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J.I.D Surround Sound (feat. 21 Savage & Baby Tate) [Official Music Video]


Published on 2 weeks ago

J.I.D's new single 'Surround Sound (feat. 21 Savage & Baby Tate)' out now everywhere: https://jid.lnk.to/SurroundSound

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I know I cant afford to stop for one moment
That its too soon too for me

Push the fuckin pack off of the porch or break a pound down
Get this strap if it happen to blow it make surround sounds
Pussycat on my lap push it back and go to town down
Puttin rap on my back and I’m blackin snatchin crowns

I done came back around like a nigga sellin crack and pounds
I got a bag now but its nothing to brag bout
Gun blast in the background Im a black man with the blood hounds Mac 10 making love sounds to a bad chick she from uptown Im from down south not a loud mouth
We could fuck around hit the music baby cut it down
Hit a doobie while you do me indubitably I feel like imma buss now
I feel like a buss down when I shine bright blind niggas is up now
In the cut big black truck pack sacked up you can pick it up now Ok

Push the fuckin pack off of the porch or break a pound down
Get this strap if it happen to blow it make surround sounds
Pussycat on my lap push it back and go to town now
Puttin rap on my back and I’m black and snatchin crowns

I know I cant afford to stop for one moment
That its too soon too for me

(Verse - 21 Savage)
Me and my money attached emotionally
I get to clutchin if you get too close to me
I’m at the top where I’m supposed to be
Jumped in the game niggas act like they coaching me
400 racks ain’t shit but a show to me
Im on the road and I bet that yo hoe with me
When I’m in traffic its always a pole with me
Pillsberry, man I keep dough with me
Hit from the back she giving me slurp and I ain’t even pull my pants down
Jump in the box and slide to the other side its always a man down
Draw down, hands in the air nigga make one move get gunned down
Giving out smoke so long they don’t even talk no more just run now
No lock doors I serve with a chop bitch got spent she was hanging with a opp
We call him mickey he talk to the cops I was pandear glass and a sock
Back in the day I invest in the block fast forward now I’m investing in stocks
I put a drum on a Heckler & Koch don’t play cause I’m very invested in shots.

Push the fuckin pack off of the porch or break a pound down
Get this strap if it happen to blow it make surround sounds
Pussycat on my lap push it back and go to town down
Puttin rap on my back and I’m blackin snatchin crowns

(Bridge - Yung Tate)
I put the pussycat in his face
Cuz he stay off Cheshire Bridge
Then I took it back now he say
That he shaking and he shivering
Like the way it taste
And he ain’t ate it in a minute
They call me Yung Baby
But I still got hella children

(Verse 2 - JID)
Oh, Shit
Sorry in advance for my bros they’ll whoop a nigga ass
What you whippin up? (woah)
JID in the back if you looking for the dope
Niggas got it in the bag cause we trappin on the low
And im the shit with the flow give me a joke
Heard a nigga say you the next? No no no im the best
Tell them bitches stop the mothafuckin press
Press stop fuck a top 5 list
Get em a vest he get lopsided
Fuck the cops we was running from Rottweilers
Most of my patnas aint have poppa just a popped condom
Couple kids with Alzheimers 40 on his side boy you Mike Alstott
He on the block violent
Robbing niggas in the hood then swap genres
Green light line a nigga up stop sign him
Keep driving you will not find him
Imma Imma Imma anomaly
I turned into a rapper ironically
I ran the bag up, back up niggas is on to me
Niggas should honor me if you think I’m a wannabe its pretty comedy
Im melancholy and cool so camly bussin moves my truths carry velocity
Same posse since Osh Bosh bogosh pussyclot
Treat the rappin like a pushin rock on the stove with the pyrex pot
The door stay locked it don’t say knock
We on they block we own they block
Its monopoly games we stole they properties
Smooth talkin and moon walkin
Same lil niggas small pond but a pool shark
I aim big stick knock chalk off cue balls
Bang this shit, bang, bang, bang

#JID #21Savage #BabyTate #SurroundSound #Dreamville

Music video by JID performing Surround Sound. © 2022 Dreamville/Interscope Records


Comments :


JID . 2 weeks ago

Surround Sound 🔈🔈🔈🔈play dat bitch loud!!!

