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Let's Rock! Vasquez, ALIENS (1986)


Published on 10 years ago

Vasquez cuts loose.

Comments :


Fongtastic93 . 1 month ago

Who else screams this when playing Aliens Fireteam Elite?

Pinoy Adventure Norway

Pinoy Adventure Norway . 2 months ago

Can I use the sound only for my upcoming video ?

boks mutant

boks mutant . 2 months ago

When I feel like I'm having a shity day, i watch this.

Paul Roach

Paul Roach . 2 months ago

This has to be the shortest YT clip ever!

sorel edwin suarez

sorel edwin suarez . 2 months ago

This is my ringtone!

Clarence Jeong

Clarence Jeong . 4 months ago

But why 1986.7!? It could've been produced in all-1986, released in late 1986 or early 1987, otherwise 1987.6


Deadzipper . 5 months ago

Heaven or Hell! Duel 1...


Shrek_2_on_DVD69 . 5 months ago

You aren't an aliens fan if you haven't listened to this over and over again.

Kunle Sanders

Kunle Sanders . 5 months ago

I love this scene.

Raleigh Native

Raleigh Native . 6 months ago

One of my favorites in the film.

leslie brooks

leslie brooks . 7 months ago

do it vasquez...you a bad bitch!


Bryzo4_20 . 8 months ago

Best part of the film

Ryan Lett

Ryan Lett . 10 months ago

How people feel buying GameStop

Austin Parker

Austin Parker . 11 months ago

Not much for female characters but she’s a bad asd


AluminumFence . 1 year ago

How to deal with Antifa.

Rogue Nerd

Rogue Nerd . 1 year ago

When you’re about to take out a hornets nest.

John Lime

John Lime . 1 year ago

I think this clip has potential to be a meme material.

Andre Akerele

Andre Akerele . 2 years ago

The bitch is BAD, ASS!!!! #LETSROCK

pussy cat

pussy cat . 2 years ago

i love the way Vazquez had the spare junction point for the big gun. she had two one for her partner and one for her.she knew that. she waz a good soldier.the best.and she never told her partner that he only found out when the ammo got confiscated. he was proud of her for that .he smiled and they trusted each other. bff forever.

Chad Johnsen

Chad Johnsen . 3 years ago

I would date Vazquez in a minute She looks like a Bronx girl


GABO9462 . 3 years ago

*The 80s in a nutshell*

Robert Vasquez Jr.

Robert Vasquez Jr. . 3 years ago

Let's ROCK!!!!!!

pussy cat

pussy cat . 3 years ago

the part were there in the shaft and she takes out the grenade and says too the guy. you always were a asshole .and then they die taking a few with them .hero.


LORD KAON . 3 years ago


Absolute Dynamite

Absolute Dynamite . 3 years ago

Then later on, puts her foot on an aliens throat and proceeds to shoot it in the face...bose level 9000.


F0dd3r . 3 years ago

I've had this as my notification sound for years now.

lord Megatronus

lord Megatronus . 4 years ago

me and my team mates play paint ball and that's what I said when I get my minigun ready


freakycookie101 . 4 years ago

When the bois are ready to party


Zonex123 . 4 years ago

wow i ve been looking for this particular scene thanks for posting mate!


TheJulien57000 . 4 years ago

Decoded Feedback - Infect me


VatiWah . 4 years ago

They need to make another Aliens movie that incorporates the colonial marines again and make them iconic lol. with lets rock and game over man game over. lots of fantastic lines and scenes. The prometheus and covenant is alright and all, but i like this raw aliens vs marine action going on.

Eddie Frangos

Eddie Frangos . 4 years ago

I wish they use that line.


T T . 4 years ago

Can i be featured in a sistar song also?!?!?!??! xdffctGWhjksdfqwertyuio

John H

John H . 5 years ago

Bad to the bone.

Scott Sheridan

Scott Sheridan . 5 years ago

Vasquez, you're just too bad.

Heather Ferreira

Heather Ferreira . 5 years ago

Favorite female film character EVER

Bryan Galdamez

Bryan Galdamez . 5 years ago

Fuck Orders


Methos . 5 years ago

Yeah man, but it's a dry heat."

Happy Meal

Happy Meal . 5 years ago

This is my quote whenever I play a slaughter game like DOOM. LET'S ROCK

Joe Trainor

Joe Trainor . 6 years ago

If Gorman had told them WHY they shouldn't shoot, I'm not 100% convinced Vasquez would be as eager to fire. Then again maybe she would be cause she's a true marine. F ire first when a threat is presented.

Albert Lopez

Albert Lopez . 6 years ago

Hey Vasquez have you ever been mistaken for a man

Mark Drake

Mark Drake . 6 years ago

@ Lieutenant Vasquez yeahhhhh


Cryogenics12 . 6 years ago

So fucking badass


brickcitygirl1970 . 6 years ago

If I ever had to go into a fire fight, I'd have Vazquez before I take Hudson or Hicks.


33hegemon . 6 years ago

I love Hudson's wild cries of YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Ivan Hornak

Ivan Hornak . 6 years ago

Right! Fuck the heat exchanger!


Kermit . 6 years ago

Sci-fi classic that will ALWAYS hold up until the sun will go supernova. No soulless CGI in it. It was all "real" aliens. Can't believe a single ambush wiped out 3/4 of their crew, just one!

david filippi

david filippi . 7 years ago

My name on Playstation is : Let's Rock!!

Dana H

Dana H . 7 years ago

Vasquez was the best character in this film. One of my all time favorite movie characters along with Spicoli........

Turbo Fetta

Turbo Fetta . 7 years ago

anyone got a clue whats the name of the dubstep song with this LETS ROCK in ??? plez help me

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