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The Best Ways To Lose Half Your Body Weight


Published on 3 years ago

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Viewer Veronica tells Dr. Oz how she started and was able to lose half of her body weight. Then, viewer Nina reveals why she decided to lose weight without having surgery.

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Help _

Help _ . 2 days ago

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B . 1 week ago

She is still morbidly obese.

Annabelle Lopez

Annabelle Lopez . 2 weeks ago

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Adah Sona 🌸Afros are Feminine 🌸

Adah Sona 🌸Afros are Feminine 🌸 . 2 weeks ago

Veronica is BEAUTIFUL.

Giorgina Rattan

Giorgina Rattan . 2 weeks ago

But for how long did she do this for ??????

Gwen Hewitt

Gwen Hewitt . 4 weeks ago

Veronika should still loos another 35 to reach her body wdight


Daryl . 4 weeks ago

When your as fat as these people, anything looses weight, lifting your arm will loose a pound of weight as these people clearly do nothing to keep healthy. However for your average joe that needs to loose 1 pound from a body that isnt even slightly fat, thats hard and these videos are a waste of time.

Liane Cornils

Liane Cornils . 4 weeks ago

And your not even good in internal medicine, much less its specialties. You are wise to write your thesis on burnout factors and your problems with women while trying to maintain your career. Its up your ally so to say. 😉

Liane Cornils

Liane Cornils . 4 weeks ago

Dr linzer.. your a poor judge of character. If your allowed to work with people, keep it on the easy basics of internal medicine. Dont try your luck in psychology. Youd be being moved to a lesser county then where you currently are sheltered by your peers.

Liane Cornils

Liane Cornils . 4 weeks ago

I'm already not obese but I'm still carrying more weight then needed on my abdomen and because my heart function was damaged I want to ease its burden by giving it less mass it has to circulate for to keep this beautiful soul alive. 😊😇 and that is more of a challenge because I didnt ever eat excessively in comparison to others. But I eat small amounts .. less sweets less fast foods. It will help . Because I would never abuse my body or let anyone else to take the gifts I have to a early grave. Thats my gift to the world.

Marco Gomez

Marco Gomez . 1 month ago

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Vanessa beaton299

Vanessa beaton299 . 1 month ago


Getty Toofitty

Getty Toofitty . 1 month ago


Belinda Jardim

Belinda Jardim . 1 month ago

Oh wow Veronica you look absolutely stunning 🌺😍

Kanna Kobayashi

Kanna Kobayashi . 1 month ago

One question how else can u lose weight when exercise and diet is ont working for u to lose weight can anyone help me I've been trying to lose weight for years but nothing is working


PINE MEADOWS HOBBY FARM A Frugal Homestead . 1 month ago

Yup, I lost weight by getting rid of grains in my diet. Here is the proof. Never hungry again with this methos Video link https://youtu.be/JgdTgWMMqeo


CUT THE FAT . 1 month ago

If you are reading this I pray you'll become more healthy and successful.😊🙏

Iris Eiselt

Iris Eiselt . 1 month ago

Great video thanks 🥰🥰🥰🙏


Raetron . 2 months ago

so she dont consume any vitamin c or d?

Veronika Quintana

Veronika Quintana . 2 months ago

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Alex Moore

Alex Moore . 2 months ago

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Mtg Mtg

Mtg Mtg . 2 months ago

How much you wanna bet all these fatties gained it all back?

Prancer 1000

Prancer 1000 . 2 months ago

She looks amazing!


In2Reviews . 2 months ago

How to lose weight without diet or exercise: https://youtu.be/qSvYP55SpNk


☆MINATO☆NATION... . 2 months ago

Just hacking

Nimo Abdullahi

Nimo Abdullahi . 2 months ago

Does anyone know what protein snack she had ? Like the exact brand ? Please someone help me!!

