Jeremy Ethier

Jeremy Ethier

Published on 3 years ago

At first glance, intermittent fasting for weight loss (and more importantly “fat loss”) seems pretty counter intuitive. The idea of skipping breakfast, consuming zero calories for several hours on end and then feasting within a designated time period goes against much of what’s typically believed to be optimal for fat loss and muscle retention. However, the truth is, intermittent fasting comes with several benefits that makes losing weight much easier to do. And when done properly, intermittent fasting can be a great tool to help you lose fat faster and for good – all without sacrificing tons of muscle mass in the process. In this video I’ll not only go through the various intermittent fasting benefits, but I’ll show you exactly how to do intermittent fasting to see the best results. We’ll cover how to begin fasting, the types of meals you should be eating, what an intermittent fasting diet looks like, whether you should train fasted or not, and so on. Give it a watch for the ultimate intermittent fasting guide! Cheers!





Intermittent fasting for fat loss systematic review:
Circadian rhythms:
Females vs males fasting:
Artificial/natural sweeteners:
Calories/protein/post-workout timing:
Meal frequency and satiety:
Meal frequency and metabolism:
4 meals optimal for protein synthesis:

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Jeremy Ethier

Jeremy Ethier . 3 years ago

Thank you so much for helping me reach 800K everyone! I am truly humbled and grateful for your continued support and positivity, so thank you. Hope you enjoyed this video – for those who haven’t yet done so don’t forget to give me a follow on Instagram ( ) to stay updated! Cheers!


FSC . 2 days ago

He is so good looking! 😉

Cali Love Bug

Cali Love Bug . 2 days ago

This is completely FALSE!! Watch Dr. Jason Fung for accurate information.

Gustavo Ruiz de Chavez

Gustavo Ruiz de Chavez . 3 days ago

Question- protein intake is 124 grams per meal for a 170 lb individual like the video examples?? That about 4 oz for the whole day or for each meal??

Country Homestead

Country Homestead . 7 days ago

If I take my weight 360lbs x 13 ..its over 4000 calories!!! That can't be what I eat to lose weight. I eat less than that and still gain . Somethings wrong with that equation lol

Win Er

Win Er . 1 week ago

Great video. Thanks

Isan Bloom

Isan Bloom . 2 weeks ago

The key is to exercise, if you do a 5-10km run/jog in the morning followed by a protein shake then weight training in the evening (aim to burn 400-500 calories in that second workout of the day) then you’ll be set to lose weight gradually. It’s not just what you eat (the most important part) and when you eat it (the tool that helps you optimize weight loss), it’s also how often and how well you exercise. There’s no science that will say otherwise, do all 3 Es (Exercise, Eat Right, Eating Window) and you WILL succeed if you’re consistent and wise enough to have a good stretching routine and off days (not cheat days, off days).

insiya Ashfaq shakir

insiya Ashfaq shakir . 2 weeks ago

Explained so calmly and with reference to evidence from papers. Kudos


Z S . 2 weeks ago

I wish there was a guide like this for people with chronic gastritis who wish to start working out or lose fat.

drew nicholson

drew nicholson . 2 weeks ago


Gabriel Cruz

Gabriel Cruz . 3 weeks ago

Can I eat breakfast then just eat during dinner?

Katie Elizabeth Photography

Katie Elizabeth Photography . 4 weeks ago

Hopefully this helps me loss belly fat and bloating but the water 💦 also makes me bloated in pee still bloating

losa sakarosa

losa sakarosa . 1 month ago

Personally, 14-10 works amazingly. 16-8 ( everyday) is a little intense for me.


CUT THE FAT . 1 month ago

If you are reading this I pray you'll become more healthy and successful.😊🙏


teeduck . 1 month ago

I did 16/8 for a month and gained weight. It’s BS. Lies

mdtalha Sheik

mdtalha Sheik . 1 month ago



AquaGrizzbear . 1 month ago

I got confused and no wonder because the clock in the video was upside down 🤣

faustino ruck

faustino ruck . 1 month ago

Lost 75lbs in the last year following Jeremy's tips and dude changed my spent a lot of time crumpled over in a sweaty mess on


MIZER . 2 months ago

You’re the best!

Gabe Jm

Gabe Jm . 2 months ago

I went for a 18:6 fast ratio and two meals during the eating window, no snacking, no grazing, lost almost 50 lbs in six months, providing yo go with quality food and yes, drop the sugars , drop the junk food and lower your carbohydrate intake, increase your protein and your natural fats, drop vegetable oils

Yannick Hamuli

Yannick Hamuli . 2 months ago

You talk about protein and calorie intake but how about carbs? what would be the optimal amount of carbs to ingest in a day for fat loss -


Kay . 2 months ago

Hey Jeremy I followed your video starting Jan/feb and I’m down 30lbs. Fasting works guys I did it but I also did weight training as well. Nothing crazy and it worked.


