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I Fed 10,000 Families For Thanksgiving!
Beast Philanthropy

Beast Philanthropy

Published on 2 weeks ago

Thank you to Jennie-O for helping us make sure NOBODY goes hungry this Thanksgiving :)

Comments :

Beast Philanthropy

Beast Philanthropy . 2 weeks ago



DesperateThot . 16 minutes ago

THANK YOU MILAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kurtis Warner

Kurtis Warner . 33 minutes ago

That fact that people still try to talk shit after something like this is crazy, jimmy is clearly fully good intentions and A fucking legend


Jman . 33 minutes ago

I spent two weeks on a military base eating moldy pre-packaged Jennie-O sandwiches this year. 😤😂


[email protected] . 36 minutes ago

Hi sir can you please help me for find a job


Yysonn . 2 hours ago

I hope these people are sincerely in need of a good thanksgiving meal

Mike F

Mike F . 3 hours ago

Wouldn’t doing the line cost more than the turkeys?

Myth Music

Myth Music . 3 hours ago

First, it was team trees. Then, it was team seas. Now you must call this channel team feeds


samuelf32 . 3 hours ago

You are the best

douglas petty

douglas petty . 4 hours ago

Thank you Milad!!!!!!!!!


KodaOnTT . 4 hours ago

My dad had a dream that he one 100k from you mr beast just thought I would let you know we don’t have that much for Christmas

Mel Nicolás Reyes Cabrera

Mel Nicolás Reyes Cabrera . 5 hours ago

I am the comment №30,000

Jayden Tiner

Jayden Tiner . 6 hours ago

Does Chris moisturize?


MichelleReyes . 6 hours ago

Milad is a giga chad

Mark Field

Mark Field . 6 hours ago


Ash ツ

Ash ツ . 6 hours ago

this is so messed up he does all of this he gives aways food, has a huge heart, and gives money and still dumbass twitter stans and vegans do this like wtf


TuqTon . 7 hours ago

I'm watching the entire channel. I remain firm and strong here, hoping to influence people to do the same. But at the same time I find it difficult... 12/8/2021 Day 122 🎄Ads 1,403


ZeldaFanMan . 7 hours ago


Christ Ann Tabujara

Christ Ann Tabujara . 7 hours ago

You always have a big heart mr. Beast and really a great help to the people. Respect to all of you 🙌🏻💚. Sending my gratitude from 🇵🇭

Alex Hesketh

Alex Hesketh . 8 hours ago

RIP all those 10 000 turkeys


Alice . 8 hours ago

Thank you Milad!!!


RiseNShine . 8 hours ago

Imagine if all millionaires were like Jimmy. Is there going to be a website that we can submit donations?

Kellynha Christine

Kellynha Christine . 9 hours ago



Venkman . 10 hours ago

People pulling up in $47,000 SUVs to get a free turkey


yessir . 11 hours ago


Niyomi Perera

Niyomi Perera . 11 hours ago

Thank you milad

jareese breland

jareese breland . 11 hours ago

your welcome :D

Diane Freeburn

Diane Freeburn . 11 hours ago

Thankyou mlub


sandichu . 11 hours ago

as a turkish person this is a good joke (this coment was made to be a joke not for offending peapole)

Joyce Sunact

Joyce Sunact . 12 hours ago

Thank you Milad!

Joyce Sunact

Joyce Sunact . 12 hours ago

This is so kind of Jimmy!


Axianom . 12 hours ago

Thank you Millad!!!

Chip vibez 𐂂 #roadto150

Chip vibez 𐂂 #roadto150 . 12 hours ago

Thank u milad! 😋

Jay Wiler

Jay Wiler . 12 hours ago

Subbed all your channels MR BEAST!!!

daniel anderson

daniel anderson . 13 hours ago

thank you milad

Spider-Man Noir

Spider-Man Noir . 13 hours ago

thank you milad :)

wildvodka man

wildvodka man . 14 hours ago

that vegenteacher hates this good job mr beast

محمد بدور

محمد بدور . 14 hours ago

Hey man, it is dream for me to be part of one of ur offers to have an opportunity to win a money to change life but I'm 100% sure It is impossible because I'm from Syria that I'm living in middle east and all of ur work is outside middle east. And it's impossible for me to have visa to travel.

Kasper Gierasimiuk

Kasper Gierasimiuk . 14 hours ago

thank you milad

Ron Smirtz

Ron Smirtz . 15 hours ago

Thank you milad


JuanArek . 15 hours ago

Thank you Milad!!!!!!

gt coolpro

gt coolpro . 16 hours ago

I dont see comments saying "THANK YOU MLAND"

Angel The Furry Fox

Angel The Furry Fox . 16 hours ago

The turkey was delicious btw

Owen Wilcox

Owen Wilcox . 17 hours ago

Mrbeast is the best youtuber

jc gotidoc

jc gotidoc . 18 hours ago

Mr. Jimmy can you help me?


mcppcm . 18 hours ago

free turkey moment

Fedor Trik

Fedor Trik . 19 hours ago

Sunat Mechow 🖐️🤗

Fedor Trik

Fedor Trik . 19 hours ago

Mr Beast 👍

Felicia Geary

Felicia Geary . 19 hours ago

Thx maldi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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