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The Time Anakin Fought Maul To Prove He Was Better Shorts
Star Wars Insider

Star Wars Insider

Published on 2 weeks ago

Anakin Skywalker as a padawan learner knew his specialty as being the chosen one in the Force and wanted to prove that he was equal if not better than his master Obi Wan Kenobi.

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Comments :


Duke . 3 hours ago

Seems like everyone goes for the "cut him in half" move with Maul.

vbddfy euuyt

vbddfy euuyt . 1 day ago

I wish in one of these comics in the background we saw little Ahsoka watching anakin fighting, it would by a cool reference

sehhi vooty

sehhi vooty . 1 day ago

What comic is that

Fohe Puamau

Fohe Puamau . 2 days ago

Which comic

Zed anide

Zed anide . 3 days ago

The high ground is the strongest being in the Galaxy

K-Dawg Westmore

K-Dawg Westmore . 3 days ago

Is this from the Obi-Wan & Anakin comic by Charles Soule?

Hudson Navarro

Hudson Navarro . 3 days ago

What comic was this? I feel like I've read it.

Master Bellamont

Master Bellamont . 4 days ago

The time anakin DIDNT fight Maul* just a replica. Fixed it. Even there are plenty of times where they Do meet thanks to clone wars. And as usual Maul had to Boss up again going Two V One just to get away for another day. If he was really better wonder why he didnt just RE split him like obi did and like he did that droid.

A1 Morrison

A1 Morrison . 4 days ago

Sorry anakin you not as good as obi wan

Chris McCormick

Chris McCormick . 4 days ago

I hate George Lucas for letting people just make shit up about Star Wars


TheGOAT . 4 days ago

14 year old Anakin would get demolished by Maul in a fight…. Maul is a tier 8 level duelist along with Dooku and Obi Wan in George Lucas/Nick Gillard tiering system…. He was able to to put Qui Gon on the defensive in one single move and then kill him a few seconds later and Qui Gon is stated to be one of the best swordsmen ever….. when Anakin was 19 and faced Dooku he is stated to be a tier 7….. if Maul fought 14 year old Anakin he would just ragdoll him or kill him like Palpatine did to Kit Fisto

Jerry Okazaki

Jerry Okazaki . 5 days ago

That shows that he was able to fight Maul head on unlike Obi Won

Chris Rittenhouse

Chris Rittenhouse . 5 days ago

The very hubris of the Jedi ruined Anakin Skywalker there is such a thing as being too pure two benevolent to passive and this is where the path of the dark side starts for many a Padawan


Forgottenking40 . 5 days ago

You know if the Jedi weren't stuck up with the lightside of the force they probably would have done a lot better in the wars I know I'm not the most knowledgeable in starwars but I feel like if there was a force user that was adept with the both the light and dark side they would be extremely powerful person


YOU . 7 days ago



Kael'Zildjian . 1 week ago

The Jedi were def wrong to shelter kids from emotion. Everyone has the potential to become a monster. Taming that beast is key & letting it out in a controlled fashion is a tremendous advantage. If the Jedi honed Anakins emotions & anger into pure focus, he'd have surpassed any Jedi & Sith combined in knowledge & technique. Barring Anakin from expressing himself sealed his fate. This is why Anakins story is soo tragic & relatable, in my opinion.

Jeremiah Dungjen

Jeremiah Dungjen . 1 week ago

still fumbled the 2v1 vs dooku lmao


Jace . 1 week ago

Anakin's anger was never a bad thing. It was the oppression from the council. Like his son, a truly good force user is well balanced with both emotion and altruism. Anakin was never in the wrong until the council pushed him into the wrong.

Phillip Cleary

Phillip Cleary . 1 week ago

Gives more meaning too “you’re lucky Anakin didn’t show up!”


thacc . 1 week ago

I hate to be that guy, but it really pisses me off when people don’t pronounce words correctly. WHERE is the ‘X’ in ESPECIALLY?


LaZer . 1 week ago

Slow it down jeez. It's not an auction man. I don't enjoy shorts I have to watch more than once because someone was blabbing too fast to understand everything they tried to cram in as quickly as possible. Just make regular YouTube videos...

