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2 Ingredient Low Carb Tortillas | Keto
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Published on 4 years ago

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2 Ingredient Low Carb Tortillas | Keto
**Recipe** https://www.ketoconnect.net/low-carb-tortillas/

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2 Ingredient Low Carb Tortillas | Keto
2 Ingredient Low Carb Tortillas | Keto

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Comments :

Elise Vautour

Elise Vautour . 1 day ago

Awesome sunshine. New subscriber. πŸŒžπŸ’šπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦


MushroomCloudsNChaos . 1 week ago

I love the little paw reach at the end... Like kitty has been hinting the whole time, πŸ™‹"*eh-em* I like tortillas..." *Meghan:* _Still not noticing_ *Cat:* 😐 *Also Cat:* 🐾 _reaches_

Jay Hanson

Jay Hanson . 2 weeks ago

With in less than minute your already a liar.

Matty Mayo ***

Matty Mayo *** . 2 weeks ago

BIG FAIL!!! They are not sturdy like your video makes them appear they tear and are very fragile. It was hit and miss which ones would be perfect and which would be in a clumped mess on my cutting board. And nowhere near 16, and so much less too because of all the fail ones.

Anne Gervais

Anne Gervais . 2 weeks ago

Can I use almond flour

Hammer USN

Hammer USN . 3 weeks ago

Im sorry , but how does , salt, coconut flour, water , egg whites , garlic powder, garlic powder and chili powder equal "2" ingredients??


Holli . 3 weeks ago

I'm so glad this works for you! Nut allergies are tough to find workarounds. I just tried this and i added xanthan per your blog suggestion, but they are flimsy. They dont hold up like yours do :( i am sad. I don't have nut allergies but almond flour is so high calorie, i really want a lower calorie option that will work out. I do have oat fiber i may try next time?

s s

s s . 4 weeks ago

Lovely recipe What's the calories per tortilla?

Wendy Gonzalez

Wendy Gonzalez . 4 weeks ago

Too much talking Just get to the point Sorry

Karon Webb

Karon Webb . 4 weeks ago

What are the macros on this

Funzee Vanzee

Funzee Vanzee . 4 weeks ago

Three ingredients

Astro Cross

Astro Cross . 4 weeks ago

You really didn't say how much water to put in you gave all measurements except for the water!!!!!

Vicmarys Orta

Vicmarys Orta . 4 weeks ago

Hi guys I want to make sure how much water is needed. Thanks

Angry Burrito

Angry Burrito . 1 month ago

so they are egg white crepes...

Hello it's Me

Hello it's Me . 1 month ago

Thank you so much.. I'll make them TMR! BTW, gorgeous kitty!

Michel Fournier

Michel Fournier . 2 months ago

How long can you keep in the fridge? Can they be frozen?

Parmdeep Jagdev

Parmdeep Jagdev . 2 months ago

Will definitely try these out they have many uses and were easy to make


SwiftMindGaming . 2 months ago

Video Title: 2 Ingredients Actual Video: 69 Ingredients


FraqZ . 2 months ago

The fuck do you mean 2 ingrefients

Lisette kili

Lisette kili . 2 months ago

The kitty is sooo cute


marysgracie . 2 months ago

I sure wish the questions would get answered. I'd like to know if I can substitute Apple Cider Vinegar for the water as it helps greatly with keeping my blood sugar down. Thanks and I hope I get an answer πŸ™‚πŸ’›


knowledgetracker . 2 months ago

A crepe

Monica Ji

Monica Ji . 2 months ago

Hello my Keto friends, you don’t have to use pure egg whites to get this done. I used 2 medium whole eggs, redo her measurements in grams, add coconut flour, water, baking powder and salt. The most important part is to add a bit more water than the given measurements in her recipe. Keep adding water until the consistency looks just like the one shown in the video. Cover the pan with the lid, and you don’t need to flip at all.

