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Foods That Helps To Reduce Weight | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra
The Yoga Institute

The Yoga Institute

Published on 7 months ago

Change your food, change your body. Making the right food choices is key to effective weight management. Watch this video for healthy tips to achieve your weight goals. Eat wise, feel great!

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Comments :

The Science of Living

The Science of Living . 3 days ago

Thank You 😊

Lovepreet Singh

Lovepreet Singh . 3 days ago

I was obese earlier, now I have lost 10 kg with the help of herbal medicines and a diet chart given by Planet Ayurveda. Everyone is surprised by the good change in me.

Uzma Arfi

Uzma Arfi . 5 days ago

Do we have to take these drink in Luke warm wate or normal water

Mukhtar Hussain

Mukhtar Hussain . 1 week ago

Cumine water before or after breakfast??????

Reetuparna Ghosh

Reetuparna Ghosh . 2 weeks ago

Can honey be consumed in hormonal imbalance

Cooking with Ghazal

Cooking with Ghazal . 2 weeks ago

1,honey 2_chia seeds+lemon water 3_cumin water 4_cabbage.brocllie.couliflower 5_dry fruits nuts 6_ apple

Poonam Soni

Poonam Soni . 2 weeks ago

Mam, i have a doubt. All drinks are to be taken in morning that too empty stomach. How to manage ? Should we take one type of drink for a week or what. Please suggest. I am always confused


lalala1234 . 2 weeks ago

Thanks ma'am, good advice, your language is very understandable, thanks a lot

Nuwi Dee

Nuwi Dee . 2 weeks ago

I love the way you talk. It really makes us feel like follow your advice . Thank you Dr

Varsha Vyas

Varsha Vyas . 2 weeks ago

Namskar I find informations useful

Dionne Mason

Dionne Mason . 2 weeks ago

What if you are sinus issues eating nuts

Arun Dhowlathsha

Arun Dhowlathsha . 2 weeks ago

Thank you mam! I will follow your advice as I really want to see change in myself

Sneha Desai

Sneha Desai . 3 weeks ago

Salt ? How salt helps in weight loss?

Seema Ali

Seema Ali . 3 weeks ago

Thanks for your guidance

Sharifah Dusoruth

Sharifah Dusoruth . 3 weeks ago

Is it ok to take 1 tablespoon of honey @ night if one has diabetes?

Shefali Kataria

Shefali Kataria . 3 weeks ago

Can honey be consumed by type 2 diabetic people?

Aarav kumar

Aarav kumar . 3 weeks ago

Mere sister ke weight 65kg the Bhut parsan rahte jisse weight gain ho rhe the tb mujha fb me Ek mam se contact hue Wo mujha weight loss ke mere ko Ayarvadik juice btaiye tb mane apne sister ko try krwaiya 1month me 4kg weight loss hue 3month continue use ke 14kg weight loss hue bhut ache results mile ye Ayarvadik juice or tea se

Jaydeep Patel

Jaydeep Patel . 3 weeks ago

How to increase weight

Rajasvi Khandale

Rajasvi Khandale . 3 weeks ago

Very nice mam 🙏🙏👌👌

Sanket Surwase

Sanket Surwase . 3 weeks ago

Can tea also may be a reason to gain weight?

Asmath Gouhar

Asmath Gouhar . 4 weeks ago

But I heard zeera is dangerous for health by taking regular in water

reshma kanaka

reshma kanaka . 4 weeks ago

Mam I'm mother of 6 month babycan i follow this ?

santha kumari

santha kumari . 4 weeks ago

Please Madam will you give me reply

santha kumari

santha kumari . 4 weeks ago

Good evening Madam lam watching your videos regularly please give me advice s for (chronic kidney disease) diet lam also suffering with vericose veins problem

Sim Hanspal

Sim Hanspal . 4 weeks ago


Komahan Kavirinadan

Komahan Kavirinadan . 4 weeks ago


Hadiza Adamu

Hadiza Adamu . 4 weeks ago

I will forever thank and recommend Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured my type 2 Diabetes with his natural herbs medication

Medha Patki

Medha Patki . 1 month ago

I watch the videos regularly. These are so useful. There are so many videos on YouTube. But Dr.Hansaji is my favorite, She gives like motherly advice . Her personality and voice is very inspiring. Thank you so much Hansaji

suba gopalan

suba gopalan . 1 month ago

Mam pl guide me to recover from cervical spondylosis and vertico problem affected by both

Sadia Sadia

Sadia Sadia . 1 month ago

Very nice madam thank you

The Green Decor

The Green Decor . 1 month ago

I love her advices and its peaceful to listen to her :)

Rizvi Syed

Rizvi Syed . 1 month ago

U r❤

Aruna Malhotra Gaur

Aruna Malhotra Gaur . 1 month ago


Proopesh Babulu

Proopesh Babulu . 1 month ago

Super akka

vivek gupta

vivek gupta . 1 month ago

Thankyou! Madam . Explained everything in details and specifically. Will definitely help to me and many people.

divya nair

divya nair . 1 month ago

Sir whether chia drink, honey and jeers water be consumed for breastfeeding moms

Ashwini Pujari

Ashwini Pujari . 1 month ago

Good information. Thanks a lot. Only one thing I will like to suggest. Nowadays apples are coated with wax to increase their shelf-life, so it is good to remove skin before eating.

Sahar Qasim

Sahar Qasim . 2 months ago

Just want to ask why do we need to soak nuts at night?

Hema Nekkanti

Hema Nekkanti . 2 months ago

Hii everyone If anyone wanna loose weight healthily in a month upto 3 to 5 kgs without fasting can contact me contact number in dp

Subhashini S

Subhashini S . 2 months ago

Any one here who is doing these regularly and found it working? Pls advise

Suraiya Parveen

Suraiya Parveen . 2 months ago


Kavya Balaji

Kavya Balaji . 2 months ago

Can we eat carbohydrate also to loss weight like Rice Chapathi Roti

शिव कुमार शिव

शिव कुमार शिव . 2 months ago

Mam please hindi mai bole na

yasmin shaikh

yasmin shaikh . 2 months ago

Ap hindi mebhi videos banaye please mam

Suman Sharma

Suman Sharma . 2 months ago

Great words mam 💐💐🙏🙏

Shree Navgrah Aashram Ki Rasoi

Shree Navgrah Aashram Ki Rasoi . 2 months ago

Chita seeds must be soaked for 6 to 8 hours

Leanna Alxander

Leanna Alxander . 2 months ago

I love her, God lead me here

Geddam Sujatha

Geddam Sujatha . 2 months ago

Can sabja seeds helps in weight loss?

chinmayi.s. chakravarthy

chinmayi.s. chakravarthy . 2 months ago

Can we have this at the time of menstural cycle?

A Taste of Well-Being

A Taste of Well-Being . 2 months ago

*Get More On diet & Nutrition*

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