Joshua Valeriano

Joshua Valeriano . 1 week ago

Imo If the Jedi showed Anakin how to DEAL with his emotions, instead of repressing it, he probably wouldn't have joined the dark side. Mace would be a better master for Anakin because Windu uses the dark side in his fighting style, but doesn't give in to it


McLoven420 . 1 week ago

Where can I read Star Wars comics? I’ve been getting back into Star Wars the past couple of weeks & It’s honestly dope seeing the stories taking place

troubled token

troubled token . 1 week ago

Now I get why the Phantom Menace needs to tell the story of how Anakin was found and made a Padawan but if we are being honest with ourselves, it's really the most boring part of his journey and it ends exactly when it would get really interesting, when Anakin actually becomes a jedi padawan. Now the experts will probably name a couple of comics but I'm really disappointed that we know so little about Anakin's first ten years as a Jedi. Like him training in the temple, coming to terms with the prophecy and his first missions with Obi-Wan seems to me as an interesting template for a coming-of-age type star wars movie, mostly character driven and with a strong emphasis on Anakin's and Obi-Wans relationship.

flippy dippy

flippy dippy . 1 week ago

Mace Windu never had faith in Anakin


DarthSquid2 . 1 week ago

Yeah maybe he should've programmed it with count dookus skills

wuoi zuiu

wuoi zuiu . 1 week ago

Wait if they could simulate Sith, couldn’t they simulate someone like Mace Windu, Yoda or Obi Wan and mass produce them then give them lightsabers and have an OP army

Mag black six

Mag black six . 1 week ago


Just Beyond The Corner Productions

Just Beyond The Corner Productions . 1 week ago

"especially". Not "ekspecially"

Depressed Person

Depressed Person . 1 week ago

Wait if they could simulate Sith, couldn’t they simulate someone like Mace Windu, Yoda or Obi Wan and mass produce them then give them lightsabers and have an OP army?

Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine . 1 week ago

Foreshadowing of Anakins aggression and anger and inevitable turn. Comic Anakin: YAH!

Jack Valentine

Jack Valentine . 1 week ago

What comic is this from?

weapon X

weapon X . 1 week ago

It shows how competitive he was with Obi-wan and deeply foreshadows, Anakin's downfall. (Attempting the same move Obi-wan did on Maul)


R B . 1 week ago

They really should've expelled Anakin from the order, I know it sounds harsh but he is clearly emotionally unstable(no thanks to the order) and pretty much exists as a contradiction to everything the order stands for. They're ideals are very much messed but all the same Anakin does not belong there.

The Low ground

The Low ground . 1 week ago

I think he enjoyed killing the jedi wannabe who called him a slave


Jens . 2 weeks ago

I feel like they could have made star wars much better, Anakin shows all these signs but everyone ignores it and then bam darth Vader like


NO IDEA? OK . . 2 weeks ago

are you read what i read?

biuor su

biuor su . 2 weeks ago

I wish in one of these comics in the background we saw little Ahsoka watching anakin fighting, it would by a cool reference

The Novice Whispers

The Novice Whispers . 2 weeks ago

I feel like it's still not quite the same as facing the real thing

Normal Human

Normal Human . 2 weeks ago

You mean to tell me that they can make holograms equal to a sixth lord… and they never used it in any major war? Ok, sure

Red Hood

Red Hood . 2 weeks ago

Y'know what would've been nice? If anakin studied under Mace instead, because then he'd at least be able to chill out,and not go full columbine on the younglings


Reshiram . 2 weeks ago

explains why he tried to leap over obi Wan like how obi Wan did to maul


AJB . 2 weeks ago

Y'know both sides of the force could use a few notches down.

Joseph Ferrell

Joseph Ferrell . 2 weeks ago

They should have given him some better guidance!! He would have been the one!! To bring peace

Julius Madrow

Julius Madrow . 2 weeks ago

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Hugh Mann

Hugh Mann . 2 weeks ago

Droid set up to emulate maul... Someone they had very little information on.. Not impressive at all. Now Starkiller training against droids ment to emulate Maul and Obi programmed by someone who knew wtf he was talking about.. Much more impressive.


GoldEagle117 . 2 weeks ago

Amazes me that hard-core fans don't realize that anikan and Vader are 2 completely separate entities within to same body, anikan is the one that became the jedi knight/master, and Vader was the entitie that Palpatine created within anikan to become Palpatines apprentice!!


Neogenmatrix . 2 weeks ago

The interesting thing is Mace Windu and Obi-Wan were watching. They both used anger to beat their opponents. Mace more than just trains for it and is master of that type of fighting.


Cat . 2 weeks ago

I don't understand how they could replicate maul... and the even bigger question is, if Palpatine could tell he was getting angry fighting a DROID, WHY didn't the masters do or say ANYTHING to him? "Oh, he uses his anger to fight? Pshhh who cares he's the Chosen one"

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