Logan B

Logan B . 2 months ago

I cannot get this mixture to not stick to my non-stick pans


5gorgeous . 3 months ago

I've tried this recipe but it didn't work when tried to make bigger tortilla (12 inch pan), tortilla broke every timeπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

eric ochotnicki

eric ochotnicki . 3 months ago

Or you can just buy Egglite tortillas for 4.99 at Target (you get 6 per) Southwest flavor or plain

Brooke Rose

Brooke Rose . 3 months ago

cool recipe! people here saying its more than 2 ingredients are kind of wrong anyway since you said the spices are optional :)

Livia Montalvo

Livia Montalvo . 3 months ago

You call this recipe a 2 ingredient tortilla, but the recipe calls for a whole bunch of ingredients. Click bait post?

Andres TheGreat

Andres TheGreat . 3 months ago

Anyone else get annoyed when she tells you to add some water like HOW MUCH!!!!! You are supposed to be giving ingredients and measurements!

Minnie Naveen

Minnie Naveen . 3 months ago

Can I do without baking soda?

kathy berrier

kathy berrier . 3 months ago

I made this recipe and its delicious! Im going to use them for fish tacos. Thanks for taking the time to develop this recipe!


mstyblu379 . 3 months ago

I love your site. You and your hubby are so down to earth with no put on's. It sure makes watching and learning from you so much more comfortable. It's like having a little sister in my kitchen teaching me.

Oscillate Fn

Oscillate Fn . 3 months ago

Niceeee πŸ’―πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ…πŸ₯‡πŸ†πŸŒŸπŸ’°πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ‘


Zoooma . 3 months ago

Why are they so fucking small? Ever see the tortilla section at Shop Rite or Publix or Albertson's or Walmart? More than half are L A R G E sized yet every single fucking YT tortilla video shows small sized. Why?!?! So lame.

Natalia Nakoriakova

Natalia Nakoriakova . 3 months ago

Cat.. on the table... with food!! This is above and beyond disgusting. I almost puked. And you have a nerve to show it on YouTube???? DISGUSTING!

Ashton Butler

Ashton Butler . 3 months ago

I thought it was 2 Ingredients?

Steve R

Steve R . 3 months ago

If these taste less like egg, than other recipes. If hate to try other recipes. This tasted like I wrapped my taco with an egg 🀒

Connie Hein

Connie Hein . 3 months ago

Horrible...nothing like a tortilla...a waste of time and ingredients..

Don Proctor

Don Proctor . 3 months ago

thats 7 ingredient tortillas

Ma.Isabel Amper

Ma.Isabel Amper . 3 months ago

Didnt taste good. Its just eggwhites that taste grainy

Millie H. - NYC

Millie H. - NYC . 3 months ago

Wow, this looks so ez. I can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for sharing. Be well!

Gena Soryal

Gena Soryal . 3 months ago

It stuck to the pan and I had to put lots of butter

sue clemente

sue clemente . 3 months ago

Pat the cat then eat ????

John Dziki

John Dziki . 3 months ago

Add some liquid corn flavor.

Michael Croos

Michael Croos . 3 months ago

Love your kitty and the recipe!

Manal Mansi

Manal Mansi . 3 months ago


4K Nature 🏞️

4K Nature 🏞️ . 4 months ago

Can we store them in fridge for later use ?

Allen Han

Allen Han . 4 months ago

What would happen if I used Almond Flour instead and instead of 8 egg whites I just used 4 large eggs? and 2/8 of baking soda and half a cup of milk?

MIke Evans

MIke Evans . 4 months ago

Unfortunately even after searching out egg whites like the video which are very very hard to get in UK and following the video and recipe exactly and using the same size pan , this was a complete failure for me. I ended up with just two edible "pancakes cum thin omletes" and had to throw the rest away. As soon as the liquid hit the pan it virtually cooked itself into scrambled eggs before I could swirl the mixture. I am not even going to bother trying it again as I have had much more success with the alternative dough recipes. I now have a quarter packet of egg whites left with no idea what to do with them?

Esmeralda Fonseca

Esmeralda Fonseca . 4 months ago

Mine looks like a pancake on one side

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