

Jerry Phillips . 2 weeks ago

The mom of serafina when they walked outside you see her intently listening as if the responses had been rehearsed and when serafina achieved this the mother approvingly nods. That’s really telling.I’ve


ArchNihilist . 2 weeks ago

How many of these people are the product of acid or the children of dead heads? Seems completely illogical and a way to Hussle people for money. We need to drop this notion that people are special and that our purpose is more than to live and die, nothing more

Don Corleone

Don Corleone . 2 weeks ago

Looks like some were just brainwashed by the parents


alishaoverbay . 2 weeks ago

its definitely demons behind this


bluesclues345 . 2 weeks ago

People call themselves empathy because they feel empathy. But hype being an empath as if it’s a super power. God come please

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