Invincible Heart

Invincible Heart . 2 months ago

cutting out ice cream

fangzhou yuan

fangzhou yuan . 2 months ago

No starch at all. All day food is just green leaf and meat and egg.........plus the portion is too little for her weight........ It must a very hard journey.

Berk Ünal

Berk Ünal . 2 months ago


Müzik Söyle

Müzik Söyle . 2 months ago


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EGA MUSIC . 2 months ago

2020 anyone?


ENES TEMEL . 2 months ago

Anyone 2021 haha

haşim mustafa ataman

haşim mustafa ataman . 2 months ago


Bayroo 34

Bayroo 34 . 2 months ago


Baran Akar

Baran Akar . 2 months ago

Nice video


Anonymous . 2 months ago

I have homecoming next week and need to lose weight

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Yesterday sports reviews . 2 months ago

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Shahana Akter

Shahana Akter . 2 months ago

my weight is 62 kg,,,, I want to lose 10 kg

Francis Mabait

Francis Mabait . 2 months ago

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MOHAMMED SALIM . 3 months ago

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Scott S.

Scott S. . 3 months ago

When you are educated, your Doctor can not abuse you and today a sad day for The Family Doctors throughout the US who have been FAT shaming their patients for 50 years. All the while giving them drugs that make the fat, as the Doctor laughs all the way to the Bank. It is an abusive medical epidemic. Obesity is not from overeating but from consuming excessive consumption of foods that are processed, Fast Releasing Carbohydrates and lack of good fiber for insulin control. These foods cause hormonal responses that fundamentally change our metabolism, driving fat storage, weight gain, and obesity.

Beverly Yeager

Beverly Yeager . 3 months ago

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pauline hunt

pauline hunt . 3 months ago

I no longer follow or believe in Dr Oz. To many directions. Work in hospital. He is too wishy-washy. 4 yrs lost my weight on Keto. Never watch him ant more. You have to agree with him or not on show. Am okay with me.

Michelle Ossai

Michelle Ossai . 3 months ago

Give your life to Christ guys. . Spread positivity in the name of the Lord. Together, we can make a difference in this fallen world we live in today where good is evil and evil is good. Don't forget that Jesus is coming back a second time, not to bare sin but to save His people from the catastrophic events that will take place. He's coming back to judge both the living and the dead. God bless you and be sure to share the gospel of Jesus Christ the Lord and Saviour. God loves you more than you could ever imagine.

Afghan girl 🇦🇫

Afghan girl 🇦🇫 . 3 months ago

Wow they look beautiful


Aelea . 3 months ago

I lost ~50lbs in 3 months, by 'accident' (apparently alot of Cancerous tumors feed primarily on carbohydrates, so to fight my dad's cancer, I prepared all of his meals, never surpassing 16g carbs a day, which were just a large spoon of green veggies with dinner). An apparent side-effect of Keto is that (eating primarily fats, then some protein, and no carbs) converts your body to a fat-burning machine. We weren't even trying to lose weight; we weren't jogging/walking/going to the gym/etc... and both lost tons of weight. (Though if you do exercise, you lose even more). After the Cancer was gone, we were both thin. I've, to date, never found any other person who'd lost weight that fast. Everyone tells me that it must have been unhealthy, but I had been vegetarian before that, and was always sick or exhausted (I didn't even realize how sick I'd been feeling until I'd switched to the high-fat, moderate-protein, no carbs [16g or less] a day). After keto I felt excited again and focussed. I can't explain it. [Edit: By the way, if anyone tries this, a) you get thirsty for water, [drink it!], and b) know that the first ~3 days I got "keto flu" - which was my body coming off of sugars/carbs like a drug. It actually makes you not hungry at all. If you can get past those 3-5 days, you can congratulate yourself - you're now in a state of ketosis and burning off fat like crazy.] Either way... love yourself. <3


Rabbit . 3 months ago

She just beautiful 😍

Kevin Anaks

Kevin Anaks . 3 months ago

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