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Dr Scott's HCG Diet Info Video YouTube

https://doctorscotts.com/ GREAT discussion on the HCG diet. Visit our website for more information. We offer tele-health consults. https://doctorscotts.com/ or call 704-282-9355

Video Link : https://vidio.asia/watch/VNbUodZph8o

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Amy McEwen

Amy McEwen . 8 months ago

I have done the shots and have done the drops. They both have worked for me and I've lost weight with both.

Werld Browzer

Werld Browzer . 9 months ago

Tell you what, I just finished phase 2 and lost 39 pounds after 40 days! So I don’t care what anyone says good or bad about HCG because all I know is that it worked/works for me...... yesssss. (I did shots). Now to start phase 3.

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