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Slow Metabolism? 8 Proven Ways To Boost It & Lose Weight | Joanna Soh
Joanna Soh Official

Joanna Soh Official

Published on 2 years ago

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Slow Metabolism? 8 Proven Ways to Boost It & Lose Weight | Joanna Soh

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Why is it so important to boost or increase your metabolism? Simply put it, the higher your metabolic rate is, the more calories you burn, hence the easier it is to lose weight and keep it off!

Someone with a sluggish slower metabolism will gain more fat from eating less food in comparison to a person with a fast, healthy metabolism. So what affects your metabolism? Genetics, age, weight, diet, exercise habits as well as lifestyle.

There are certain areas which we can’t control such as our genes and also age. Saying that however, there are also areas which we can control; our weight, diet, exercise routine and lifestyle. These are the areas we should take control of, and it can speed up our metabolism. Watch this video through as I share with you 8 effective ways to boost your metabolism, burn fat and lose weight.

1) Pump It Up
2) Swap Steady Paced Cardio for HIIT
3) Don't Starve Yourself
4) Power Up with Protein
5) Sip on Black Coffee
6) Move More
7) Stay Hydrated
8) Get Enough Rest


I'm a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach, with over 10 years of experience.

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Slow Metabolism? 8 Proven Ways to Boost It & Lose Weight | Joanna Soh

Comments :


Vaalhalla . 1 day ago

YES! Don't starve yourself.. For me it works wonders. Whenever I try to restrict myself when I do diets, I always end up gaining more in the end bcs I crave more food and my diets never last too long. Now, I don't do that anymore and instead I eat like usual, only in smaller portions and pay attention to what I eat. Food restraints stress me out, but eating smaller portion doesn't and I feel happier doing so. I've lost 2 kg in 10 days by only keeping my food intake and doing mini workouts.


CelinePlayzRblx . 5 days ago

I’m jealous because everyone I know eats faster and more than I do, don’t even exercise, but stay a stick While I eat like a gram of rice and gain 10 pounds-

Musical Tiger6

Musical Tiger6 . 5 days ago

My brother can literally eat 3 WHOLE PIZZAS every single day and will stay the same weight. I thought I just ate a lot, but I saw in old photos I was always a little big on the chunky side. My mom is a bit chunky like that, too. I think I got it mostly from genes, but I do a terrible job on trying to fix that. I just love eating a normal portion compared to my brother's 7 pizzas, but still weighing over 100 pounds more than him...


Ellona . 6 days ago

I have been working out for 1 year , eating good food , but still not losing weight it's so annoying

Soh Kee Meng

Soh Kee Meng . 6 days ago

@Joanna, can I hear your opinion on intermittent fasting?


crystalites . 6 days ago

today is supposed to be my rest day. but after watching this video i just can’t wait to exercise

Abena Williams

Abena Williams . 7 days ago

Will try these ideas.


SKELETO TG . 1 week ago

short easy tip: GREEN TEA also helps boost metabolism

Senor Moody

Senor Moody . 2 weeks ago

"don't blame genetics.." lol but Genetics is 80% of fitness! This is why we all know those people who stuff their faces with junk food and do absolutely not exercise, but still somehow manage to have ZERO percent body fat... it's Genetics.

Sugar God

Sugar God . 2 weeks ago

So good looking

Demyan Marilov

Demyan Marilov . 3 weeks ago

What is Okibetonic Secrets and how does it work? I hear many people burn their weight with this popular lose weight methods.

Doelyn Ramos

Doelyn Ramos . 3 weeks ago

My metabolism was crazy fast, and then i started living in america 🇺🇸…😩 Im not putting the blame on the country lol im simply saying, the food here is different from every other country, like rlly different and not in a good way. The first thing I noticed is how fruits taste😳 grapes, apples, bananas, etc. The taste is soo off😭 i dnt know how to explain it just doesnt taste like the REAL fruit would? U can to literally go anywhere in the world and eat the same or more than you do here and LOSE WEIGHT. Idk, it wouldnt rlly surprise me either, seeing as they use ingridients that are banned in other countries in our foods🤦🏽‍♀️ if your from anothee country and live in america and know what I mean, then u know😭


shyry . 3 weeks ago

Good luck y'all! I was born with a naturally hyperactive metabolism so I don't know what you are all going through... Being able to eat all I want and whatever I want without gaining weight sounds nice but because of this it's very hard to gain any muscle so it's a double edged sword kind of deal. Actually my body has been trained to not need 3 meals a day to function properly. I don't even eat that often to be honest, I get full very easily. I'm just here to encourage you guys to keep pushing and keep striving to meet your goals! You can do this 👏👏👏

Jungkook Nation ⟬⟭

Jungkook Nation ⟬⟭ . 4 weeks ago

Your exercise advice only fits people who are already in good shape and have a regular exercise routine without physical problems, though. As an overweight and not young woman, who has problem in my left inside meniscus, I cannot just go suddenly sprint, squat etc etc ffs. Even a regular jog is hard for me atm because my body is not used to simplest exercise yet. HIIT could be end goal, do not just go advice it out of nowhere putting quite overweight people pictures :) Thanks for the other advices. I have added eating 5-8 hot pepper pickles duringl lunch and dinner to my daily routine for a little bit kick and trying to get myself a light exercise routine atm, because I am a lazy couch potato. Also I am, being mindful of my snack portions and trying my best not to eat uch late at night. Not followig any sort of diet. These little things and mainly now because of covid we are working from home as much as we can, so I am also eating my breakfast and lunch with homecooked meals enabled me to lose 10 kg since last year's summer aand an additional 1.5 kg since this summer.


