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Dangers Of Green Tea Extracts Diet Pills
California Tea & Herbal

California Tea & Herbal

Published on 3 years ago

It's much better to drink your tea than swallow it in a pill! Diane talks about the danger of taking green tea extract pills to be healthy or lose weight.

This is from the story linked here by the BBC about a lovely family man who just wanted to get healthier in mid-age and ended up needing a liver transplant, and possibly a kidney transplant in the future from taking green tea pills he had heard were healthy.

Most people can take tea extracts and not die, but people have died from taking them who have just been trying to be healthier. Others have needed liver transplants, like Mr. McSants.

Always check with your doctor before doing or taking anything you have 'heard' is healthy. Green tea contains EGCG, a catechin component of tea that is a good thing unless taken in huge amounts.

It's so much better to just 'drink your tea'!

Story link: https://bbc.in/2z3r0WR
Photo credits: BBC

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Comments :


WkrpliveTv . 3 months ago

Thanks for the info because I was about to take the capsules

Bill L

Bill L . 3 months ago

Be careful checking with your doctor.The same ones that recommend the JAB!

California Tea & Herbal

California Tea & Herbal . 6 months ago

Drinking green tea as opposed to taking extract pills: Journal of Molecular Medicine found that individuals with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease who consumed green tea for 12 weeks saw a reduction in fatty liver deposits, a reduction in oxidative stress on the liver and a normalization of liver enzymes.

California Tea & Herbal

California Tea & Herbal . 6 months ago

Here is an updated instance of green tea extract toxicity (not from drinking green tea): https://tinyurl.com/2zee5rz "“For some reason, similar cases of liver injury seem to be unique to taking green tea extract pills or capsules, and not to drinking green tea,” said pharmacist Bryan Kuhn of Banner’s Poison and Drug Information Center. “There’s no standard for what green tea extract contains. You’re talking about a plant product that has dozens, if not hundreds of components that make up the plant, and each company might use different parts for its ‘proprietary blend."

Bruce Coleman Cfo

Bruce Coleman Cfo . 9 months ago

Thank you for this video. I have done my research and you're absolutely right.

Jay M

Jay M . 9 months ago

I took one this morning around 9 and I feel so much discomfort in my stomach area. It is now 1:00 pm. Maybe these pills aren’t for me 😣

Kovi YT

Kovi YT . 1 year ago

What about Fatburners i bought some German Forge Proffesional fatburner can it be bad for health? Im planning on taking normal doses i workout in gym a lot.

Gene Lariv

Gene Lariv . 1 year ago

I bought some then cancelled them from Amazon as soon I read a review that it caused liver damage. Thank god I cancelled before the hour was up.

California Tea & Herbal

California Tea & Herbal . 1 year ago

Because of all the questions/input on this subject, and a question about other potentially dangerous supplements (my subject on the channel is limited to tea/tea extracts, etc.), here is a list of supplements Consumer Reports gives. You can Google it because YT won't let me linke it: 15 Supplement Ingredients to Always Avoid

El Gallo De Oro

El Gallo De Oro . 1 year ago

Just bought some and now I’m just goin to despose of them, wish I would have seen this video sooner but good thing I haven’t opened them, thank you for the info much love

William Savage

William Savage . 1 year ago

Thank you, I was just about to order some, but not now

Sean Han

Sean Han . 1 year ago

was looking reviews for this, Thanks for the advice

Chanel Robinson

Chanel Robinson . 1 year ago

Well I've been taking green tea tablets for about a week,but I only take one a day and it's causing me to lose inches,I'm not going against this woman or any other claims people are putting out there about the tabs whether good or bad,I'm just sharing what's working for me. And FYI,I've been taking the NOW foods green tea pills

Laura Logansmith

Laura Logansmith . 1 year ago

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brainly . 1 year ago

What is a safe dose!

Masood Hamdi

Masood Hamdi . 1 year ago

hi... can i use green tea extract before workout?

Porkchop Gravy

Porkchop Gravy . 1 year ago

If you take to much of it of course

Britney Melgar

Britney Melgar . 1 year ago

Thank you I hate the taste of green tea and so I was looking into buying it in capsule so I didn't taste it..so ill look into something else

mo do Q8

mo do Q8 . 2 years ago

I’ve been given advice by a supplements store, to have 3 capsules of green tea extract ( each capsule is 500mg so total 1500mg) as well as 3 pills of CLA and L-carnatine twice. Also I’m taking statins, BCAA, Whey protein isolate and a multi vitamins. And I’m afraid of how much I’m taking. Any advice please ??

Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise . 2 years ago

Can super green tea diet pills kill you, is it still extract

B Frizzy

B Frizzy . 2 years ago

i went to a naturopath for acne. and he gave me zinc pills and green tea (decaffeinated 550 mg providing EGCG 275mg) supposed to take twice a day? is this too much


catitude4 . 2 years ago

My stupid doctor wouldn't know what it was.

Lucas Peddie

Lucas Peddie . 2 years ago

Ughhh! Because he probably took too much.🙄

Hcc Promotions

Hcc Promotions . 3 years ago

How many pills or milligrams was he taking? You didn't mention that. Please share. if you overdose any OTC such as aspiring or Advil you can end up in the ER as well.

jojo lol

jojo lol . 3 years ago

quick question, some people make their own green tea pill with green tea powder and gelatin capsules, can these harm you?

GoldenHorizion Biologics

GoldenHorizion Biologics . 3 years ago

very helpful, do not overdose.


RSJ-Texas . 3 years ago

Great info Diane. Super knowledge to be aware of !!!

California Tea & Herbal

California Tea & Herbal . 3 years ago

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