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Weight Loss Calorie Calculator
Jordan Syatt

Jordan Syatt

Published on 2 years ago

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You and I are going to drink a lot of coffee together. Like, borderline dangerous amounts of coffee.

So, first things first. Pour yourself a mug and I’ll introduce myself real quick.

My name’s Jordan — but everyone calls me “J” — and I’m a 27th degree black belt in chugging coffee.

I’m also strength & nutrition coach, I hold several powerlifting world records, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have my writing featured in a variety of outlets like CNN, the Huffington Post, and Schwarzenegger.com.

But listen.

This channel isn’t for fame, publicity, cash, props, fist bumps, likes, pings, pows or whatever else there is.

It’s a place where you and I can chat.

I’ll never sugar coat, lie, or beat around the bush. I’ll tell you everything exactly as I see it. Some stuff you might like. Others you might not.

And that’s totally cool.

Either way, my goal here is to create a discussion. A place where you and I can get together, exchange ideas, and motivate each other to be better every day.

Like I said, we’re gonna drink a lot of coffee together — borderline dangerous amounts — but I’m excited. Because there aren’t too many online communities in which the sole purpose is to inspire and motivate one another.

And that’s exactly what you and I are going to do here.

To your success,


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Comments :

Cassy Stowe

Cassy Stowe . 2 years ago

The two people who disliked this don’t believe in a calorie deficit is what you need to lose weight. Damn muggles.


riduh . 5 days ago

can vouch this calorie calculater says the exact same calories

Michael Kincaid

Michael Kincaid . 6 days ago

deficit way too big

We Got This Together

We Got This Together . 2 weeks ago

How many pounds would I be losing a week from this formula?


Zekenificent . 3 weeks ago

Between July 19th and Nov 12th, I have lost 20 lbs. I initially weighed 220 lbs and I currently 200 lbs. Your formula has helped me out tremendously I can't thank you enough for sharing this info with us.

Tiffany Rich

Tiffany Rich . 3 weeks ago

May be a dumb question probably because I generally try not to eat that much. Is the GBW x 12 assuming that you are sedentary or being super active?

Albert Towns

Albert Towns . 4 weeks ago

This by far is the BEST video for calorie & protein calculations, THANK YOU💯👍🏾

Roy Vieira

Roy Vieira . 4 weeks ago

Im 231.5lb and calculated around 160g daily protein intake to build muscle as i done some calculation that i minis body fat percentage. Or is that wrong

Lisandra Cortez

Lisandra Cortez . 4 weeks ago

What if I do the calorie deficit without taking the exact protein intake and doing less


GamingLikeThouShould . 4 weeks ago

To big a deficit, you’d lose a lot of muscle

Oh Zack

Oh Zack . 1 month ago

Can’t you just multiply it with ur current body weight but do a calorie deficit of -200-500?

N850 K

N850 K . 1 month ago

Being short is stupid. I'm 146cm and want to loose weight and by that math thing you did I should eat 1100 calories 😢

edward lee

edward lee . 1 month ago

New here. I want to move away from animal protein. What are some good options.


parsimonies . 1 month ago

listen to this guy guys.. hes balding and malnourished with an estrogen body


SANE FITNESS . 1 month ago

good, still you could cut 2 minutes of the total video ....

KamoGaming [ かも]

KamoGaming [ かも] . 1 month ago

5:10 PREACH! not enough people say this. this is very important. for obese people like me basing protein and calories in bodyweight is too high

KamoGaming [ かも]

KamoGaming [ かも] . 1 month ago

lb=kg*2.2 so for metric people calories: gw*26.4 protein: gw*2.2*1 done


Moon . 1 month ago

It sounds and looks simple, but it feels like it'a gonna work. I'm gonna try this!

Sayed Tanveer Hussain

Sayed Tanveer Hussain . 1 month ago

What is GOAL BODY WEIGHT? If my weight is 180 pounds and my goal is to reach 150 pounds. Does that mean i calculate 150(GBW) x 12) ?


Avz90s . 2 months ago

Hello I just have a question if I am 175 and want my gbw is 160 it would be 1980 of calories and 160 of protein is that ok and sounds good ?

Fabius Maximus

Fabius Maximus . 2 months ago

pretty much spot on for me , thanks :)

Muzaffar Ali Memon

Muzaffar Ali Memon . 2 months ago

1800 calories u intake according to 150 pound so now we should eat 1300 calories a day to loose weight right?

Julian Burton-Pierce

Julian Burton-Pierce . 2 months ago

I have a question about adjusting based on activity level and how that alters the figures. I'll take a look at the longer version. Nice video though!

