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Ethan Klein

Ethan Klein

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Eesan伊辛。 . 8 hours ago

Congrats! 💗


jjmcwill . 1 day ago

why would anyone watch this guy? Nothing worth listening to.

d c

d c . 1 day ago


Jagori T

Jagori T . 2 days ago

Well well well. Talk about the recent lawsuit you DIDNT WIN. well if people look hard enough they can find it. But you talk about this piddly thing like it's an accomplishment. Talk about all the vids taken down. Talk about the fake dmca strike warnings you've been issued so many times youve had to rebrand to avoid punishment. Lineup male Karen betas. Your champion has made a video

No description available

No description available . 2 days ago

Congrats man, this whole, “social media personality bickering petty drama shit”, lifestyle is really going great 👍

penny lynch

penny lynch . 3 days ago

I'm happy to see u happy guys xxx

Noah Boucher

Noah Boucher . 4 days ago

Truly joyous news

Dan Halen

Dan Halen . 4 days ago

YeSs!! Rich Lux the house, we Stan 👑;)

Sigridur Bélanger

Sigridur Bélanger . 5 days ago



this . 5 days ago

Sam hyde


Guardian . 5 days ago

The baby will be in college by the time these empty headed cretins quit suing Ethan.


Guardian . 5 days ago

I saw the baby fist bump mommie in glee. Lemme out I wanna pee on the twits.

Dr. PhiloSophia

Dr. PhiloSophia . 5 days ago

Now you’re just going to lose all credibility instead of court cases since you can’t stop pushing shiiiiiiiiity 🅿️olitics

Martha Tedla

Martha Tedla . 6 days ago

Crying laughing at '800 pages' what are their lawyers doing?????

yasio bolo

yasio bolo . 1 week ago

Congratulations Ethan and Hila! Hopefully you won't need to fight the rest of the lawsuits for much longer! Much love to you both. FAMILY, FAMILY, FAMILY, FAMILY...

Lagum Lemoni

Lagum Lemoni . 1 week ago

Another one?

Brian O

Brian O . 1 week ago

I literally have no idea what triller is or does but I dont see how brigading your audience to 1 star review an app isnt defamation. The only thing that could be argued is that its insighting defamation which if that isnt illegal, should be. also fuck keemstar

Bookish Raider

Bookish Raider . 1 week ago


terrence neese

terrence neese . 1 week ago

is this the same h3tv with hassan? im just so confused idk what to.

ssunny717 *

ssunny717 * . 1 week ago

Woot Woot! So happy for you! Congrats!

Dwarf-Elvish Diplomacy

Dwarf-Elvish Diplomacy . 1 week ago

Its almost as if these people arent politicians by merit and competency...

eioshen boboi

eioshen boboi . 1 week ago

guys!! Much peace and love sent your way


DougtheThug . 1 week ago

Can we call him Mr Keem from now on? Seems more age appropriate

Arts Worst Enemy

Arts Worst Enemy . 1 week ago

I am happy with your lawsuits but your just so toxic now. I miss the old Ethan

Tara Johnson

Tara Johnson . 1 week ago

I love that Ethan found out he won the lawsuit through Hasan lmaooo

mac kuligowski

mac kuligowski . 1 week ago

I m very very glad .


Meggy . 1 week ago

for the past few years I've been being harassed and civilly sued by a scammer and I got word the same day you did that my case was fully dismissed and he has to fuck off forever :) celebrating for both of us tonight and I hope this Ryan guy seriously pisses off

Lupe Jelena

Lupe Jelena . 1 week ago

This is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats guys

Tommy Hawkins

Tommy Hawkins . 1 week ago

Don't you have a child to raise?


tardive . 1 week ago

Thank you for not backing down! Your wins have impacts for smaller creators who wouldn't be able to afford to fight a legal battle. So proud of you guys!

Michelle A

Michelle A . 1 week ago

H3 FAMILY!!!!!

