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US News And World Report's Best Diets Of 2021 L GMA
Good Morning America

Good Morning America

Published on 11 months ago

Dr. Jennifer Ashton breaks down the top diet trends for the year and why the Mediterranean Diet is an overall favorite.
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Comments :

Island Girl Ruby

Island Girl Ruby . 3 months ago

Only the Atkins diet really work


AtoZbodyfitness . 5 months ago

the thing is, any diet can work. whether you try Atkins or keto or paleo or plant-based or carnivore or whatever you try, they all can work. But the best thing for someone to do is to get into working out and try to organize a proper eating regimen and looking to understand how eating healthy works. Eat a balanced nutritional diet that involves all of the different macros of proteins, fats, and carbs. focus on understanding portion sizes first, what foods you like and what foods disagree with you. what each type of food does for your body and the nutrients they have. how calories work when you eat. everyone always wants to just jump to losing weight and figure they can just pick a diet like a keto or try fasting and think their answers will be given to them. although they can, many people fail this way because they realize trying out these diets is harder than they thought and they just end up binge eating again because they deprive themselves of foods or different macros they should have been supplying their bodies with. just like anything in life, learn the proper methods of structuring your eating and how nutrition works. some people learn faster than others but it's something I think everyone should understand.


trapez77 . 7 months ago

What you eat does not matter nearly as much as people believe. If you study the diets of top athletes of the world you will see that many of them have widely varied diets and many are what Is considered to be horrible. Usain bolt ate 1000 chicken mcnuggets from Mcdonalds before winning the Olympics. What you eat doesn’t matter much. Your level of activity determines your health.

Johnny D.

Johnny D. . 10 months ago

This video is over rated. They don’t include the keto diet. So if you have a problem with weight gain the diets this video promotes are not for you.

America Weber

America Weber . 10 months ago

This video has great advice, but I am confused about the best diet plan that I need to work with, only because I have never taken any. Anyone tried using the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard some people mention great things about Custokebon Secrets.

We Love Knowledge

We Love Knowledge . 11 months ago

*The Mediterranean Diet Has a Long-Standing Reputation As One of The Healthiest Eating Patterns Around. It’s Also Considered One of The Most Popular Plans Among Dieters Because It’s Flexible, Rich In Flavorful Foods, And Brimming With Health Benefits. In Fact, The Mediterranean Diet Has Been Linked To Increased Weight Loss, Decreased Inflammation, And a Lower Risk of Chronic Disease. This Video Takes a Look At The Mediterranean Diet, Including Its Benefits, Potential Drawbacks, And Foods To Eat And Avoid. **https://youtu.be/J_djrKT8nZg* 😍


MER YEM . 11 months ago


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Fetos . 11 months ago

Me and my wife have been using this new smoothie diet we found its been working great and the smoothies are really good heres the link for anyone interested, just thought id pass it on. smoothiediet.com/program/?hop=championcj

Nartarlyia Tremaynne

Nartarlyia Tremaynne . 11 months ago



🌬EmpressOnTheThrone . 11 months ago

You lost me at DIET 😒.

Carlos Gamer XXX RBLX

Carlos Gamer XXX RBLX . 11 months ago

I would rather eat poop for a diet than eating this “diet” meals there showing

collar clatch

collar clatch . 11 months ago

Did they look at the Keto diet?? Lots of people say they have lost weight and reversed their Type 2 diabetes with Ketogenic food plan. Very curious about this.

Nicole McWilliams

Nicole McWilliams . 11 months ago

I'm surprised that they don't have anything about a plant-based diet

Андрей Пушкарь

Андрей Пушкарь . 11 months ago


Amanda Neumann

Amanda Neumann . 11 months ago

How about the cruelty-free diet where you stop consuming animal misery from factory farms? ❤️🌱❤️🌱❤️

Ann Kyla

Ann Kyla . 11 months ago

Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️


H B . 11 months ago

the stupidity on this channel is astounding

Isaiah Valentino

Isaiah Valentino . 11 months ago

Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️


S P Y D A M A N . 11 months ago

LOL this is not a real diet Ha ha ha this is 90% of America eating right now… Where is the diet? She says to eat like a vegan but yet have a burger once in a while LOL that's what most people do regardless Hah Hah Hah waste of my time


S P Y D A M A N . 11 months ago

eat raw meat as God intended humans to eat and that's why animals were put on this earth…


ImmaPandaRawr . 11 months ago

Portion control and eating healthy is all you really need to do. Diets are just easier because they typically tell you exactly how much and what to eat. Without that guidance most of us fail because we don’t know how to properly portion meals or what exactly is “healthy”. That’s also why diets fail though. Once you stop the diet and take away the guidance you’re left trying to figure it out on your own again. If you managed to learn along the way you might be okay but most diets aren’t created to teach, they just give you strict guidelines. Remove those and you’re likely to fail again.

Mdshihabul Haque

Mdshihabul Haque . 11 months ago

Thanks so much

Typical Skateboarder

Typical Skateboarder . 11 months ago

Just Keep moving around and doing things, stop eating bread and sugar. Count calories.

Claudia Argueta

Claudia Argueta . 11 months ago

How about making slow, realistic lifestyle changes. Diets have an endpoint.

doug avila

doug avila . 11 months ago

Gym memberships usually go up the first couple of months on the year. So I usually see more people in gyms in Jan and Feb. Of course that can't really happen in 2021 as most gyms are currently closed or in areas they are open they limit the people inside. Unfortunately of fortunately some drop off come March and April.

Kelly Craddock

Kelly Craddock . 11 months ago

Hey I'm a big fan

Cheryl Tainatongo

Cheryl Tainatongo . 11 months ago

Hey. I loved the work so much. I have been trying to search for YouTube vid similar to yours that explains everything in this video. 🙌 👩‍⚕️Your content is like the vids of Dr Ethan. Doctor Ethan's videos are actually helpful and I really learned a lot for my studies. He is the most knowledgable health enthusiast on YouTube and he talks about medical school! I recommend you check his YT out and give the Dr a subscribe! 👉 #DrEthanCare

Monica Lovely Gant

Monica Lovely Gant . 11 months ago

Happy New Years 🥰

adadabhoy dadabhoy

adadabhoy dadabhoy . 11 months ago


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