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Glee Did NOT Age Well
Eddy Burback

Eddy Burback

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Comments :

Eddy Burback

Eddy Burback . 2 weeks ago

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Boomsterkinian . 33 minutes ago


Ian McKenna

Ian McKenna . 43 minutes ago

This is my first video of yours, and I can't believe over a million people watched a full 20 minutes of a man not getting satire. Is it the mustache?

House of leaves

House of leaves . 1 hour ago

Hey...where'd your alien video go huh?

Carlie Sznerch

Carlie Sznerch . 2 hours ago

glee wasnt meant to age well that was the point


Mikayla . 5 hours ago

Sometimes I forget what happened to the character who played puck and what he did and then I remember


CalamitYvonne . 6 hours ago

yeah. satire. Every character goes to the absolute extreme of things that actually happened in most peoples high school. Sue Sylvester could never get away with shoving kids into lockers either. But it’s funny that you pick on Will’s character. Matt Morrison is absolutely beautiful. All the characters in this show had to work 16 hour days doing at least five songs per show. It’s actually pretty amazing when you think about it. I guess since you’re not a director or producer, you wouldn’t understand.


Laeiryn . 6 hours ago

Yes please do more :D

My Pen Exploded

My Pen Exploded . 7 hours ago

You look like Mitt Romeny with a beard (Not doing this to be on a tweet of yours, I would never do that)

Blade Boadu

Blade Boadu . 7 hours ago

Don't you think this is a bit of an overanalysis bro, i think you're applying your thoughts on things where they kay not be relevant


chazegail . 9 hours ago

Thanks for this. I've never watched Glee and I never will.

Panda Pirate

Panda Pirate . 9 hours ago

Yo, if you didn’t realize how fucked this show was when it came out then ya’ll got problems. I tried telling people it was creepy but ppl care more about what’s popular

Scary Pickles

Scary Pickles . 10 hours ago

9:39 ayo ayo I am 15 and I watched the show when I was like 12 I think, I never thought of there being a flop till you mentioned it I was just grossed out by the public shower water, thank you for instilling that image into my head🥲

Gooby Logic

Gooby Logic . 11 hours ago

You should do a video talking about the state of iFunny. You were one of the first accounts I followed on there and I haven’t seen anyone talk about how down the pooper the app has gone since the glory days

Emma Cortez

Emma Cortez . 11 hours ago

the writers were truly demented

Georgiee Waltham

Georgiee Waltham . 12 hours ago

Literally had a moment where I was like, wait this is the pilot?!?!?! Please continue this!

Lihuen Baez

Lihuen Baez . 14 hours ago

The fact that you're still in what's largely considered the GOOD part of glee says a lot about what this show is

Christina W.

Christina W. . 15 hours ago

You’re so right. It really was a bad show. The song covers were neat since we didn’t really have good streaming services available yet to hear cool covers of current music, but overall the show was about terrible people doing terrible things. It’s even worse to find out how awful Lea Michele and some of the actors were in real life, too.

Stella Mylchreest

Stella Mylchreest . 16 hours ago

pls watch the next ten

Sofia Lillemets Edman

Sofia Lillemets Edman . 16 hours ago

More please. I would like to have the memory of my childhood shattered a bit more.

Dominic Burke

Dominic Burke . 17 hours ago

Oof back when I was younger this was like the only show w/ lgbt characters I was allowed to watch so …. Yeah it still is weird and bad tho


Jiraffe . 17 hours ago

Idk how else to put it but he looks like Markiplier but with a mustache


GameCrazed . 18 hours ago

You look like an off brand high school musical 2 Zach Efron in this video except with weird eyes. It sounds wrong but I can't get that image out of my head.


Maus . 18 hours ago

You look like Jimmy Kimmel


ricky . 19 hours ago

you look like that one guy


Stormrunner911 . 19 hours ago

It's hard to put into words but you look like an American version of Tom Scott with a mustache.

Ticrific !

Ticrific ! . 20 hours ago

As awful of a fever dream and just... absolutely offensive mess this show is, it was honestly the first time I ever saw gay relationships on tv. It was a huge part of me growing up and realizing “oh hey I’m fruity as hell”

Janine Murdock

Janine Murdock . 20 hours ago

A season and a half? I got partway through the first episode and nope-d right the hell out of there


RunnyFlan . 24 hours ago

This guy looks like Italian PewDiePie idk how to describe it


Ctenophore . 1 day ago

You look JUST like Missy Elliot it's crazy


Ivanehtnoij . 1 day ago

okay, so i think a whole lot of things are blowing waaayyy out of proportion. LIke yes, the show was very problematic, but like half the things mentioned in the first episode, not normal at best.


ImInse4 . 1 day ago

dude you kinda look like tony burback fr

Mia Bailey

Mia Bailey . 1 day ago

More more more

Gabriel Diez

Gabriel Diez . 1 day ago

Anyone ever told you you look like Vsauce Michael?


Kris . 1 day ago

The only fun part about Glee was Jane Lynch simply cuz she owned being a shitty person. I refused to watch it after one to many crappy singing covers. It wasnt a good show to me even as a teenager cuz i had teen nick growing up so i watch Degrassi as a kid and teenager. So i got an actual good version of a teen soap opera. This show is alot worse than i thought it was from the scenes i saw since my little sister use to watch this bs with my mom.

K.M. Fox

K.M. Fox . 1 day ago

You can tell that Glee started off as a really smart black comedy, but popularity and studio pressure to go more broad twisted it until it actually became an accidental parody of itself instead of the genre tropes and fans in later seasons.

Matt B

Matt B . 1 day ago

Ngl you kinda look like CodyKo with a mustache

Helena Teixeira

Helena Teixeira . 1 day ago

Thank you, algorithm ❤ subscribed!

Helena Teixeira

Helena Teixeira . 1 day ago

Rachel blabbing because she wants the part instead of because the teacher is a pedo is actually quite accurate teenage behaviour.

Seth Ritzer

Seth Ritzer . 1 day ago

you look like if pewdiepie had a kid with my dad


SadPandaFace . 1 day ago

OMG you look JUST like Eddy Burback???

John Weiland

John Weiland . 1 day ago

He looks like if Danny devito was short

Dee Nora

Dee Nora . 1 day ago

That is so weird. I just started watching glee. I stopped at season 1. What you expressed in your video is what i was thinking and felt. The promoting on rape culture, teen sexualization and so many more etc. yeah do more videos please.

Michael Pearce

Michael Pearce . 1 day ago

You kinda look like Cody Ko but with glasses and a mustache and a different haircut


djreilly . 1 day ago

you look like pewdiepie if he wasn’t pewdiepie

Matthew J Hawkins

Matthew J Hawkins . 1 day ago

why does he look like a cooler tony??

Cabinet Doorknob

Cabinet Doorknob . 1 day ago

This guy is literally just Markiplier with a mustache


bearisol . 1 day ago

wait is this the road work ahead guy from the vine?


milkman . 1 day ago

eddy kinda looks like pewdiepie

Gina Bo Beana

Gina Bo Beana . 1 day ago

I cant believe how much this guy looks like Tony Burback its crazy!

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