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What I Eat in a Day (Indian Food) + Healthy Indian Meal Plan Ideas

Here I am with a video on ‘What I Eat in a day’. I live in India and eat very basic simple Indian meals and Indian food at home. In reality, health and healthy eating is not so complicated and can be achieved with some basic planning at home. These foods that I eat help me stay fit and also lose weight. I hope this video will inspire you and give you ideas to plan and eat healthy Indian meals at home. Indian meals have so much variety and are quite healthy if cooked properly. I will be happy to share more healthy Indian meal planning ideas with you if you are interested. If you enjoy this ‘What I Eat in a Day’ please let me know in the comments. Take care!

0:00 Intro
0:09 Meal 1
0:51 Breakfast
2:03 Indian lunch
3:18 Tea time
4:14 Evening snack
4:44 Post workout meal
5:10 Indian dinner

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay productive!!!

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Created by: Nirupama

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Comments :


SCImplify . 1 year ago

Hey guys!! Let me know if you like this 'What I eat in a day' kind of video. Its a different format than what I usually make, but I totally enjoyed making this video. I will see you guys in my next video!!

supraja sethuraman

supraja sethuraman . 11 hours ago

How many calories does this add upto in a day?

Vipul Patel

Vipul Patel . 21 hours ago

Thanks Anu: for making videos short and subject oriented

Let set Home

Let set Home . 6 days ago

You follow an absolutely healthy diet routine plus workout as well this is something really inspiring for others,thanx for sharing


HITEN SHUKLA . 2 weeks ago

How silly! How did I get here !!!


Ayurverita . 2 weeks ago

Super helpful & cool of you for this! Will definitely be trying these recipes very soon 👩🏽‍🍳

archana pradeep

archana pradeep . 4 weeks ago

how do you stay lean even after eating all these foods??

Varsha Kasbe

Varsha Kasbe . 4 weeks ago

Plz do 21 days challenge

Suneeta Gurnurkar

Suneeta Gurnurkar . 4 weeks ago

That's too much eating 🤔

Dinesh Patel

Dinesh Patel . 4 weeks ago

Too many meals in a day!! No break for your digestive system!!

Roopa R

Roopa R . 2 months ago

Thanks dear for making these videos of food... Very interesting . Request you for the videos of soup.

Sujata Hiremath

Sujata Hiremath . 2 months ago

A very balanced diet intake more preference for fruits.plz put vedeos on diabetic diets

Raksha Sethi

Raksha Sethi . 2 months ago

The background music drowns out the voice. I can't understand


SSS . 2 months ago

Are itni bar khne ki kya jarurat h ji 😂😂 3-4 meals is enough or 90% acidic meal h apki toh jbki kam se kam 50-50 alkaline or acidic hona chiye ✌️✌️✌️

ridhi shekjawat

ridhi shekjawat . 2 months ago

mam plz tell when to eat fruit bec there are lots of confusion on it ?


mbhp2009 . 2 months ago

You have to eat more greens!

Hareen Dran

Hareen Dran . 2 months ago

Who taught you to add salt to your fruits?

Amina Noushad

Amina Noushad . 2 months ago

Urself have done a video in discarding some things from kitchen like nonstick pans .but urself havnt stopped using it why?

María Maier

María Maier . 2 months ago

Your skin looks greasy... maybe you should avoid milk.

Einstein Wallah

Einstein Wallah . 3 months ago

why pancakes ... why oats?

Aman Handa

Aman Handa . 3 months ago

i think Indian diet needs more meat for sure

umadevi karimereddy

umadevi karimereddy . 3 months ago

Without any extra talk s u made it simple and yet so nice

Raja Mukherjee

Raja Mukherjee . 3 months ago

Even after eating so much still malnourished and underweight. Good Lord!! Stick to your mother's diet instead of your Indo-Western crap.

Shantanu Ghosh

Shantanu Ghosh . 3 months ago

Why yourself using non stick cookware ? Do what you preach ☺️

neelam behl

neelam behl . 3 months ago

And it looks like Sara din kitchen mein Raho pakao and Khao.

neelam behl

neelam behl . 3 months ago

If I eat this much food I would have put on so much weight ..first of all someone with insulin resistant this kind of food and quantity I would be full on diabetics and fatty liver and cholestral.

Haria Sahoo

Haria Sahoo . 3 months ago

Assuming the situation in hostel impossible

Nandha Karmegam

Nandha Karmegam . 3 months ago

Omg! That's so much of food 😂😂😂

Manoj Kumar Mandal

Manoj Kumar Mandal . 3 months ago

I like your every vlog....bcz it's scientific and informative vlog

Nidhi Chadha

Nidhi Chadha . 3 months ago

Hiiii…Pls make more of these videos…simple, fast and nutritious food…love it 💕

Carlton Willams

Carlton Willams . 3 months ago

Ur a Christian

Carlton Willams

Carlton Willams . 3 months ago

Ru a chef


The2468o . 4 months ago

Suggest for ofc going women

Shiva R Iyer

Shiva R Iyer . 4 months ago

Very educational, Nirupama, thank you! Isn't it generally a good practice, though, to have an early dinner and have a gap of 12-14 hours between the last meal of the night and first morsel of the morning? I've learnt that the body requires approx 12 hours to complete the entire digestion process (including assimilation) and detoxification.


SANJAY DUBEY . 5 months ago

सूचनाएं बहुत अच्छी है ,निवेदन है हिंदी में भी सूचनाएं उपलब्ध करा दीजिए

snowy gursahani

snowy gursahani . 5 months ago

Hi. I loved watching your video. It was really good. Healthy food and healthy living. Nice. Keep it up. God bless you my dear.

Vatsala Bhatt

Vatsala Bhatt . 5 months ago

U R great very good god bless U🙏🏽

Haley Justice

Haley Justice . 5 months ago

I love you :’) . God bless your soul. Thank you so much for this BEAUTIFUL YouTube channel you’ve created.

Aresy S.

Aresy S. . 5 months ago

I really like your channel.. Do you make your own sourdough n which flour you use to make sourdough?

Stuart Clark

Stuart Clark . 6 months ago

Would be wonderful Nirupama to see more vegan options in Indian cuisine ( thanks for including gluten free info on your millets video also )

Mr Govin

Mr Govin . 6 months ago

Eating dinner so late, not healthy


H . 6 months ago

I see you put alot of ghee. Is Ghee good?


S C . 6 months ago

Hi . Love how healthy you eat but that is a LOT of food 🥴

Raji Thota

Raji Thota . 6 months ago

I wonder how you distributed meals in a day.... Every meal looks nutritious , well balanced and Fancy as well...I would definitely inculcate it in my diet routine

Radha Sagar

Radha Sagar . 7 months ago

Don't propagate rotten food as a healthy diet, previous day food.


ATUL PATEL . 7 months ago

Man, so many meals. Recipe for diabetes. Also one should not eat after sundown.

Aditya Shah

Aditya Shah . 7 months ago

Wonder how u make time for other things other than cooking n eating


GAURAV BHANSALI . 8 months ago

Pls make whole day neal plan for age 40+ we can't eat so much of ghee having cardiac issues!

sudarshan thyagaraj

sudarshan thyagaraj . 8 months ago

Awesome 👍

bharani ravuri

bharani ravuri . 9 months ago

It's good suggestion, to eat PHAL on " empty stomach ".

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