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Eat Everything And Lose 12 Kg Complete Weight Loss Diet Plan Ghazal Siddique
Ghazal Siddique

Ghazal Siddique

Published on 9 months ago

In this video, I am sharing my very easy, effective, healthy, and balanced low-calorie diet plan to lose weight fast. You can eat everything but in moderation, and lose weight. This weight loss diet chart along with my fat-burning drinks or combo might exactly be what you need to give your metabolism a boost and reduce weight faster. This homemade mixture which is made up of all-natural ingredients (chia seeds, herbs, cinnamon,) with warm water will make you feel full faster, your skin will look clear, your craving for sweets and desserts will decrease, your clothes will fit you better, suppressing your appetite, and gives your weight loss plan a boost and surely help you lose weight faster, especially belly fat or tummy fat and thigh fat. You do not have to take unhealthy weight loss pills, liposuction, or any other beauty treatment or procedure. The feeling of fullness leads to a lower calorie intake and thus, weight loss in a healthy way! This anti-obesity plan has a balanced diet chart and has protein, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products may reduce your weight 1 to 2 pounds a week and 12 kg in 3 months easily, but only when used as part of a balanced diet and exercise. This video is in Urdu and Hindi.

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Comments :

Sanjeeda Khan

Sanjeeda Khan . 2 days ago

Vedio bht badhiya lgi kaafi jankari mili thank

Jaiparkash Yadav

Jaiparkash Yadav . 5 days ago

Didi mai meetha bhut jyada khati huu hud se bhi jyada khati huu ek baar me kam se kam 50mithai toh aap mujhe meetha kam karne ke liye upaaye bata do

Cooking with Ghazal

Cooking with Ghazal . 5 days ago

Masha Allah you are so young and beautiful 😋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Police Walfare Markaz

Police Walfare Markaz . 6 days ago

zbrdast spechless

Mohsina Khan Khan

Mohsina Khan Khan . 7 days ago


Manish Soni

Manish Soni . 1 week ago

I love you. You look very beautiful. I also liked your diet plan and your suggestions. Thank you for everything

Sangeeta Mehta

Sangeeta Mehta . 1 week ago

Mind blowing

Fari ideas

Fari ideas . 1 week ago


Samra Vlogs

Samra Vlogs . 1 week ago

Me boht sari weight loss diet plan dekh chuki but your video is super number one love it thnx ghazal g.

Sinthia Doll

Sinthia Doll . 1 week ago

Hairs k.split ends plz btaen kuch

lalit aryan

lalit aryan . 1 week ago

Mam how I loose weight

Jagmohan Kaur Sachdev

Jagmohan Kaur Sachdev . 1 week ago

V nice

Hafiz adnan

Hafiz adnan . 2 weeks ago


Hafiz adnan

Hafiz adnan . 2 weeks ago


Hafiz adnan

Hafiz adnan . 2 weeks ago


Hafiz adnan

Hafiz adnan . 2 weeks ago


Hamza Mobile

Hamza Mobile . 2 weeks ago

Api koi brest increas k liye btain plz

Sara usa

Sara usa . 2 weeks ago

You are simply amazing & beautiful stay bless. ❤

Hafsa Khan

Hafsa Khan . 2 weeks ago

Mam apsy cntact kasy kr skty hain

Hafsa Khan

Hafsa Khan . 2 weeks ago



ArKiFoKs . 2 weeks ago

Outstanding presentation

Naveed Mirza

Naveed Mirza . 2 weeks ago

so sweet

Nazia Soomro

Nazia Soomro . 2 weeks ago

Oh have changed my mind.never heard this knowledge before, thanks alot.

Rishabh Mishra

Rishabh Mishra . 2 weeks ago

Nice information, my friend had suffered from same disease and he was unable to loose body extra fats. The main reason for gaining weight was lazy lifestyle, lack of physical activities and eaten more junk food. Then he tried to start Planet Ayurveda Garcinia Capsules for three months and after taking Ayurveda medicine, he easily loose extra fats from the body.

Sanober Aakif

Sanober Aakif . 2 weeks ago

Very helpful video

Tariq zar

Tariq zar . 2 weeks ago

آپ کے تواتر کے ساتھ ویڈیوز دیکھ دیکھ کر میرے تو آنکھ و کان پک گعے اب تو حد ھی ھوگعی ۔ اب تو کوعی بڑا فیصلہ کرنا پڑیگا ۔ ویلکم ٹو کراچی

ajam bashir

ajam bashir . 2 weeks ago

I love your dressing love your coat color.... Height ke sath how much weight... Share chart

Shafia G

Shafia G . 2 weeks ago

Most logical n easiest video on diet food with ease ever seen on utude

Patriot STD. name Fatima chauhan

Patriot STD. name Fatima chauhan . 3 weeks ago

Thanks so much mam

majaz abbasi

majaz abbasi . 3 weeks ago



EVIŁ么ZohiYT . 3 weeks ago

Mam wazan choren ye hair style to sikhaen

nilanjana ghosh

nilanjana ghosh . 3 weeks ago


Sana's world

Sana's world . 3 weeks ago

Mam kindly share breastfeeding mothers weight loss diet plan

Haute Cuisine

Haute Cuisine . 3 weeks ago

What about people claiming 15 kg weight loss in 3 months by Herbalife ...is it safe?

nice girl

nice girl . 3 weeks ago

Good Good

Faseeh Fishoon

Faseeh Fishoon . 3 weeks ago

Ufff.... Trsa trsa k sb khila ri hain

Maria Farooq

Maria Farooq . 3 weeks ago

Very beneficial nd practical health plan

Raja ismail

Raja ismail . 3 weeks ago

Aoa ap ki vedio bht achi hoti hai ma'am, kindly after c_section last fast weight loss ho is pe aike vedio bna dain please

Sudais Khan

Sudais Khan . 4 weeks ago


Miss Qasim

Miss Qasim . 4 weeks ago

Very good very much

Muhammad Ibrahim

Muhammad Ibrahim . 4 weeks ago

Allah ap ko ajar dy Ameen

Muhammad Ibrahim

Muhammad Ibrahim . 4 weeks ago

Ap ny kamal kr diya hai ye calories bta kr ab sb khushi khushi start kr skty hain

Noor Malik lifestyle vlogs USA

Noor Malik lifestyle vlogs USA . 4 weeks ago

Thank you so much for shering Love 💕 from 🇺🇸

Kanwal Rao

Kanwal Rao . 4 weeks ago

Masha Allah ap k hair bhttt khubsoorat hn I want sch hair 😔😒😒

Sara Iqbal

Sara Iqbal . 1 month ago

Last part of video was tempting.. Gulab jamun ❤️😍

Waheedun Nisa

Waheedun Nisa . 1 month ago

its very great full mam

True Lovers !@

True Lovers [email protected] . 1 month ago

Too good ...its all about calories..it means we can eat everything but in proper portion and according to calories

Anaya Alvi

Anaya Alvi . 1 month ago

Itna kha leti h ap

Shweta's hive

Shweta's hive . 1 month ago

Thanks dear

Aaliya Malik

Aaliya Malik . 1 month ago

thanks mam

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