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Morbidly Obese Man Tries Weight Loss Surgery Here's What Happened
CNA Insider

CNA Insider

Published on 9 months ago

If dieting, exercise, or intermittent fasting like this (https://vidio.asia/watch/QNJ3fJT2qY8) doesn’t help you lose weight, what other options are out there?

At 212kg and with a BMI of 70, Vasoo had lost his job, developed chronic asthma and couldn't even play with his young children without getting breathless. He thought he would be this way forever until Dr Tan Chun Hai, a bariatric and metabolic surgeon at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, helped him embark on his weight loss journey.

READ THE FULL STORY: http://cna.asia/304Ml0d

Obesity is a medical condition with serious consequences to your health - increasing your risk of getting Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension), and shortening your life span.

While dietary management and physical therapy are enough to help some people lose weight, bariatric surgery has proven to be an effective treatment for patients who are morbidly or severely obese.

In recent years, with "keyhole" or minimally invasive surgery, bariatric surgery has become much less invasive than the conventional surgery.

In Singapore, individuals with a BMI greater than 32.5 are advised to consider surgery when all other treatment options have been unsuccessful.

Surgeries like the sleeve gastrectomy that Vasoo went through are widely available at public hospitals like Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, where the procedures are subsidised for some patients and costs can be paid with Medisave and Medishield.

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CheeseyBabyLoue . 5 days ago

I'm 22 stone and I'm stopped from doing basic life activities like going on ziplines and Segways, can't go on certain coasters, all because of my weight. These are huge machines that could have been better reinforced to make it so that even people slightly over the limit of 18 stone can do these activities and feel a part of things instead of being ostracised and made more likely to gain weight due to isolation. So a bodybuilder is over 18 stone, they can't go on a zip line? That wouldn't slide, they'd let them on. But for a fat person over 18st they wouldn't be able to go on the same zipline. I'm not saying those limits aren't reflective of the machinery limits, I'm just saying they lift cars with certain tech, cranes exist, there's ways of not having that limit on activities, but they're not used because? why? to make me feel isolated? That's all it's doing.


Shorts . 1 week ago


Ring of Solomon

Ring of Solomon . 2 weeks ago

The doctor is overweight too.

Stephanie Charriere

Stephanie Charriere . 3 weeks ago

I would getting to obese make you lose your job?

Rachel K

Rachel K . 3 weeks ago


Hadiza Adamu

Hadiza Adamu . 3 weeks ago

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Easy Diettt

Easy Diettt . 1 month ago

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Rishabh Mishra

Rishabh Mishra . 1 month ago

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Marilyn Willett

Marilyn Willett . 1 month ago

no after 1 year he is still very fat. he better make his daughter isnt going the same route, shes overweight.

ford nut

ford nut . 1 month ago

That's one fat engine.

Tidly Winks

Tidly Winks . 1 month ago



CUT THE FAT . 2 months ago

Wow 🤩 what is dramatic change in physical appearance and even in his speech

Tarun Chauhan

Tarun Chauhan . 2 months ago

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Kevin Anaks

Kevin Anaks . 2 months ago

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cetriya's Art n Comics Channel

cetriya's Art n Comics Channel . 2 months ago

He has good motivation to be there for his family which makes him work to getting better. Just wanting to 'be cute' wont be enough


Teeboo . 2 months ago

is hospitalization free in SG?

Bablu Mallick

Bablu Mallick . 2 months ago

No 100000 kg

Brocoli Funky

Brocoli Funky . 2 months ago

5:18 Wow, BP 102/67, Pulse 162. Holy crap what's going on here?


TheOriginalFayari . 2 months ago

The doctors did excellent work, and also good job to Vasoo for being willing to change.

Indika Perera

Indika Perera . 2 months ago

He has wasted so money on surgery and still no significant difference ,I can see. He would have done some more exercises and eat less carbo diet ..:)

Chris Henniker

Chris Henniker . 3 months ago

He must weigh as much as a small block Ford, at 430 lbs.

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Attraction Invention . 3 months ago

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Zonex Reaper

Zonex Reaper . 3 months ago

his face

Olive Soondar

Olive Soondar . 3 months ago

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Best Health & Fitness Tips

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VINAYAK 186f . 3 months ago

If you're above 100Kg and have decided to work out , Kindly increment the like counter , let's motivate people (including myself)

Johnson Guncay

Johnson Guncay . 3 months ago

11:20 did this guy also change race?

Railway Exame Update

Railway Exame Update . 3 months ago

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KenL . 3 months ago

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DAVID PERRY . 3 months ago

His blood pressure was perfect 🤷🏻‍♂️

Amir Ib'n Laahad

Amir Ib'n Laahad . 3 months ago

Good for him. I hope he's doing well now.


XSzombieFX . 3 months ago

Is this in malay

Health & Fitness world

Health & Fitness world . 3 months ago


Smoothie Queen Tyrico

Smoothie Queen Tyrico . 3 months ago


Murni Asyarah

Murni Asyarah . 3 months ago

Schedule pronounce are skedjual... Not skedul..

Weight Loss Exercises

Weight Loss Exercises . 3 months ago

Great Content


Rokaku . 4 months ago

212 kg? Rookie numbers compared to Americans


SmoothOperationofLaw™ . 4 months ago

I send support


OhezzO . 4 months ago

fatshaming, and fat people racists! im overweight alittle that doesnt mean i need help just leave us alone! REPORTED for fat shaming, also theres not enough trans people in this vid, racists

Fadey Suleiman

Fadey Suleiman . 5 months ago

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Trainer 💪

Trainer 💪 . 5 months ago

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Priya Sharma

Priya Sharma . 5 months ago

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sach ya jhoot

sach ya jhoot . 5 months ago

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Rad Mum

Rad Mum . 5 months ago

Wow he look's so different.. well done 👍

Willem Edward

Willem Edward . 5 months ago

Wait, he lost his job because of his weight? What's the correlation there?

Angel Gonzalez

Angel Gonzalez . 5 months ago

It's not easy but the effort is worth it 100%

Enes Gülcan

Enes Gülcan . 5 months ago

I highly recommend watching this video about obesity. https://youtu.be/8UFmYyIvt7I


MUERTO . 5 months ago

Too much curry

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