INSPIRE . 2 months ago

This is such a great tool for cutting. I did this on both of my cuts

Phil A

Phil A . 2 months ago

I'll speak from personal experience. The fatter one is, the more OMAD or 20:4 routine works and the less a 16:8 does.


R C . 2 months ago

You're amazing

Void Map

Void Map . 2 months ago

Fasting means to run fast

Dorian Jones

Dorian Jones . 2 months ago

I know this video is very old but I was wondering what are the best EAA's to get? There are alot that are not descriptive of how much EAA's are on the label or a description of how many mg for each amino.

Lifestyle Brenda

Lifestyle Brenda . 2 months ago

click on my vid to see how fasting changed my life !!

Javier Bonilla

Javier Bonilla . 3 months ago

If I burn 2500 calories a day (including exercise) and I eat 3000 every day but I eat them all in one sitting at 6.00 p.m. every day, without eating anything else nor drinking anything but water, question, will I loose weight thanks to this form of fasting?

Christina Gomez

Christina Gomez . 3 months ago

Love this video and all of the sources very helpful

Eric Rolo

Eric Rolo . 3 months ago

I don’t agree with your theory that it only works because of a calorie deficit. Listen to what dr. Jason fung has to say about IF

Pantera Rocks

Pantera Rocks . 3 months ago

What protein powder do you use Jeremy?

lucas rogotzke

lucas rogotzke . 3 months ago

So I’m 350 pounds and I have to consume 4000-5000 calories I’m only doing 1200 calories is that why I’m actually losing weight and seeing it fly off?

Jason Chavez

Jason Chavez . 3 months ago

I dig the Spyro music tbh

NeKelia Nikki Brown🧿

NeKelia Nikki Brown🧿 . 3 months ago

Are you drinking water through out the day while fasting?


KOmNdGaMeR . 3 months ago

One question is. Is it a good idea to take a protein shake before workout? lets say if the workout is in the "eating" window


steve_onthemoon . 3 months ago

took my body 2 weeks to adapt. i started on 16s had headache first 2 days. other than that not too bad. But a lot of water does help. some days i would eat a bananas before bed. and still saw results on the 16

Sarcastic J

Sarcastic J . 3 months ago

I workout 10:30-11pm 🤔. It's when I have the most energy

Theresa McCuaig

Theresa McCuaig . 3 months ago

Great video!!

Ryan Rabago

Ryan Rabago . 3 months ago

does fasting really lower metabolism so that isnt ideal?

Giovanni Roche

Giovanni Roche . 3 months ago

Why you never mentioned the metabolic effect of fasting while working out

SchuyFit - Men's Fitness

SchuyFit - Men's Fitness . 3 months ago

Fasting has been an absolute game changer for myself and my clients. I really believe longer fasts (20+ hours) are going to be the future of fitness. (and of course marketers are going to figure out how to ruin it)

Craig Howell

Craig Howell . 3 months ago

I am starting my third week on the 16 /8 fast and thus far I weigh the same I only drink water and I have been in a caloric defecit for the full two weeks eating only fresh foods no processed foods lots of vegetables and protein . I work out after getting up from fasting before I eat to break the fast and don't snack . Does it take time for the fasting to work normally when I diet I lose weight quickly cheers .


BANANA . 3 months ago

I'm currently fasting after recently realizing I was 84th percentile in weight. I fast from 1pm to 7pm (with some cheat days to 8pm) and so far it's going good! I weighed myself this morning and will update in 1 week how much I've lost. Then I'll update in a month. Edit: Wait I can only have 20% junk food? I'm just going to pretend I didn't see that...

Great Health

Great Health . 3 months ago

To lose weight, you don't have to starve yourself, it won't help you. Instead, eat the right kind of food and the right fat, etc.

Daniel Charles Films

Daniel Charles Films . 3 months ago

Thank bro great vid

Medea Endor

Medea Endor . 3 months ago

So stevia is allowed?

The ChosenOne

The ChosenOne . 4 months ago

This video is not accurate

Jeff VQ

Jeff VQ . 4 months ago

Im on fasting right now and i like my results

Mohd Asif

Mohd Asif . 4 months ago

Girls don't like skinny boys! Get muscles like me. I got 3kg of lean muscle in one month. The secret is website called Agoge Diet, because I followed their 30 days meal plan. IM FU**ING STRONG NOW!!!

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