DJDeezy ThaTruth

DJDeezy ThaTruth . 2 hours ago

—Good Stuff 👌🏾


徐志摩 . 2 hours ago


Shardool Singh

Shardool Singh . 3 hours ago

What am I the only one impressed by JID ‘s flow

Ntando daah king

Ntando daah king . 3 hours ago

21 and JID killed it 👑👑🔥🔥💥💥💯💯

Dewan Payroda

Dewan Payroda . 3 hours ago


DJ Glustick

DJ Glustick . 4 hours ago

I'm so happy that JID has blown up enough the comment replies are getting spammed with all the links for these youtube rappers shitty music

chris l

chris l . 4 hours ago

top 5 21 feature, argue with a wall

Prince Kiki

Prince Kiki . 4 hours ago

Woahhhhh this is pure🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Spencer . 5 hours ago

Yoooo... What's song has the same sample and Mos Def on it...


Sdrmedina . 5 hours ago


Always Now

Always Now . 5 hours ago

J I.D. be changing the game each time.


Jerome . 5 hours ago

Definitely need Mos Def on this beat since JID using that Aretha Franklin sample as well.


Nachoz . 5 hours ago

Music aside this video was phenomenal and whoever disagrees is just wrong

Logan Jurkas

Logan Jurkas . 6 hours ago

bro really the best in the game fytb

Mason Carter

Mason Carter . 6 hours ago

2:36 when u run outta bread at 13 seconds for a feat LMAOOOOO

AD Playz

AD Playz . 6 hours ago

dat nigga went hard

Ollie Barwise

Ollie Barwise . 7 hours ago



DIRTYOLMUPPET . 7 hours ago

amzing but the ft brings it down. "when i shine bright", he spit so much fire not even trying that i skip 21and baby 90% of the time

Aidan McAleer

Aidan McAleer . 7 hours ago

no need for that third feature

Eduardo Castillo

Eduardo Castillo . 8 hours ago

This gives me hope for 2022 🔥


aleasecreates . 8 hours ago

stop it I mean stop it weeeeeeewoooooweeeeeghhhhh looped


aleasecreates . 8 hours ago

blaaaaaaht blaaaaaaaaaht

Sean Cochran

Sean Cochran . 8 hours ago

I'm not a fan of his cadence, but not bad 6 out of 10

Albert Lopez

Albert Lopez . 9 hours ago

She giving me slurp, my pants ain't even down. Wow!

mustapha shobola

mustapha shobola . 9 hours ago

The second verse was straight murder. THERE WAS NO NEED FOR THAT


Mumblezz__ . 9 hours ago

Can’t tell you who ate more

Kelsi Shutter

Kelsi Shutter . 9 hours ago

Obsessed is an understatement ❤️‍🔥🔥

P3 V12

P3 V12 . 11 hours ago

That Kendrick Lamar flow jid edition with 21savage going crazy and Tate rap needed this 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Doughboy . 11 hours ago

Idky he put her on here but bro she ruined the whole vibe😂 then jiddith comes back wit this flow and it's all grand now

Pedro Guerra

Pedro Guerra . 11 hours ago

next level

Trevor D.

Trevor D. . 12 hours ago

prolly coulda just x'd the 21 savage part. He's like the new T.I just annoying af

T Wayne

T Wayne . 12 hours ago

Jim is the first high pitch voice rapper I've actually liked since no ceilings Lil wayne

Đào Uy Bình

Đào Uy Bình . 12 hours ago

i just need 21 vers

Mars Wave

Mars Wave . 13 hours ago

Every Bar Goes Crazy!! Flow is on point


Chxji . 13 hours ago

the ls400 is to clean


DMT MEDIA BROTHERS . 13 hours ago

Video crazy

Jay Bailey

Jay Bailey . 13 hours ago

I feel like the girls verse wasn’t all that but the first three minutes is fire

Skinny Giant

Skinny Giant . 14 hours ago

Can someone confirm whether or not this song sounds better on surround sound?

mmpj twod

mmpj twod . 14 hours ago


Matt KnowsNuthn'

Matt KnowsNuthn' . 14 hours ago

"We Call him Mickey He Talk To The Cops" (Rat) 😆😆😆😆

SynysterHemi 345

SynysterHemi 345 . 14 hours ago

Everything good but tates part🤢

Sebastian Cruz

Sebastian Cruz . 15 hours ago

That was me throughout the whole song 1:35

Coarsick Media

Coarsick Media . 15 hours ago

So this where 6Lack went ok

Дмитрий Денисов

Дмитрий Денисов . 15 hours ago


one G

one G . 16 hours ago

Mos def

John Hilton

John Hilton . 16 hours ago

J.I.D is holding up that genuine Atlanta sound

Dutch Malone 901

Dutch Malone 901 . 17 hours ago


Jeanette sole

Jeanette sole . 17 hours ago

Top Tier song👌🏾 JId and 21 did there thing! I see you Baby Tate!!❤️


JayDetroits . 17 hours ago

that car was so clean

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