Ben Fell

Ben Fell . 1 week ago

Now if only you could beat your sweet tooth.

kolim jone

kolim jone . 1 week ago

Even the way Hila just looks at Ethan still is so sweet, congratulations guys ✨️

Hannah DeMott

Hannah DeMott . 1 week ago


Clive Nunn

Clive Nunn . 1 week ago

Lmao might have played a game of overwatch with Ethan me"are you Ethan from h3h3 on YouTube" him "EWW NO" might have been sarcastic might have not been him but the name on screen was Ethan

Clive Nunn

Clive Nunn . 1 week ago

What was the lawsuit over demonization on YouTube and not receiving your full check from YouTube er something

Amber Baginski

Amber Baginski . 1 week ago

puke in my purse LMAO please I love this channel. I hope Zach pulls some sound bites

Amber Baginski

Amber Baginski . 1 week ago

The vasectomy really irks me because he obviously did it so sheee didn’t have to worry about the contraceptive. Now she’s going to have to either 1. worry about it, or 2. have someone else’s baby. I get it bc sucks but there are PLENTY of options, and other forms of contraception.


WhiteCourtain . 1 week ago

Just like the Matt Hoss case I have been rooting for you and knew you will come out on top, if there is any real justice left in this world! So happy for you, and for all content creators who will benefit from this example in the future. To think KavKav went balls deep without doing any research whatsoever, believing he can milk some "small" podcast channel and strike fear in the community just shows HOW out of touch and egotistical these hollywood personalities are. He realized too late his axe hit a bark too tough and now he is stuck hacking away at it. If he respected the two of you as serious opponents in court and learned of your previous trials with Fair Use he would have settled but he just had to prove himself the bigger man. Obviously it was an expensive joke on his side seeing as he got progressively more enraged the more he found out about your financial situation, about Hila's company, about you being so much in favour on social media. He is a poor pathetic fellow used to getting his way for being "someone" struggling to slight you, and with each attempt sinking lower himself. In a way I am glad he crossed you Ethan, this required a seasoned youtuber with enough funds to battle it out, stubborn enough to make fun and noise about it and give this clown what he deserves for all the bullying he must have got away with. It is far from over, but the first victory means a lot no matter how small. Whoever keeps their cool will be in advantage and KK is not doing great using the legal system to settle every petty beef. I salute and congratulate both of you for holding out, and your crew for supporting you, you winning this is another victory for fair use and entertainment as we know it


chloet182 . 1 week ago

Triller are BROKE might as well frame and display that check because it's never going to clear !


A.K.4o🇺🇲 . 1 week ago

Against McDonald's? For Ethan's body and face

John Le

John Le . 2 weeks ago

Good job Ethan keep it up proud you. Now just to bring a piece of shit and you can recover from this drama you brought upon yourself. Self awareness. Google this term and study it


FruitOfTheGrapes . 2 weeks ago

Yeeyee let's go poggers

Mr Qadaffi

Mr Qadaffi . 2 weeks ago



Claudia . 2 weeks ago

Honestly, I would not want to own Seachange/Thriller shares right now. If the majority holder treats company assets like his own personal vendetta fund. ... AND DID YOU JUST SAY RYAN WAS A GROWN ASS ADULT???? That is another defamation lawsuit - RIGHT THERE!


illmerica. . 2 weeks ago

Congrats H3...kav kav better pay for all legal fees, including the tuggies your lawyer got at the spa!! He needed stress relief lmao!! Also, in my long criminal career, I have found that female judges are the shit and male judges really do suck, big ones!!

Jocelyn M

Jocelyn M . 2 weeks ago

Congrats bois


glaco . 2 weeks ago

Ethan’s career will be dead in one year


Boofess . 2 weeks ago

Kav kav should have just taken your offer lmao

Beauford Pusser

Beauford Pusser . 2 weeks ago

Let’s see you win a continued career

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