Beau_Twiks . 4 weeks ago

I'm not here to make people jealous and be "one of the lucky few" and telling people things like 'I can eat whatever I want and not gain weight'. Even though this is half fair for me, people with a naturally fast metabolism shouldn't exercise exessively. I exersiced 5 times a week, only to lose consciousness multiple times a day because I could never eat enough to keep my sugar at the right level. Yes, it's fun being able to eat a lot and not see any weight changes, but it can also damage really badly! My intestines were damaged, I had chronic migranes for 2 years and I'm left with tinnitus (because of the migranes) and a weaker form of diabetes (which I think a lot of people with fast metabolisms struggle with). I really want you guys to take care, and see a doctor if you notice any (even light) signs of diabetes! Take care!

Stephen Burrows

Stephen Burrows . 4 weeks ago

A fast metabolism is not good either, the body has to learn how to adjust it metabolic rate from slow to fast and back with limits. A person with a fast metabolism in SHTF scenario will be first to die or be killed. Learn to store healthy amounts, use it, build it, and burn it.


bestregards . 4 weeks ago

Don't do hiit, you'll just make yourself tired and more hungry at the end of the day. Of course it's different for everyone but I found walking quickly at an incline yielded the best result for me personally. If you're looking to lose weight please consider low impact steady state cardio

amir Irfan

amir Irfan . 4 weeks ago

How to lose weight fast effectively?😇😇😇😇👉👈


Daisy . 4 weeks ago

Omg this is what I needed thank you.


Daisy . 4 weeks ago

I have a slow metabolism 😩 and I don’t know how to lose weight correctly with it.

Kannika M

Kannika M . 1 month ago

Will you suggest something for PCOS

Iris Eiselt

Iris Eiselt . 1 month ago

🥰🥰🥰 Thanks for your great video 🥰🥰🥰 God Bless You 🙏🙏🙏


ƙ០ƙ០៣Ʀ♬ᖱ៩ន🌸 . 1 month ago

I dont want goodlooks i want fast metabolism 😭

Andre Nikolai

Andre Nikolai . 1 month ago

Would intermittent fasting affect metabolism? Doing the 16-8 fasting.


Alex . 1 month ago

How can I move more if I have to forcidly sit down for 6 hours a day?

Divyansh Singh

Divyansh Singh . 1 month ago

Don't say diet, one of my good friends use to eat everything outside but still manages everything but we eat rice, we get fat


Whalerz . 1 month ago

This information is at least 90% correct, from watching Thomas Delauer, he has explained almost everything about the human body and stuff, dieting, fasting, and more.

Nitika agrawal

Nitika agrawal . 1 month ago

Good information 👍🏼

Jenny h

Jenny h . 1 month ago

Fast metabolism. I'm 90 lbs or 45 kg. I look thin. I cannot gain even if I eat a lot. Its frustrating. What could I do?

My World

My World . 1 month ago

"Get enough rest" Me watching this at 2:06 am

Tamamo Ai

Tamamo Ai . 2 months ago

Get enough rest?. I cant do that i'm a full time mom and full time employee. 😅 I dont know where to put my workout routine...


CUT THE FAT . 2 months ago

She really knows what she’s talking about. I watched 3 of her videos and it adds up to everything I learned in my nutrition class.

anshu Rathore

anshu Rathore . 2 months ago

Someone told me about site called "Agoge Diet". Let me tell you something: This sh*t is really next level!!! Fat cells are leaving my body like never before. Goodbye belly fat. Welcome six pack.


cluffster . 2 months ago

I used to have a fast metabolism but then I had to take prescription allergy meds and it instantly dropped


MM . 2 months ago

i usedto have fast metabolism, now i have a slow one😭


Oz . 2 months ago

Video: “Get enough rest” Me at 3am: well😳

Some Guy From The West

Some Guy From The West . 2 months ago

So like idk if its just me but I feel like my metabolism is somewhere between fast and slow. Because I dont gain much weight when I eat but when I started to control my eating habits. I never ate healthy shit like lettuce and stuff. Not much exercise and I'm now currently getting thinner, so idk if im just hella lucky or sumn


A . 2 months ago

Intermittent fasting also boosts metabolism AND burns fat- increases energy and stabilises mood too. What's not to love about it?

expiation ukown

expiation ukown . 2 months ago

Fat losss explan

expiation ukown

expiation ukown . 2 months ago

Hi ma'am i am form ap

Kauselya Raju

Kauselya Raju . 2 months ago

Hey! I don't like coffee. is green tea a good substitute?


Hiall . 2 months ago

Indeed ..very informative information.

Mbaka Brian

Mbaka Brian . 2 months ago

So basically i'm lazy af

Winter Bear

Winter Bear . 2 months ago


Prajna Haldar

Prajna Haldar . 2 months ago

I have a normal metabolism ( honestly a lil fast than most ) but I want absolutely the insane metabolism like mukbangers

Kc Tito

Kc Tito . 2 months ago

It just makes me sad whenever i thought about how fast my metabolism before not until covid spread


M M . 2 months ago

If I can lose over 100lbs, you can too. But if you can't, at least you can lose 30, 40, or 50!!! It's a journey, the longer you go, the higher the numbers are, but it's only possible if you START. Review video in my channel will help you successfully get in perfect shape, check it out...

P Sowndariya Lakshmi

P Sowndariya Lakshmi . 2 months ago

Good explanation, this make me more understanding.


MOHAMMED SALIM . 2 months ago

I will forever tell the world about this great Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured me from my Type 2 Diabetes disease with his herbs medication

Barbara Jean Lemon67

Barbara Jean Lemon67 . 2 months ago

I’m grateful to Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel who cured my Diabetes disease with his herbs medication

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