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I Cooked A Whole Wagyu Cow (ft. Guga Foods)
Nick DiGiovanni

Nick DiGiovanni

Published on 2 weeks ago

I almost drowned in the brisket. Seriously. This was the most intense wagyu experience of my life, and it's a day I'll never forget. Now, let me clarify. We did not actually cook an ENTIRE wagyu cow...that would've cost around $50,000, and I'd rather do just about anything else than buy a full cow. Instead, we cooked every part of a cow, with the exception of its head and private area (if you know what I mean).

Our cooking process was extensive, particularly given the fact that we cooked every piece of meat in a completely different way. After completing the cooking process, we sat, tasted, and ranked ALL of them. And we both had completely different rankings! Watch to find out which piece of wagyu won. Giant thanks to the nicest guy ever, @Guga Foods, for inviting me into his kitchen and taking on this challenge with me head-on.


Guga's Channel: @Guga Foods
Guga's Meat Dealer: https://bit.ly/2XuwIMX

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Comments :

Nick DiGiovanni

Nick DiGiovanni . 2 weeks ago

Don't forget to toss a LIKE on the video and SUBSCRIBE :) MY NEW PUPPY COMES ON SATURDAY.

MODest Media

MODest Media . 5 minutes ago

Is this one of those $5 editor videos?

fwep sockz

fwep sockz . 6 minutes ago

The “even this” in the thumbnail is SUPER fake The “this” is in the center of the stomach Also there are people who cook up the 🏀🏈, and eat them.

Karlos Baumgartner

Karlos Baumgartner . 1 hour ago

The editing was great in this video!!

Nikolaus {Time Patroller}

Nikolaus {Time Patroller} . 1 hour ago

God…I missed this video not gonna lie I’m hungry now and it’s 12:00 am right now…and that the jokes made in this video made me laughing a lot I swear including the dang brisket I swear if this ain’t pro cooking I don’t know what is

Daniel Granja

Daniel Granja . 2 hours ago

Guga is Brazilian for suuuuure

John Bolieau

John Bolieau . 3 hours ago

Did Nick really say "Let's do it" like Guga 10:35 and he just let it slide

we know his voice

we know his voice . 3 hours ago

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Fire films

Fire films . 3 hours ago

Tha visible joy on nicks face when he tries the butter basted steak😆

The bros

The bros . 4 hours ago

no mannys were harmed in the making of this video

Austin K

Austin K . 5 hours ago

I've only been watching this channel for a little while, but why is Manny always fired?

Marcio Pereira De Aguiar

Marcio Pereira De Aguiar . 5 hours ago

I loved this video so much, and laughed so much too!! i would love to see another collab from you guys in the future. two of my favorite cooking youtubers!!

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki . 6 hours ago

Thanks for giving us the head of the cow Nick! The sacrifice is essential for the the cult's rituals!

Megalodon 5

Megalodon 5 . 6 hours ago

I cannot wait for That Vegan Teacher to find this. Great video as always

I am gru.

I am gru. . 6 hours ago

in stead of abbys we have the meats.... it should be: NICK AND GUGA, WE HAVE THE MEATS!!!!!!. lollllllllllll

Claudia Winter

Claudia Winter . 7 hours ago

Y'all eating all the meat? Or you giving it to friends or what happens to it?


Michael . 7 hours ago

4:34 come on man

lenz le

lenz le . 7 hours ago

This is the Manny is Fired button

grandma lover

grandma lover . 8 hours ago

The amount of sexual jokes lol

Timmy Miller

Timmy Miller . 8 hours ago

To bad they couldn’t make rocky round oysters

BBX Ghost

BBX Ghost . 9 hours ago

This is a vegans worst nightmare

Noe Montes

Noe Montes . 9 hours ago

Bro Manny gets fired like 3 times a day 😂

Arnold Hernandez

Arnold Hernandez . 10 hours ago

muslims rn:😔😢🥺😔not halal

Azrin Abdullah

Azrin Abdullah . 10 hours ago

imagine if the vegen teacher saw this video and her mouth watering while watching this video XD TBH that meat looks so good

Kylian Le Chevalier

Kylian Le Chevalier . 11 hours ago

How'd manage to eat everything still hot/warm ? I'm assuming you guys just reheated it after some time, but what the right way to do that ?

The God Sniper

The God Sniper . 11 hours ago



sslimjimm . 12 hours ago

10:21 wish nick would feed me like that


ruur . 12 hours ago

Nick:This looks good That vegan teacher: VIOLATION I WILL BE CALLING THE AUTHORITIES

Keizwa alvaro Putro

Keizwa alvaro Putro . 13 hours ago

The oxtail cook like indonesian food name sop buntut


Nunchucks . 13 hours ago

This video is every vegans nightmare.


Pine . 13 hours ago

Yee balls!!!!!!

Subhash chander Saka

Subhash chander Saka . 14 hours ago

Dont kill animals Save them Life never comes again and again


Bobin . 14 hours ago

So much saliva was produced in my mouth during this


Flameeyes . 14 hours ago

Looks like,‘A day of Guga babysitting Nick’. lol


Charlene . 14 hours ago

I do not cook but watching Guga's and Nick's cooking videos are so entertaining. Tips for everybody when you are cutting meat or vegetables, make sure the knife your using isn't dull the knife has to be sharp, because when your knife is dull then there are risks of you getting hurt or getting to an accident. Stay safe! :D


CRYSTA GAMING . 15 hours ago

Oh what the f- Is that Me:oh it’s the pee pee YouTube:um that’s unnapropiate Me: BUT ITS YUMMY I WOULD EAT IT ALL AND YOU TELL THIS IS ANNAPROPIATE!!!!!! YOUTUBE: 😐 sorry you should be the real YouTube Me:LETS GOOOOOOOO IM THE NEW YOUTUBE


Nigel_ . 15 hours ago

😭😭 F In The Chat For That Entire COW !!!

Mikhail Zahoor

Mikhail Zahoor . 15 hours ago

Why did you point to the d#£@


BC_ZYXEL . 16 hours ago

The only thing I don’t like about these is the fact that the meat is literally DRIPPING blood

Jack Wakefield

Jack Wakefield . 16 hours ago

Guga is too pure for this chanel

Steve Strend

Steve Strend . 16 hours ago

i am actually drooling


Soon007 . 16 hours ago



Shazil . 17 hours ago

Manny be getting fired all the time.

linx crypti

linx crypti . 17 hours ago

literal food porn

yuvika dahiya 123

yuvika dahiya 123 . 17 hours ago

Send this to vegan teacher

Altaf Khan

Altaf Khan . 17 hours ago

Look closely at the thmnail


SAN . 18 hours ago

When the vegan teacher sees this video

Bram Mckay

Bram Mckay . 19 hours ago

Title photo even this

Cresent .3789

Cresent .3789 . 23 hours ago

this is the most amongusly sus cooking video in history of youtube

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