Sidhu Saab

Sidhu Saab . 2 months ago


Phyllis Bianchi

Phyllis Bianchi . 2 months ago

130 grams is .28 lbs and that is 4 oz -- if I want to be 130 lbs this is the equation?

Kimberly Harty

Kimberly Harty . 2 months ago

I really don’t see how this would work without taking age and activity level factored in. Older less active people would need way less calories to lose weight. My numbers say I should eat 1620 calories a day. As a 59 year old woman with a desk job and no real exercise that’s pretty much my maintenance calories.

Small Dave

Small Dave . 2 months ago

I cant find the gold body info at the end😭

Lou Ferguson

Lou Ferguson . 2 months ago

I’m a couple hundred below the goal and nothing happening. Is this all the same no matter age? 50 and 5”2 woman

Intense Apex Clips

Intense Apex Clips . 2 months ago

Wait but how can you track on how much calories you ate that day???

Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez . 2 months ago

What if i want to build muscle and lose weight at the same time


mrsroseblack . 2 months ago

I’m a vegetarian… :( hard to make protein goals. And I hate eggs.

Sharon Robinson

Sharon Robinson . 2 months ago

This would be the calories without doing any exercise right? The moment you exercise, your body is going to need more calories so do you just eat the amount of calories burnt in a workout on top of that calculation? I would be starving if I ate 1500 calories but went for a 5km run and did an upper body strength session in a day. Hope that makes sense.

Juan Guerrero

Juan Guerrero . 2 months ago

What about carbs

Sean Omight

Sean Omight . 2 months ago

No i find it super hard to get a lot of protein. Much less calories with eating healthy and trying to keep it cheap for groceries. I also dont really know how to read the labels well and therfore how much is in what. Im going for 130 pounds. but i dont want to spend 40-50 bucks a week in food to get to that in protein, and im also against the powdered protein.


Umbaku . 2 months ago

Can i use that to weight gain?


ryanmichxel . 2 months ago

is there a similar formula for weight gain??


soxpuff . 3 months ago

You're right, I don't have the patience for and 18 min video...but that is what adjusting the playback speed is for

Bree Dault

Bree Dault . 3 months ago

Is this regardless of activity level?

Denise Rollings

Denise Rollings . 3 months ago

Maintaining, a healthy and leaner body makes one look and feel a lot younger and active. It can be tricky to discover a health supplement which works fairly quickly and permanently, nevertheless you can try and go'ogl the supp brought up in Jenessa Venspurke's homepagw that starts to improve your physical structure during the first few days.

Purple harumi

Purple harumi . 3 months ago

I always considered myself a hard gainer, but the reality was I had always had a lousy diet. As soon as I started following the Agoge diet, I started gaining muscle fast!


HighCarbChris79 . 3 months ago

This is great info! But I have heard if you do this your body will adapt and metabolism slows down. Is that true? Also if this works and you reach the goal body weight what happens if you ever eat a bit more will you put back on fat/weight? Pleas advise thanks

Catherine Langevin

Catherine Langevin . 3 months ago

THANK YOU for making content like this! I am SO SO SO tired of people pushing their "golden recipe'' for losing weight fast.... I crave people like you who just sound normal with a head on their shoulder, not promoting any "magic tricks"... this is a rant and a message of gratefulness at the same time! haha


yourdadsa$$hair . 3 months ago

This is so redicoulous 😂

Lola Salazar

Lola Salazar . 3 months ago

This might be a dumb question but these numbers are per day right ? For instance “1,800” calories & “150g” of protein is the daily max correct ?


TheRicokilla . 3 months ago

So, what I understand is, currently my ‘body weight’ is 187pounds.187x12 = 2244calories. But if I intend to hit my ‘gold body weight’ , I’m gonna have to deficit the calories intake to reduce my weight.. Let’s say if I reduce my calories to 800 And top up with protein of 200g(800 calories) That will be total of 1600 calories. Will I burn fat and build muscle at the same time? Thanks


hamos007 . 3 months ago

so proteins 150g waht about carb and fat ? My goal body it 150 I want kbow about carb and fat. Please

lolololo lololo

lolololo lololo . 3 months ago

The other is long, this is shot so i make a 2 minutes “intro” LOL

Victoria Sandu

Victoria Sandu . 3 months ago

what if im 11 and i want to have 40 kg i should me eating 1200 calories?

The Bros

The Bros . 3 months ago


Kingsley Onyemauchechukwu

Kingsley Onyemauchechukwu . 3 months ago

How do you come about 12?

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